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    Taiwan Announces Military Exercises With U.S. Marines

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    Turkey to use cargo drones for logistics, with production to begin in 2021

    The Turkish military plans to use cargo drones to run its logistical operations, part of a wider effort to incorporate unmanned systems into its inventory. Turkish Aerospace Industries developed the cargo drones, which are expected to support units in combat zones in and outside Turkey, such as...
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    New coronavirus lockdown in Greece requires people to text authorities before leaving home

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    Scientists watch as China's remote glaciers melt at 'shocking' pace

    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-climate-change-china-glacier-widerima-idUSKBN27P34J?utm_source=reddit.com QILIAN MOUNTAINS, China (Reuters) - Glaciers in China’s bleak Qilian mountains are disappearing at a shocking rate as global warming brings unpredictable change and raises the prospect...
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    Italy plans new destroyers for 2028 delivery

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    Head of nuclear weapons agency unexpectedly resigns

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    Esper fired as Secretary of Defense

    https://www.defensenews.com/pentagon/2020/11/09/esper-fired-as-secretary-of-defense/ is he stacking the deck with loyalists to help him stage a coup, one or the other ???
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    Russian Armed Forces Activated in Armenia

    https://www.overtdefense.com/2020/10/23/russian-armed-forces-active-in-armenia/ The Russian Armed Forces were recently activated and moved out of their bases in Armenia. Groups of Russian soldiers with the flags of Russian Federations were spotted, taking defensive positions. A 4-thousand...
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    Israel Signals It Won’t Oppose U.S. Sale of F-35 Aircraft to UAE

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    USAF gives up on 386 squadrons goal, citing lack of funding.

    https://breakingdefense.com/2020/10/csaf-brown-hedges-on-386-squadron-goal/ I think that if there ever was a conflict with a ‘near peer’ opponent, the US would cut funding for a lot of legacy planes shortly after or during the conflict. I think A-10 would be on its way out.
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    The persecution of the Uyghurs is a crime against humanity

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    New Rafael system helps vehicles navigate in GPS-denied environments

    Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has created a system that combines vehicle-mounted cameras with 3D models and mapping algorithms to help manned and unmanned vehicles operate in GPS-denied environments. Developed over the last several years, CT-MENTOR combines the Israeli company’s existing...
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    Army Halts Apache Helicopter Deliveries

    The U.S. Army has stopped accepting Apache helicopters from Boeing after the company found that an employee kept “improper” records concerning parts installed on the aircraft. It’s the latest quality-control issue to bedevil America’s largest planemaker, which is trying to shift its company’s...
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    A Storied Female Warlord Surrenders, Taliban Say, Exposing Afghan Weakness

    https://archive.is/mwgmC Her reputation began to grow with the killing of Soviet commandos who had swarmed her valley during an invasion starting in 1979. She hasn’t put down arms since, raising a militia that protected her valley as her little kingdom. Even when the Taliban swept through most...
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    Britain Banks On Tempest Future Fighter Program As Its Next Great Hope In Combat Airpower

    A group of leading British defense aerospace companies, helmed by BAE Systems, has laid out the latest details regarding the ambitious Tempest next-generation fighter program. Tempest was launched in 2018 in a bid to produce a sixth-generation “system of systems” air combat capability, with a...
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    Given the rise of cheap, mass-produced, lightweight drones like the TB-2 in the Azerbaijan/Armenian war, what type of air defense would be most effect

    I don't know much about the capabilities of the drones, but given their heavy effectiveness in the recent conflict, what type of air defense would be most effective? CIWS guns? like the US Phalanx CIWS, but the caliber is only 20mm, would it have the range and effectiveness to shoot down...

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