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  1. denel

    Request prayers

    Requesting prayers for recovery for my mother. Had cardiac failure early morning and was able to get help on time. Appreciate fellow members for saying a prayer for her.
  2. denel

    Contribution of Ulugh Beg to astronomy

    For those like myself who are amateur astronomers and science history enthusiasts. The sextant still survives below the 3 universities in Samarkand. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamiecartereurope/2018/11/27/the-tragic-story-of-the-man-who-unlocked-the-universe/#551ebec94b0b...
  3. denel

    Internet services in Azerbaijan - cut

    Was trying to get thru to a friend in Baku for past 3 days. Internet services are down. FInally old fashioned radio comms, Looks like border war is about to start. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/9/27/armenia-azerbaijan-clashes-live-news
  4. denel

    HF Comms still matter

    https://www.defensenews.com/battlefield-tech/it-networks/2020/09/22/the-military-renaissance-in-high-frequency-communications/ I could have said this all along; hf remains still supreme. It takes geniuses to figure this out after 2 decades!.
  5. denel

    Lee Enfield - user thread

    Follow up to: https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/lee-enfield-303.311013/ Would like to see in our forum who are the Enfield Affectionados. I have No 4 Mk2 rifle. Just a beautiful rifle overall. Fired in total of 20+ rounds since its was produced. To sportise it would be an insult.
  6. denel

    Musgrave Rifles

    http://www.musgraverifles.co.za/ Here this is a well known maker. They had folded many years back but bought out and restarted. Beautiful mauser action based rifles.
  7. denel

    Timeline - 1962

    Very interesting documentary and footage from 1962 conflict.
  8. denel

    Snakes of Pakistan

    Before people start posting nonsense. This is for reptiles and not people - god knows we all know real humans who are worse. So, please write up experiences or types of snakes in the region. This side, we have the following: . Black Mamba . Green Mamba . Puff Adder . Spitting Cobra ...
  9. denel


    If there are any folks who are audiophiles - using vaccum tubes. there is a shortage of supply starting - try to get a few stocked up. not sure when the chinese factory will be back in production.
  10. denel

    Botswana - Coronavirus advisory

  11. denel

    Madame Xia's contributions

  12. denel

    Brain Virus

    Thought of posting this. https://www.thevintagenews.com/2016/09/08/priority-brain-first-computer-virus-created-two-brothers-pakistan-just-wanted-prevent-customers-making-illegal-software-copies/ Back in my younger days when this first hit RSA, those of us in the security establishment were...
  13. denel

    Gemstones thread.

    Opening this thread on gemstones. I personally collect stones as an enthusiast except for diamond. I prefer sapphire especially from Tanzania or Madagascar or emerald from Zambia or Ethiopia. I am interested in rubies but it is very hard to get them on our continent. Any other collectors?
  14. denel

    Nobel Prize and TiT? Be serious

    Really... be serious. The man needs to be in a mental asylum and here he speaks of Nobel Prize.
  15. denel

    Sniper target 3800+m away

    https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/gun-history-how-sniper-killed-isis-fighter-3871-yards-away-105901 Very interesting
  16. denel


    While working in the wee hours of night and in thoughts. Came across this. Very very beautiful anadulasian rendition of humd.... Shalom/Salams to all.,...
  17. denel

    Mecca Attack - 40 years later

  18. denel

    Transliteration needed

    I stumbled across this singer. Amazing composition. I can make out farsi words 'husn/jamal/humroz/hijr/wosal/mosafi/malal' but cannot entire urdu context. Enjoying my next step into farsi and urdu ghazal poetry.
  19. denel

    Denel Artillery Reaches new milestone

    http://www.denelotr.co.za/press-article/Denel-Artillery-Reaches-New-Milestone/224 Denel Artillery Reaches New MilestoneYou are here: Media Centre / News & Press 12 November 2019 Denel’s global leadership in long-range artillery was on display last week when record distances and unmatched...
  20. denel

    Iqbal birthday greetings

    To one of my life guides - Rumi, Iqbal, Ghazali, Hafiz. Paying homage to a giant - Iqbal. May his works live on. I am praying that i get a chance to visit his grave and give my prayers in person.

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