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  1. Ark-Angel

    How to send an article for Hilal Magazine?

    I wrote an essay on American Debacle in Afghanistan. It is not the best but I guess its good enough to be published.
  2. Ark-Angel

    More provinces.

    Do you support creation of new provinces in Pakistan? Why?
  3. Ark-Angel


    Is laser surgery acceptable in Army? If yes, then is laser surgery accepted in SSG?
  4. Ark-Angel

    Eye Sight Issue

    Hello Everyone. I am applying in 134 PMA L/C. Due to my weak eyesight ASRC doctor referred me to the nearby CMH for eye check-up. The eye-specialist gave me "Vision Standard 3". (-1.75 in both eyes). He said I am fit for PMA, but I might not be able to join any fighting corps due to my weak...
  5. Ark-Angel

    134 PMA L/C

    Hello everybody. I am applying for 134 PMA L/C. I have a few questions. 1) What do they exactly check in intial medical and written test? I am confident and I know I have the ability and confidence to clear the interview. However, I am worried about the aforementioned tests. 2) I am in A2...
  6. Ark-Angel

    IBA or Pak Army?

    IBA (BBA) or Pak Army? What would you all recommend? Please list the reason(s) for your choice.
  7. Ark-Angel

    The Emirate of TTP: N Waziristan

    The Emirate of TTP - DAWN.COM THERE is a businessman in Karachi who lives in one of those manors with barbed wires atop high walls. He generates his own electricity through solar technology, as none is available from the state. He harvests rainwater for domestic use, as none is provided by...
  8. Ark-Angel

    How to represent Pakistan in Royal Military Academy Sandhurst?

    I'm gonna join PA via 134 L/C. I think I'll make it through ISSB and into PMA. Now please tell me on what criteria are cadets chosen to be sent to foreign military officers training institutions?
  9. Ark-Angel

    Lieutenant Colonel accuses Ahmedabad cop of rape... Minor girl raped - TOI

    Lieutenant Colonel accuses Ahmedabad cop of rape - The Times of India Minor girl raped by neighbour - The Times of India I'm not pointing finger at India but unfortunately, such issues have now become a regular routine in S. Asia. We must take action. We need to wake up!
  10. Ark-Angel

    UAV Smart Bird!

    A robot that flies like a bird! This is very interesting. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=562317810451639 SmartBird - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Festo - SmartBird - YouTube
  11. Ark-Angel

    UAE - Importance

    Can anyone please explain the strategic and economic importance of UAE to the world, in general and Islamic countries, in particular. Secondly, please also explain the role of UAE in recent Arab revolutions. Furthermore, outline the role of UAE in WOT. And what measure would you suggest UAE to...
  12. Ark-Angel

    Diff. b/w insurgency and terrorism?

    What is the difference b/w insurgency and terrorism. Similarly, what is the difference b/w counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism? What are the differences and similarities?
  13. Ark-Angel

    Gunmen attack Pakistan army camp, kill seven

    Gunmen attack Pakistan army camp, kill seven - International - World - Ahram Online At least six security personnel and a police official are killed near the normally peaceful Pakistani capital, Islamabad, hours after Islamist groups marched on a bridge over the security encampment...
  14. Ark-Angel

    Attempt to Increase Pressure on Pakistan With Yet Another ‘Mastermind’....

    Attempt to Increase Pressure on Pakistan With Yet Another ‘Mastermind’ Arrest | PKKH.tv The Indian authorities and Media are hailing the arrest of yet another alleged ‘mastermind’ of the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Syed Zabiuddin Ansari (aka Abu Jundal), a 32 year old Indian national...
  15. Ark-Angel

    US violates int’l laws; moves USS Enterprise into Pakistani water.

    US violates int Karachi: After failing to strike a deal on Nato supply with Pakistan, violating international laws the US has moved its USS Enterprise, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, into Pakistani territorial waters near Gawadar city of Balochistan province. “After the deployment...
  16. Ark-Angel

    Username change

    I want to change my username. Please help me. I can't make a new ID.
  17. Ark-Angel

    Helicopter Crash 23/May/2012 - Team VX Exclusive

    Our sources have exclusively extracted the information regarding the heli crash that took place today. The crash took place close to the GT Road highway passing through Wazirabad town of Gujranwala division. The heli downed due to technical problems and crashed into the River Chenab, at high...
  18. Ark-Angel

    Medical Exam

    What does medical exam to join PAF or PA consist of? I've 6/6 eyesight and no hearing problems. I'm not colour blind and I'm nearly 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Other than this on which grounds can a personbe declared as medically unfit? Secondly, which subjects are we supposed to study in A'...
  19. Ark-Angel

    Women in Pakistan's Military

    Women in Pakistan's Military [HD] - International Women's Day 2011 - Farzan Saeed - YouTube There's a comment which says "yeh photos indian womens k he salo kutto... pakio..." Can anyone point me the picture of any Indian military women? Plz.
  20. Ark-Angel

    GD Pilot in PAF

    Am I supposed to study Maths in A' Levels if I want to join PAF as GD Pilot? And if someone is kicked out of academy because of unable to be a good trainee pilot then will he be able to join army? I mean is there any sort of rule which dont allow you to join Army after such a situation?

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