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  1. Pax Ottomana

    Turkish nuclear weapons program?

    I just came across this video on Youtube by Binkov's Battlegrounds. It was very informative and interesting to watch because it seemed to have a Russian spin on the subject. What are you guys' thoughts?
  2. Pax Ottomana

    Is America really Turkey's FRIEND, or ENEMY?

    Is USA a friend or enemy of Turkey? You decide. Here's my opinion. This is just a partial list but you still get the picture: 1960 coup d'etat in Turkey by USA-backed generals where they toppled the government elected by the Turkish public and installed a military regime. Many Turks were...
  3. Pax Ottomana

    How Turkey got LUCKY with the F-35?

    Turkey won't be getting any F-35s now, or 10 years later. This is a GOOD THING, and here's why: It's just a 10 minute video interview with the designer of the super-successful F-16 and A-10 fighters. Please watch it and understand why the F-35 is fundamentally flawed and doomed to fail...
  4. Pax Ottomana

    MGK Meeting -- 17 Jan 2018

    Turkey's top security council convenes to discuss Afrin, state of emergency Turkey's top security body, the National Security Council (MGK), convened Wednesday under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to discuss a possible operation on Afrin and the extension of the state of...
  5. Pax Ottomana

    Bad news: TurAF CN-235 crashed, 3 crew killed

    3 soldiers die after Turkish military training aircraft crashes in Isparta Three crew members aboard the CASA CN-235 military training plane died Tuesday after the aircraft crashed in Turkey's southern Isparta province, the governor said. Rescue teams reached the wreck of the aircraft at a...
  6. Pax Ottomana

    Analysis of current Turkey Russia Iran -vs- USA situation (video)

    What is America's great plan with the PKK/YPG "terror corridor"? Latest attack on the Russian airbase in Syria When is Turkey entering Idlib? Iran-Turkey-Russia relations Intelligence warfare S-400s MUST WATCH: http://www.tvnet.com.tr/akil-odasi Highly recommended.
  7. Pax Ottomana

    Emerging Turkish-French partnership

    In recent months, French President Emmanuel Macron took important steps in the international arena. Mr. Macron was a vocal critic of the Trump administration's controversial Jerusalem move and France has opposed Donald Trump's irresponsible Iran policy to earn the international community's...
  8. Pax Ottomana

    Macron, Erdogan to talk defense ties

    Joint defense initiatives at center of Erdoğan, Macron meeting in Paris President Erdoğan's first visit abroad in 2018 will seek to be a concrete step in Ankara's air defense strategies by signing the joint Eurosam project, while acting positively in normalizing ties with the EU In his first...
  9. Pax Ottomana

    Can America be saved?

    From the relentless Jewish propaganda machine that controls all aspects of American life through its media, corporate and political pressure points?
  10. Pax Ottomana

    When will Germany resist the US invasion?

    It's been going on since the allied defeat of Germany in WW2. Literally. 72 YEARS! American troops have been pissing on German soil and screwing German tail for the last 72 years! Where's the pride of German people? Der Führer dreht sich in seinem Grab um!
  11. Pax Ottomana

    India launches 'driverless' metro with driver

    India's capital launched a metro train with driverless technology Monday, though officials said it would operate with a driver for at least a year or two. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took an inaugural ride on a short section of the 12.6-kilometer (7.8-mile) Magenta Line, which connects the...
  12. Pax Ottomana

    US to resume aid for YPG with $393M warpons list

    US to resume aid for YPG in 2018 as Trump approves $393M Syria weapons list U.S. President Donald Trump has approved providing weapons worth $393 million to its partners in Syria despite Ankara's concerns over the continued delivery of heavy weapons and armored vehicles to PKK's Syrian...
  13. Pax Ottomana

    Number of national defense projects reaches 600

    Tenfold increase in Turkey's national defense projects over last 15 years The number of defense projects run by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries has reached 600 with a 65 percent local production rate, compared to 66 projects in 2002 Since its establishment in 1985, the...
  14. Pax Ottomana

    Turkish & UK Chiefs of Staff meet to discuss cooperation

    Turkish Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar met with his British counterpart Sir Stuart Peach in the United Kingdom to discuss military cooperation between the two countries. Akar's trip was part of an official invitation from Peach, and the two "discussed military cooperation and exchanged...
  15. Pax Ottomana

    Aselsan listed among world's top APS producers

    Because of the impending AKKOR system integration that will go on the Altay MBT and also be aggressively exported, defense analysts are now listing Aselsan among the world's Top 5 active protection system producers. Rheinmetall AG Raytheon Company Saab AB Aselsan A.S. Rafael Advanced Defense...
  16. Pax Ottomana

    Turkish, US and Iraqi top generals met in Ankara

    Turkish, American and Iraqi top generals discuss regional security at three-way meet The highest ranking military generals from Turkey, the U.S. and Iraq met in a rare trilateral meeting on Dec. 14 in Ankara to discuss regional security matters and the ongoing fight against jihadist and...
  17. Pax Ottomana

    More BS from the US -- McMaster: Turkey supports radical Islam

    McMaster deepens America’s isolation On Tuesday evening, U.S. National Security Adviser Gen. H. R. McMaster spoke at Policy Exchange in Washington, recalled that "radical Islamist ideology is a grave threat to all civilized people" and singled out Turkey and Qatar as its main supporters...
  18. Pax Ottomana

    US to continue sending weapons to PKK/YPG in 2018

    US has just announced that they will continue to support PKK/YPG terrorists in 2018. What a great "ally" these yanks are! :angry: ABD'den 2018'de YPG'ye 50 uçak dolusu silah daha gidecek ABD Savunma Bakanlığı Bütçesi onaylandı. Bütçeye göre Suriye'de DEAŞ'a karşı savaşan terör örgütü PKK'nın...
  19. Pax Ottomana

    Eurojet leaves TFX engine bid

    Looks like Eurojet is no longer in the TFX engine tender. Yup! Our trusty-old European allies are again proving their "reliability" insisting that Turkey doesn't receive any tech-transfer or own any rights to the engine. Türkiye’nin Milli Muharip Uçak Programında(TF-X) motoru sağlamak üzere...
  20. Pax Ottomana

    John Kerry: Israel in NOT interested in peace

    Kerry says Israel has no interest in making peace with Palestinians Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the Israeli government is not interested in brokering a peace deal with Palestinians. According to recordings published by an Israeli TV news station, Channel 10, Kerry said...

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