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  1. HawkEye27

    Dogfights of Pakistan Air Force - Animated Series

    Hello! Inspired by the dogfight series of history channel, I have decided to launch animated dogfights of all the great aerial battles of PAF. These videos will be based on reliable sources and books written by senior PAF veterans like Air Cdre Kaiser Tufail and Gp Capt Sultan Hali. I have...
  2. HawkEye27

    Actual Surgical Strike

    A 3D animation depicting very accurately about what happened on 27 Feb, 2019 when PAF Mirages struck the Indian Army Garrisons
  3. HawkEye27

    Swift Retort Urdu Calendar 2020

  4. HawkEye27

    Ops Swift Retort - DCS Video

    Seems promising. Let see whats coming on 27th Feb
  5. HawkEye27

    PAF Official Calendar 2020

    Gentlemen! Please welcome the tutti fruiti calendar 2020. And its the official PAF one
  6. HawkEye27

    Zilzaal - Pak Qatar Joint Ex

    Any body got any further info on this one???
  7. HawkEye27

    Air Power Calendar 2020

    Air Power Calendar 2020 available from Crafts n Creations - Kamra +92 333 5932539
  8. HawkEye27

    The Reason IAF Failed - BS Dhanoa

    Wonder what lead the 4th Largest Air Force to be beaten so badly by a Air Force much less in number “INTEGRITY” See Mr. Bull Sh*t Dhanoa speaking clean lies. See the bloody body language and compare it with the body language of PAF Chief and DCAS Operational
  9. HawkEye27

    Operation Swift Retort Memorial at PAF base Sargodha

    So Boyzez, looks like we have a Swift Retort Memorial with Dummy Tails of IAF jets shot down along with a long list of all those who participated in it. Further digging of details up to the forum members. Seems it is made in Sargodha Air Field. Any body having access to the...
  10. HawkEye27

    Official PAF Youtube Channel

    Directorate of Media Affairs, PAF Official Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2GlFUF2pmKxfLPg0xMTQiQ
  11. HawkEye27

    Mujahideen e Aflak ko Salam - Tribute to the heroes of Operation Swift Retort

    PAF is going to present a special show with the name “Mujahideen e Aflaq ko Salam” on 6 Sep. It will be all about Swift Retort The first ever official version from PAF. Including interviews of actual soldiers involved. Breaking news from my friend in PTV.
  12. HawkEye27

    R-73 available in E-Bay

    So a renowned defense journalist of India has come up with this @@@@ And here is the long article. https://theprint.in/defence/8-pieces-of-clinching-evidence-that-show-how-iafs-abhinandan-shot-down-a-pakistani-f-16/278752/ Extremely desparate to claim F-16
  13. HawkEye27

    BD: Standoff PGM Bombs for F-7PG

    Chinese have armed Bengali F-7 jets with LS-6 Glide Bombs (Equivalent of REK used by JF-17 on 27th Feb) I guess it can be a good option to arm our fleet of F-7PG with such bombs. Guess, our old PG with less Air to Air worth without BVR can be atleast a potent platform for AG if loaded with PGM...
  14. HawkEye27

    Rafale - India’s New Darling after Su30 Breakup

    Replica of Rafale jet erected outside Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa’s residence in Delhi. A good therapy for daily depression and humilation for BS Dhanoa
  15. HawkEye27

    Cobras - Poster to Reality

    There lies a painting in No 15 Sqn (Cobras) made somewhere in last decade. Little did the painter know that the captions will be so true in 2019 On 27 Feb 2019, 06 Aircraft of No 15 Sqn (03 Weapon Launch + 03 Comm Link) embarked on the mission to strike Indian Army targets. The weapon was...
  16. HawkEye27

    All Indian Justifications - Post Balakot

    Hey Guys! A common thread where we should now talk about all stupid Indian justifications post balakot. Mods may merge previous topics here also. Too much fuss around otherwise
  17. HawkEye27

    Karma at its Best - Cobras

    Karma at its best - Now the Indians know the difference between actual and fake surgical strike
  18. HawkEye27

    Any body with access to Comercial Satellite Imagery

    hi guys! Just went through the latest article about how IAF missed their targets via https://www.aspistrategist.org.au/indias-strike-on-balakot-a-very-precise-miss/ Just wanted to ask if any body has access to high resolution (0.5m) satellite imagery so we can also see what happended on the...
  19. HawkEye27

    Indian Potential Response to PAF Knockout on 27/2

    Hey guys it more of a poll then discussion. What you think that how will Indians plan to revenge the PAF smashing them down on 27/2
  20. HawkEye27

    JF-17 Test & Trials in Malaysia - Mahatir Mohammad

    As per mahatir mohammad - the Malaysian PM, Pakistan has been requested to position 2 JF-17s in Malaysia for extensive trials and testing.

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