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  1. Windjammer

    Indian Army JCO Killed After CFV By Indian Army.

  2. Windjammer

    Indian Lt Gen Rameshwar Roy Exposes LAC Reality !

    Former Indian Army Core Commander in IOK Lt Gen Rameshwar Roy in an interview admits to the fact that how China has occupied a great mass of land on the LAC.
  3. Windjammer

    Wing Reinforcement Makes Thunder More Lethal !

    Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) has reportedly reinforced the wing roots on JF-17s which enables these aircraft to carry a Mk-84 Bomb under each wing . Until now this capability was only available on F-16s. While most aircraft can carry MK-84 Bombs on centreline station under the belly, very...
  4. Windjammer

    Chinese President Trolled Modi With Tea !

    While Indian PM Modi addressed BRICS Summit today, the Chinese President Xi Jinping was seen enjoying a cup of tea. Possibly on intent to send Modi some message.
  5. Windjammer

    Another Pakistan Waiting To Be Carved Out Of India !

    Tired of the oppression of Narindar Modi, the Indian state of Junagadh has started a movement for affiliation with Pakistan. The Pakistani flag was raised with slogans of ′′ Junagadh is Pakistan a few days ago . The head of the state asked the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan for an...
  6. Windjammer

    Indians Be Like ''Kala Kata'' In a Cotton Field !

    The defeated and desperate Indian Army released this video of an allegedly missile strike on a Pakistan Army bunker. These kind of incidents are nothing unusual on LOC, however notice the missile is travelling from left to right, portraying the Indian Army positions to be on the left side from...
  7. Windjammer

    Now ISI Linked To Indian Army Recruitment Scam !

    ISI link in Army recruitment scam? Kanwardeep Singh | TNN | Nov 12, 2020, 03:15 .. A joint team of Military Intelligence (MI) and UP Police on Wednesday unearthed a racket —involving an ex-serviceman, two policemen and five others — which allegedly helped several youths land jobs in the...
  8. Windjammer

    F-16 Sortie For Aviation Artist Shujaat Ali.

    Another Lucky Civilian.
  9. Windjammer

    PAF Fighter Jets With New Attachments !

    Received these HD images of PAF aircraft involved in recent motorway landing exercise. Close up reveals both the Mirage and F-7 supporting some extra gadgets. Wonder if that is a HUD repeater or something to do with FLIR, mounted above the rear panel of the Mirage while the F-7 seems to have an...
  10. Windjammer

    New Sri Lankan Air Chief Was Trained By PAF !

    پاکستان کا تربیت یافتہ پائلٹ سری لنکن ایئر فورس کا چیف بن گیا. ہمارے دوست کمانڈر صہیب فاروق ان کے کورس میٹ ہیں، صہیب فاروق صاحب کا میسج ملاحظہ فرمائیں.
  11. Windjammer

    One Image For ''Ghadar'' Sardar Sadiq.

    کوئی ایاز کذاب جیسے وطن فروش کو بتائے کہ یہ ٹانگیں کٹ تو سکتی ہیں پر کانپ نہیں سکتیں۔۔
  12. Windjammer

    Featured Depressing And Despicable History Of The Indian Air Force.

    The Indian Air Force (IAF) ranked 4th is one of the largest in the world both in quantity of aircraft and personal. After Independence in 1947, it had been in confrontation with much smaller Pakistan Air Force (PAF), which is said to be one third the size of the IAF. But despite enjoying an...
  13. Windjammer

    Exposed: Sindh Police Escorted ''Ghar Damad'' From His Hotel.

    CCT Footage reveals that no one else except Sindh Police was involved in the so called capture of Safdar. As can be seen he was calmly escorted from his hotel room.
  14. Windjammer

    A Maulana Rips Apart PDM !

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