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  1. hasang20

    Predator drones flown from base in Pakistan: US Senator ! WHO IS LYING

    i felt when every US drone come to Pakistan that i have been raped.
  2. hasang20

    Yeh hum nahin

    we have failed to see the terrorism ; Zionist are the terrorist the plan seems to be working i would not signed the petetion i think Taliban has the right to have Freedom in Afganistan n Iraq they did bring Law N Order everything was going well until suddenly some 9/11 attacks kill 2,000 people...
  3. hasang20

    yo supz ? wats you Email ?

    yo supz ? wats you Email ?
  4. hasang20

    Amazing strike kills 25 Militants.

    Shamefull ; IF Pakistan is willing to go to WAR with US or even threating them to stop voilating our air space i am more than willing to volunterr and join the Army and i will scarifice my life
  5. hasang20

    Hindu Radicals Pose Terrorist Challenge to the Sub-Continent

    there no such thing as Islamic Terrosim can someone ban this troll already ; Taliban are freedom fighter these Zionist preplanned the 9/11 = BS.
  6. hasang20

    Hindu Radicals Pose Terrorist Challenge to the Sub-Continent

    thank you for bieng an Indian behind Pak Flag living in Canada why not go back and live in Shinning India ?
  7. hasang20

    Amazing strike kills 25 Militants.

    these people are not Militants for Allahs sake stop please they are fighting from Freedom in Afganistan US has killed over 3.4 Million Muslims they are Family members killed for no reseaon ; we should support them i want to ask if one of your family member get killed in an American Air Strike i...
  8. hasang20

    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    very intersting read PAF has access to all Muslims countries airspace if Israel wanted to start of war with Pakistan = no more Israel ; incase of war between Pakistan and US = Form of a big allience between Muslim countries like UAE,Pakistan,Iran and Turkey ; Pakistan Vs India help from...
  9. hasang20

    Taliban has `huge' presence in Pakistan: Zardari

    yes we want a dictator why are you pretending to be a Pakistani ? and btw we dont suffer from "white mens complex" we will rather have our own LAW like KSA and China. MAY ALLAH protect those who are fighting against US and Israel and the victory of Mujahideen those who bring LAW n ORDER.
  10. hasang20

    Why are we poor?- Is it our Defence

    we have only 1 option Nuke you than no more economy.
  11. hasang20

    Is Pakistan shifting its India policy?

    i love the retardedness of bunch of threads and how other Indinas thanks for being anti-Pakistan.
  12. hasang20

    no offence but USA is the most arrogant country in the world.

    no offence but USA is the most arrogant country in the world.
  13. hasang20


    oh my ! missing the era of Wasim and Waqar those were the dayz dying to see another era like that.Pakistan Cricket is a total blow no these days.
  14. hasang20

    AERO INDIA 2009

    I am scared. EDIT - and so uncalled for.
  15. hasang20

    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    we should be more concern about our JF-17s block II rather than handfull of F-16s.
  16. hasang20

    IAF wants full quota of 42 squadrons for combat edge

    IAFs airchiefs and w/e thier is they should act mature and proffesional they always says thing that they cant do and highly unproffesionalism.
  17. hasang20

    HAL's Dhruv helicopters ready for Ecuador

    Ecuador you serious ? hahah this must be the cheapest and the lamest thing ever.
  18. hasang20

    JF-17 has edge over LCA: Pak officials

    regardless of all i want to prove my point JF-17s is a 4.5th Gen Aircraft List of fighter aircraft - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  19. hasang20

    India to have 5,000 km range Agni missile next year

    India makes a ton of noise before it test anything and tell the world about it after its tested everything is COOOL.
  20. hasang20

    India may Drop Russia Completely

    exactly ; but its just 1 persons opnion India will not drop a 5th Gen Project PAK FA ; because how many weapons can India get from Israel and France they are limited ; China is building x100 Faster with its own jets like Su-27,J-10,Jxx,JF-17 II ; India can't build its own SU-30MKI ; MKI stands...

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