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  1. ZY-CN-CA

    Featured North Korea reveals GIANT new ICBM, amongst others in its annual parade

    本条约自1961年9月10日起生效。条约经过两次续期延长,现今有效期至2021年。 untill2021.. don't know whether to renew. and who know,Is there a treaty between North Korea and Russia??
  2. ZY-CN-CA

    Featured North Korea reveals GIANT new ICBM, amongst others in its annual parade

    China and North Korea have military mutual assistance treaty, Attacking North Korea means attacking China.???when
  3. ZY-CN-CA

    Featured Trump: "China's gonna pay a big price this was China's fault, just remember that."

    Canada H1N1,also from US ....now every year lots of people die
  4. ZY-CN-CA

    Featured China's 3rd aircraft carrier 'progressing smoothly'

    it will be armed with a new type of electromagnetic catapult capable of launching heavy fighter jets and unmanned drones. really?
  5. ZY-CN-CA

    Featured Chinese light tanks won't survive in battle with T-90s, say Indian tank commanders

    The data is that T90 is powerful. But T90 VS 99A T72 VS 96A other VS 15 maybe like this.and I think 99 ,96 ,15 will win.
  6. ZY-CN-CA

    China Is Paying a High Price for Provoking India

    China’s best number is 16% of Global Exports in recent years. but In May this year, it reached 20% . If China's economy becomes bad, does it mean that other countries are even more miserable, especially India? Have you ever seen your Indian export data? I cannot prevent you attack to China...
  7. ZY-CN-CA

    Hongkong protester demonstrates bearing Indian flag

    Who sent this clown..........
  8. ZY-CN-CA

    Germany to informally ban Huawei from 5G network

    In the past few years, using American technology, the German Chancellor’s phones were tapped. China has no experience vs. U.S. eavesdropping experience What logic concludes that the United States is safer?
  9. ZY-CN-CA

    Chinese PLA intensive drills near India border in Tibet over 4500 meters above the sea level day and night

    We focus on the Taiwan issue. In addition to the Taiwan issue, you know that China is more focus on developing economy. . Did not focus about India. But now, I think ,India has its own considerations . In 1957-63, when China was very very severe famine, India began to invade China continuously...
  10. ZY-CN-CA

    October Surprise: my prediction for war

    That's why, some experts recommend adding nuclear bombs, although the United States has 10 times more nuclear bombs than China. But it is also a means.. China knows that the United States is number 1 in the world, but cannot always retreat. Because now US is interfering with Chinese...
  11. ZY-CN-CA

    October Surprise: my prediction for war

    So now the United States has an advantage, If you wait another 10 years, China will be more stronger. How to choose if you are America president? China does not want to fight, but the United States and their allies are creating friction around China. Once Chinese people read the news that China...
  12. ZY-CN-CA

    October Surprise: my prediction for war

    In first World War I, the Spanish flu killed more people than the war. . But the war not stop.. If conflict really breaks out, I don’t think the flu will stop the war..what 's your think?
  13. ZY-CN-CA

    October Surprise: my prediction for war

    yes ,it is big problem
  14. ZY-CN-CA

    October Surprise: my prediction for war

    we can win locally 1、but attacks Guam and the US military in Japan, the US attacks Guangzhou and Zhejiang. I don't know what will happen? 2、The US and its allies control the waterways. China's imports and exports will stagnate. They can mobilize troops all over the world. Once a city in China...
  15. ZY-CN-CA

    How a small town hospital treats foreign patients in China

    I prefer the Lancet journal to YouTube. You should read their report on China, you can find it on the internet.-----it is ok Please stop with your nonsensical youtube propaganda ---- disagree
  16. ZY-CN-CA

    Featured Azerbaijan Armenian War

    who know it is which kind of air defenses.....no useful?(even looks like close )
  17. ZY-CN-CA

    Featured Azerbaijan Armenian War

    The tank was destroyed before it saw the enemy, Do modern wars still need tanks? ?
  18. ZY-CN-CA

    Pakistan Army's VT-4 Main Battle Tank | Updates & Discussions

    yesok,....I just think that maybe thai Army fan unhappy..

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