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    Parts of exploded AIM-120 AMRAAM (27 Feb) revealed

    The rape victim once again providing a used condom as evidence that they beat up the rapist? Sounds silly doesn't it!
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    UAE ISRAEL Peace Agreement

    Absolute disgrace UAE are turning out to be. Rest of the Muslim world should retake the holy lands as present day occupiers cannot be trusted.
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    69 % percent Indians think India gave befitting reply to China during recent escalation

    The remaining 31% thought response was adequate but India should have invaded Beijing too
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    Featured A Powerful explosion rocks Beirut.

    I think its a chemical explosion like any other. There have been several incidents in the past throughout the world. There is a small possibility the zionist terrorists initiated the chemical explosion.
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    Featured A Powerful explosion rocks Beirut.

    Palestine was fine too before Jewish terrorists arrived.
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    Why is Iran supporting Palestine and an anti-Israeli line?

    Don't view leaders and general everyday Muslims in the same light. Most Arab Muslims would not support an attack on Iran and appreciate Iran's stance on Palestine. All Muslims support Palestine regardless of "race", whether white, black, Arab, Asian.... In fact, many non-Muslims support the...
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    British students stage sit-ins after violent fees protest

    The students have a right to protest - regardless of when or how the loan is to be repaid - they will be in tremendous debt nonetheless. A major LibDem calling card was that they WOULD NOT raise tuition fees and many students voted for them on this basis - now that they are part of the...
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    Briton killed baby girl who interrupted his video game

    Hmm Gaming itself is a problem, with many spending several hours a day gaming and contributing nothing to society. A few hours a week, fair enough - but not for most of the week! You're not on this planet for long so do something worthwhile, leave a legacy. PS could you Indians leave...
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    I see, you imitate the west in such regards yet completely disregard why the west is in better shape. I've lived in England all my life, I once asked my physics teacher what he thinks of Halloween. He was totally against it as a Christian, and said to look up it's history. It seems odd to me...
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    Looking for a doctor, Help!

    Hi When you look at a bright light do you see a rainbow affect? If so, is it painful?
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    US church to go ahead with Sept 11 Quran burning

    Salaam He wants Muslims to go Crazy...don't you idiots get it? Sorry to be blunt, but everyone here advocating some sort of revenge is incredibly feeble minded. Best reaction is to completely ignore it - Imagine if that happened? It'll be the biggest slap in the face for them...
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    Happy janamashtmi and happy fasting

    I see, so you don't eat during daylight hours? Similar to the Month of Ramadan. Is there anything in particular you open your fast with?
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    Happy janamashtmi and happy fasting

    hi How do Hindus fast?
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    Ground Zero mosque wins approval !!

    EDIT: OOPS - Video Already posted by Durran3 (above) - highly recommend it.
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    Mosques around the world

    Salaam I visited Muhammed Ali Mosque just under 2 months ago whilst on Holiday, truly amazing. Here is a picture I took from Inside:
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    Rafale snag in UAE bid

    The Arab nations are procuring weapons like idiots - the west stirs the pot and then sit back and enjoy the cash-flow from the arms sales. They need to build up their OWN industry.........It's one of the things that makes me proud of Pakistan actually, at least we are trying despite the...
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    Why is UK praising and buttering India?

    Well beta, Indians should be more happy. If Nick Griffin got elected he wouldn't set foot in India never-mind asking a foreign nation to invest.
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    Why is UK praising and buttering India?

    Hi I've been living in the UK for the past 21 years. All the News Channels and the media in general are agreed that it's becasue of money. Britain wants India to invest in the UK in order to create jobs; but more importantly, Britain wants India to buy more stuff thereby providing British...
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    Islamophobia a rapidly increasing phenomenon in America.

    Anjem Choudhry is one man out of 2 million or so Muslims in the UK. He has a handful of followers / supporters. To give him precedence over virtually every other Muslim is the tactic of a fascist Buffoon. I have yet to come across a single Muslim who supports him; In fact, everyone I know...

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