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  1. Irfan Baloch

    Honour Among Spies By Asad Durrani | Author Speaks

    short answer is that they did better than you and your father and get rewarded and recognised by the state . most of them only have batmen not the long list of army that you listed that only public office holders have. star officers . just like the 20 grade and above civilian civil servants...
  2. Irfan Baloch

    Honour Among Spies By Asad Durrani | Author Speaks

    his confidence was stunning. he actually gave me a hard on. the way we must be unapologetic and confident in front of the world. being sheepish about everything and explaining and apologizing has not earned us any favors, grace or pity. he made a new one into that smug host. the entire...
  3. Irfan Baloch

    Indian State sponsored cyber attack stands exposed

    the sentence structure, punctuation and grammar itself is a giveaway that the message and its sender is full of shit. no one advises upgrade with a threat of banning in the first place.
  4. Irfan Baloch

    BBC ignores fact and promoting lies; Journalism or propaganda? Senator Shibli Faraz

    this so called Dr Aisha Sadiqqa is a long term career hater of Pakistan army. I think she has done doctrate in hating on Pakistani military. she is a typical plush office dweller that belongs to an elitist club of "analysts" who make their bread and butter by writing anything which shows...
  5. Irfan Baloch

    Featured Suicidal Attack on CTD Police Station in Lahore Thwarted

    definately a teenager or early 20a. the young minds are easy to mold and indoctrinate with takfiri violent ideology
  6. Irfan Baloch

    RIP QUAD. Modi's bet on the USA goes down the drain

    American deep state or the establishment is very hawkish towards Iran and China and is spoiling for war. no matter what Biden says, in the end he will be forced to use force. all it needs to convince him is some carefully crafted diplomatic , economic and military incidents or confrontations and...
  7. Irfan Baloch

    Featured Israeli PM flew to Saudi Arabia, Met Crown Prince of KSA

    some detail on the subject . take it or reject it to your liking http://www.masud.co.uk/ISLAM/misc/najd.htm Volume 2, Book 17, Number 147: end of days are close to us. the Munafiqs are closing ties with Israel. helping it to become greater Israel staying quiet as it made Jerusalem its capital...
  8. Irfan Baloch

    Pakistan allows shipping of 150 falcons to UAE despite hunting ban

    its Pakistani foreign policy to entertain Arab sheikhs amd serve them. foreign office made a similar statement few years back when a controversy over the hunting of an endangered species of bird surfaced. the Arab sheikhs on the other hand have a different approach to Pakistan. which is...
  9. Irfan Baloch

    Featured Khadim Hussain Rizvi passed away

    the user is banned from this thread for continued use of foul language and insults to other members. it is unfortunate that the love for Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH is being mixed with abuses in same sentences. which in my view itself is blasphemous.
  10. Irfan Baloch

    Indian Military Officer Explains How SSG Soldier Killed BSF Trooper Wearing a Thermal Camouflage Suit in 2018

    no they are not special forces. BAT or any urban warfare elements of infantry units maybe trained by special forces instructors and have specialized gear and harder training but they are not part of SSG.
  11. Irfan Baloch

    Featured Khadim Hussain Rizvi passed away

    your responses just confirmed that the late Khadim was a foul mouth bully hiding behind religion and devotion and his followers are insulting and using the same sort of a language for all others who are criticizing him for his words and actions of chaos. now the followers of this foul mouth...
  12. Irfan Baloch

    Featured Israeli PM flew to Saudi Arabia, Met Crown Prince of KSA

    we were always sold the narrative that Iran and Israel are actually working together against the Islam and Muslim world. And there are still people who believe that to be true that Iran is a secret ally of Israel. I must say if its true that Israel and the mad Khomeeni mullahs of Iran are...
  13. Irfan Baloch

    Saudi Arabia is forcing Pakistan to accept Israel

    whats with the prophecy of horn of satan in Najad attributed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH? do the saudi supporters acknowledge it or reject it as a rafzi conspiracy against saudi royals?
  14. Irfan Baloch

    Saudi Arabia is forcing Pakistan to accept Israel

    if you see the sad state of mind of some fellow Pakistanis that seem to be intoxicated by the methane gas coming out of Saudi behinds you will see how their minds will interpret this verse from Iqbal 1. Iqbal must be a shia 2. Iqbal must be a Khomeni agent 3. criticizing or questioning Saudis...
  15. Irfan Baloch

    Nawaz Sharif’s mother passes away in London

    rest in peace to the elderly lady. no one is here in this world forever.
  16. Irfan Baloch

    Air Force Question Thread

  17. Irfan Baloch

    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    thats an exception. very good point
  18. Irfan Baloch

    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    thanks for your post. I just want to point out that I responded to a suggestion that JF-17 block 3 to be banned from export due to its technology edge. whereas I argued that there is nothing cutting edge which other jets I listed dont have other than its lower cost.
  19. Irfan Baloch

    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    JF-17 block 3 is not a cutting edge future technology 5th Generation fighter. any prospect customer has a long list of European, American and Russian jets (SU 35, F-16 Block 70, Rafale, Grippen NG ) that are at par or even better in terms of the technology and performance which JF-17 Block 3...
  20. Irfan Baloch

    Ahmadi Doctor shot dead.3 others in Family injured

    are you for real? a local teenager has done the killing. almost all such targeted killings of Ahmedis have been done by locals who proudly stayed at the scene and were celebrated for their murderous act dont take it as an insult or an offence. just my opinion unfortunately I dont find Zakir...

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