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    Huge study in India offers some surprises to scientists

    If India was not so poor they would have more testing. The Covid cases would be 250 million Indians infected
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    60% Amercian believes the nation is on verage of a civil war whilst half americans already preparing for it

    California already has the Republic flag. If there were a civil war, California would be the first to leave the US
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    US attempts to turn Mekong into another anti-China battlefield like S. China Sea

    Ultimately China can say no. Why she doesn't say no?
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    Featured President Donald Trump and wife Melania test positive for COVID-19

    Trump should take Hydroxychloroquine
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    Olympiades international de mathématiques 2020 CHINA number ONE

    Mercedes, BMW are endless money pit. You can get a 5 year old BMW or Mercedes for 30% of its original value 😂
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    Indian Army geared up for battling both China, harsh winters in Eastern Ladakh

    Doesn't work with Indians. When China attack them they will say you never warned us enough times. Or they surprised us with a sneak attack by not telling us what targets they planned to attack. Or we were not ready. We were still transporting more equipment to the battlefield. This is cheating...
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    Indian Army geared up for battling both China, harsh winters in Eastern Ladakh

    And more food. Daily rations for American soldiers in WW2 was 3x what Indian troops are getting now.
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    Featured Iran taunts US Navy with drone images of USS Nimitz

    So you're gonna nuke drones WWE Undertaker?
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    Featured Duck And Cover: U.S. Needs More Southeast Asia Military Bases To Counter China

    Complain in PDF and hope the world will listen and empathise with an insignificant country
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    Chinese tycoon who criticized Xi Jinping's handling of coronavirus jailed for 18 years

    you know he's not How do you know he's not corrupt? You think only America justice system is supreme and everyone else justice system is subpar. Than again you are Asian American, a second class group with no political power and a wannabe white but never get accepted as one. I see your mentality.
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    October Surprise: my prediction for war

    You mean this?
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    Indian might launch a surprise attack across the Himalayan border.

    Col. Babhu: " But clubs are..."
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    Indian might launch a surprise attack across the Himalayan border.

    Indians are Aryans, warrior race from the Hyborea age, similar to Cimmerians. They should attack. Theyy could be successful. Crom will help them succeed.
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    If talks can happen with China, why not with other neighbour: Farooq Abdullah in LS

    That's easy Mr. F Abdullah. If India thinks they are stronger and bigger than you, they will bully you into submission.. China on the other hand is 20x stronger than India. India doesn't want a war. So India does what Indians do best to try and talk and weasel out of a shit situation.
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    BlackLivesMatter protests | Updates, News & Discussion

    I don't think he would be in cuffs if he was white. They would have talked and everything be ok in one minute. OR maybe the neighbors may not even call the police.
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    European powers reject China's South China Sea claims

    Map is written in Chinese so it's Chinese territories. Why does Vietinamese not write history or historical documents using Vietnamese ? I dont get it.
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    Indian Soldiers Dancing Every Where in Ladakh ,Celebrating What?

    yeah, is that what Indians call it now when they get beat up? Avalanche? Indian troops been getting avalanche quite a lot lately
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    Indian Soldiers Dancing Every Where in Ladakh ,Celebrating What?

    Maybe dancing and hoping for a Chinese liberation of Ladakh and other other northern Indian kingdoms like Sikkim, etc. These look like sikhs? Maybe they want Sikkhim to be independent again.
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    Army commanders of India, China hold over 12-hour-long talks to ease Ladakh standoff

    Why PLA still bother to talk to Indians. 12 hours of blabbering would drive me nuts lol.

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