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  1. razgriz19

    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

    And what if JF17 is attacked first? Now it has to shake off the incoming missile with extra mass which would the performance as you can imagine. Your aircraft would be toast.
  2. razgriz19

    The Russian Su-57 Stealth is preparing to be equipped with a very advanced engine that has no equal in the world

    Actually if you do some digging around you will find that only a 1/3 of raptor fleet is combat capable at any given moment. 2/3 spend their time going through maintenance and training and they usually do not have RAM coating on them as it's very expensive
  3. razgriz19

    Boeing 737 Engine Failure Reportedly Causes Cargo Plane to Go Down in Water Off Honolulu

    Read and try to comprehend the article first properly before blaming Boeing It says 737-200. That's classic aircraft designed in 60s
  4. razgriz19

    CAA to outsource pilot licence exam to British firm

    Because that same Pakistani will try to buy his license if he gets a chance. Close to two hundred people died because of incompetent pilots. If you need a reminder go listen to the audio of that PIA crash. "Inshallah" doesn't help land an airplane. Proper flying knowledge and skill does.
  5. razgriz19

    PAKISTAN . Aviation & Airports

    Good choice. Q400 performance is unmatched
  6. razgriz19

    Featured Anatolian Eagle 2021 - JF-17 To Pitch Against Rafale and Vipers

    Avionics in JF17 and F16 are also obsolete if you're comparing it to what's available today. Development, testing and production takes decades. Technology is evolving on weekly basis. Look up what computer system F-22 was using till a few years back and you will understand what's what.
  7. razgriz19

    World Exclusive JF-17 and Rafale in Joint Exercise

    Yeah sure. Meteor is.
  8. razgriz19

    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

    I'm no design engineer but space in one big reason. F-16s landing gear is in it's belly so it stands taller when measuring ground clearance from the wing. JF17 doesn't have much space in the belly so landing gear is attached to the wing just like Mirage. However Mirage is a low wing aircraft...
  9. razgriz19

    World Exclusive JF-17 and Rafale in Joint Exercise

    An exercise is good for experience and familiarization but it doesn't guarantee a win. Indian air force does regular exercises with airforce that operates block 52 F-16s.
  10. razgriz19

    Tesla to recall 285k+ cars in China over faulty cruise control software

    You clearly can't comprehend how far ahead Tesla is from the competitors. They're changing the way how a car is built, and I'm not talking about batteries. Tesla is only been around for two decades, a spec on a timeline compared to other automotive giants and yet they're revolutionizing the...
  11. razgriz19

    Produce of Pakistan, Packed in Israel Becomes Israeli Product

    Halal and Kosher are pretty much same thing. During the 2005 earthquake and many other disaster that followed after, aid that came in the shape of food came from Israel bought by the U.S
  12. razgriz19

    PAF Getting Such High Profile Visits

    Ambassador visits aren't high profile. This is literally their job to mingle with host country's leader
  13. razgriz19

    Pakistan Naval Aviation - Updated

    Do you know how much it costs to modify an aircraft? Why would PN pay more to have the aircraft modified twice (Long range configuration and then MPA) Embraer has done the first step already in the shape of Lineage 1000. PN just has to do the second bit. Lineage is the same aircraft as E190...
  14. razgriz19

    Egypt finalizes deal with Pakistan to jointly manufacture Raad and Babur-class cruise missiles

    If Egypt is purchasing Babur they wouldn't buy the oldest model. Any improvements made to the missile until now would be part of the deal
  15. razgriz19

    SpaceX says more than 500,000 people have ordered or placed a deposit for its Starlink internet service

    15 milee is a far dista? Lol Joking a aside i get what you mean. i alive in Canada and the damn place is massive. Atarlink is useful in places lik3 Canada since most of internet is limited to southern border
  16. razgriz19

    China deployed J-20 jets powered by WS-10C engines to keep Taiwan's F-16 jets at bay and keep peace in Taiwan strait

    You know the capabilities of Tejas better than any Chinese or Pakistanis. Second i met a Pratt and Whitney design engineer in Canada and guess what he said every engine is pretty much an improvement of the last one. No company tries to re-invent the wheel. As long as the Chinese get the...
  17. razgriz19

    Pakistan Army | News and Discussions

    It would be efficient if the equipment of each soldier is exactly the same the U.S army soldiers carry and the cost is still 13k Otherwise it's not an accurate comparison. It just says less equipment and shitty pay which is true
  18. razgriz19

    Tesla’s Giga Berlin to have initial production of 500,000 vehicles per year; expand to 2M

    I have 1599 shares of ARKK and it holds 10% Tesla. Fingers crossed hereeee. Hope they succeed!
  19. razgriz19

    A dream that the world conspired against: Manufacturing a warplane in Egypt and the position of the JF-17 Block 3

    Pretty sure those are chinese designs. Pakistan has license to build them in house.
  20. razgriz19

    How many people on here got the covid jab ?

    Got a Moderna, waiting for my second stab

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