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  1. ArainGang

    Punjab and the British Indian Army

  2. ArainGang

    The Aryans were ‘Invasive’ to South Asia

    I wrote a piece on the nature of the Aryan Migration into India during the early Vedic Period. Its a history I believe all Pakistanis should be aware of. Enjoy!
  3. ArainGang

    Hindu Persecution of Buddhists in Pre-Islamic India

    Hey everyone, I wrote a lengthy article on the persecution of Buddhists by Hindus in pre-Islamic India, directly from early Buddhist and Hindu sources. This piece was prompted by seeing many people cite early accounts of Muslim violence against Hindus, and using these accounts to "prove" the...
  4. ArainGang

    Muslim Population in Jammu and Kashmir State: Before and After Partition

    Sources include 1931 and 2011 Indian Census. I labeled those tehsils that saw major demographic changes. Full discussion can be found at the post below, questions and comments welcome as always.
  5. ArainGang

    South and Central Asian Genetic Plot

    Back with another genetic PCA plot using Gedmatch Harappa data, this time with additional samples from Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Iran, to see how South Asian samples flow into neighboring ethnic groups. Linking full post below with additional info and discussion on the plot!
  6. ArainGang

    India on the Eve of British Conquest

    In 1764 India was ripe for the picking. The Mughal Empire, which had ruled much of the region for the past two centuries, had shattered. The various smaller states that arose in its place were relatively weak, both militarily and economically. Recent advances in artillery and infantry...
  7. ArainGang

    Indo Aryan Languages of South Asia

    New post with a visual on the Indo Aryan Languages of South Asia. Sources include census results and previous linguistic maps of the region. I'm also linking my full post below where I go into more discussion and detail. Questions and comments welcome!
  8. ArainGang

    Punjabi Genetics

    Hey guys, back with another post on South Asian genetics, this time focusing on Punjabis (Pakistani and Indian). Feel free to comment or leave questions!
  9. ArainGang

    Muslim Population in British Punjab, 1941

    Posting map here, with a link below to full post with discussion and sources.
  10. ArainGang

    South Asian Genetic Plot

    Below is the link for the full post where I go into detail about the data and observations.
  11. ArainGang

    Muslim Population in South Asia Map

    Original content by me. I wrote an accompanying post that touches on certain features and trends seen in the map, check it out!
  12. ArainGang

    New Pakistan Genetic Map

    Hi everyone, new member here from America, but family roots in Pakistan. Interested in South Asian genetics and history. Below is a link to a simplified genetic map of Pakistan I recently made. Feel free to ask questions and discuss here...
  13. ArainGang

    ArainGang Intro

    1.) Interests in South Asian history, genetics, culture. 2.) Found this forum by searching online for popular sites Pakistanis frequent. 3.) This specific forum interests me due to its high and active Pakistani user base, which I've been looking for as most online spaces for South Asian...

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