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    Pakistan is better for Cows than India

    I challenge Indians to prove that Indian cows are healthier and better taken cared off than the cows of Pakistan. We love our cows, we love our Chapli Kebabs, Nihari and Steaks. Long live Gau! Do they have a Cow catwalk? we do.
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    Geo Strategic Implications of India’s Covid Disaster.

    Natural and man made disasters do have significant geo strategic implications. For example India exploited the misery created by the 1970 cyclone, one of the most disastrous in the world, to forment anti Pakistani sentiments which ultimately led to creation of Bangladesh. The Chernobyl...
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    The Best Army in the World - The Indian Army

    The best clown army in the world, the Indian Army.
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    Treatment of its weakest by a nation!

    How civilized a society is, is not determined by how it’s rich and powerful live but how it treats its weakest. No society is perfect but a few things are obvious.
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    If PAF had accepted the offer of A7 in the 80s

    I am not suggesting that PAF should have gone for the A7. However, resurrecting an obsolete platform is very interesting and could be a precursor of things to come. Flight Tester Explains How YA-7F Strikefighter Was Really A Jet Recycling Program...
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    Has India lost trust in its elite troops?

    By the Indian Army own statements only the Sikhs, Jatts and Rajputs are considered good enough to be part of its Presidential Guards. Plus the IA is very proud of Gurkhas as it’s fighting force. So how come when it came to one of its biggest physical interaction with the enemy it picked soldiers...
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    Can Pakistan Close Srinagar Leh Highway?

    The Srinagar Leh Highway is within PA’s artillery range from Drass to Kargil. The LOC is hot thanks to India and for Pakistan to make this sector really hot should not be a problem. Although direct fire might not be possible but indirect fire using manned or drone spotting can be used to pin...
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    Indian Military Spreading Covid 19 in India

    https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/from-showering-rose-petals-to-illuminating-naval-vessels-here-s-how-armed-forces-will-salute-corona-warriors-1673637-2020-05-02 How do we know the workers who picked the flowers or who broke the petals from the flower by hand were not exposed to Covid-19...
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    India has taken strong steps to prevent the spread of Carona Virus

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    Pakistan Economic and Corporate Videos

    December 2018 November 2019 April 2019 April 2018 October 2019 February 2018
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    Psychological warfare and symbolism in videos of IAF pilot captured by Pakistan

    The Indian pilot had no idea how he was played by Pakistan but the relevant people watching got the idea. This is about his video with the cup of tea and the question from the Pakistani introgater how was the tea? Why so much emphasis on tea? But your nemesis is the “chaiwala” . Take It to the...
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    Did you know why Indian President’s Bodyguard has personnel from only three castes

    Did you know why Indian President’s Bodyguard has personnel from only three castes? By Shubham Ghosh | Published: Thursday, December 27, 2018, 7:08 [IST] New Delhi, Dec 26: The Delhi High Court has sought to know the stands of the Centre and the Indian Army chief on a plea alleging that only...
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    Indian Army Chief's foot in the mouth - Again

    Watch this video from 2.30 onwards. Listen carefully to the second part of his statement. He basically said that if Pakistan takes steps towards "supporting" the militants in Kashmir, it will be a good thing and negotiations can start. The officers around him picked up his goof-up and seemed...
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    Human Shields Versus Cow Shields

    Pakistan usually responds to Indian military developments to maintain a reasonable balance of power. So how should Pakistan respond to Indians using human shields in Kashmir. A video of the young man tied to an Indian Army jeep has been posted and the comments from Indians indicate that they are...
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    Communal Relations in India - The Good, the Bad but mostly Ugly

    A new thread to track communal relations in India https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sikhs+beating+sadhu
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    Guinness World Record of most ugly people in a single Video

    This is from Guinness World Record. How many ugly people you can squeeze into a single video.
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    Hindu Resurgence and the revival of Sati

    Similar to other Hindu practices and beliefs such a considering the cow sacred, not eating its beef but using its urine and feces for medicinal and religious purposes, the caste system and devadasis there is another very important Hindu custom which unfortunately has been suppressed due to...
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    Indian Navy - The Never Ending Story

    Navy sacks officer for sending lewd text messages to women - The Times of India Navy sacks officer for sending lewd text messages to women TNN | Apr 16, 2013, 04.12 AM IST The Navy has sacked another officer after court-martialling him for sending "unsolicited and lewd" text messages to...
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    Indian Military Operational Readiness

    Sexual misconduct has become pervasive in Indian military and has impacted all three services. What is the impact of such conduct on Indian military readiness? I am hoping for some rational discussion and not turn this thread into trolling fest. This issue is not a generalization based on the...

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