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  1. Nasr

    football field sized craft hovering over the USS Omaha

    Throwing stones at others whilst living in a glass house .... brilliant strategy you got there. Your words are as hollow as you are, so go believe what you want, for in the end it's you who chose to go the ignorant way.
  2. Nasr

    football field sized craft hovering over the USS Omaha

    Yeah it would seem magic to people in the past who never bothered to "Study" the Noble Qur'an or listen to Nabi Muhammad Alaihi Salaat-u-Wassalam. But I guess those "enlightened ones" blessed by logic and science know it all. This universe was created way before anything else, humans have only...
  3. Nasr

    football field sized craft hovering over the USS Omaha

    The godless cannot penetrate the truth about what they blindly call aliens, no matter what science or technology they use.
  4. Nasr

    Pakistan pledges Rs 5 billion assistance to avert crisis in Afghanistan

    Afghan Mujahideen have been fighting a war over the last 40-50 years, nearly non-stop. They just got their country back and people expect with a wave of a magic wand, they will stop TTP from attacking Pakistan? What planet do such people live on? Afghan Mujahideen are establishing writ of...
  5. Nasr

    Squid Game: A Dystopian Korean Drama Featuring a Pakistani Migrant Worker

    Why is it that any role of "Pakistani" in movies is mostly played by those damn indians? My God some of them really are spineless creatures with no dignity or honor. It's insulting and disgusting for us Pakistanis that our role is played by the enemy.
  6. Nasr

    Declare India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ and terminate nationality of Muslims & Christians, else I will take Jal Samadhi: Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya Maharaj

    A country with a 1.5 billion population, the largest in the world, will cease to exist? What a total dumb@$$
  7. Nasr

    Indian Media Releases Video of Indian Army's "Aggressive" Training for Fight Against China

    Moral of the story (for Pakistanis) STOP WATCHING bollywood gutter-silt, else you would infected by their delusional disease. Instead, establish faith in Allah Subhanahu Wata'aalah and stand firm as member of the Ummah of Nabi Muhammad Alaihi Salaat-u-Wassalam. Go seek knowledge, use the Noble...
  8. Nasr

    Pakistan to remain on FATF grey list

    The Western world can take it's "Grey List" and shove it up where the sun don't shine. Pakistan and the entire non-Western world ought to get out of IMF/WB and "Dedollarize" their economy. The West will go into the garbage bin of history, it's coming and there ain't a damn thing they can do...
  9. Nasr

    Pakistan ranks 130 out of 139 countries in adherence to rule of law

    The definition of a Muslim, is one who submits to Allah Subhanahu Wata'aalah ... the God of Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad Alaihi Salaat-u-Wassalam. So to answer your question, this applies to all who believe in the ONE GOD, the Creator of all creation, the only...
  10. Nasr

    Pakistan ranks 130 out of 139 countries in adherence to rule of law

    Reading the Noble Qur'an is but the essential and first step in establishing Imaan. The next step which follows, is studying the Noble Qur'an and applying it as a lens to understand the world we live in today. We accomplished the first step with flying colors, only to shamefully neglect the next...
  11. Nasr

    Pakistan ranks 130 out of 139 countries in adherence to rule of law

    The Prophet of Allah, Nabi Muhammad Alaihi Salaat-u-Wassalam stated,"Surely, you will follow the ways of those before you, just as the flight of one arrow resembles another, so much so, that even if they entered the hole of a lizard, you would enter it."
  12. Nasr

    Pakistan ranks 130 out of 139 countries in adherence to rule of law

    Brother, this country would be a lot better if we take on the challenge of reading, then studying the Noble Qur'an and alongside it, acquire modern education in all fields. This country has had a plethora of Muslims who proved themselves to be true slaves of Allah Subahanahu Wata'aalah from a...
  13. Nasr

    Pakistan ranks 130 out of 139 countries in adherence to rule of law

    Doing or admitting to evil is the simplest and easiest of things a human can do.
  14. Nasr

    Will they join the Abrahamic agreements? The Biden administration is discussing with Saudi Arabia the possibility of normalization with Israel

    Why do you israelis hide behind the Holocaust and massacre Palestinians just like the Nazis did the European-Jews? Why do you israelis lie to the world that God gave you this land, when in reality Jews broke the Covenant from God to Abraham when they whole heartedly supported the murders of...
  15. Nasr

    The end of the deal, hopes, delusions and treasons

    American and Western governments are retarded if they think Iran would ever bother to return to the farce which was suppose to be a Nuke Deal which is mutually beneficial. That Nuke Deal or any others that follow are being pushed by the West on Iran, to protect their illegitimate child...
  16. Nasr

    Pakistan ranks 130 out of 139 countries in adherence to rule of law

    A country, where feudalism (sindhi wadairas/feudal-lords) is alive and kicking, that too in the 21st Century. It is no wonder the "Rule of Law" is not adhered to in Pakistan. But that is not the worse part in all of this ..... the worst is where Pakistan, being 97% Muslim, has not bothered to...
  17. Nasr

    Pakistan’s New HQ-9P Air Defence System Could Seriously Complicate Indian Air Force Operations

    Indeed! As I recall, the indian "MRCA Deal" was initiated way back in 2001. It was touted as the "Mother of all Deals." The procurement stipulated that the indian Air Force required 126 fighter-jets, to be constructed in india. The Western countries like france Rafale, america Viper & Super...
  18. Nasr

    US Navy Chief : U.S. Cannot Outspend China, Must Use Allies To Counter

    America doesn't have enough money to compete with China? If you added up the military budgets of india, britain, australia, canada, france, Italy, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Arabia, China and Russia it would equate to america's military budget which is sitting pretty at $770!! So for the...
  19. Nasr

    Featured Pakistan Navy prevented Indian Submarine from entering into Pakistani waters on 16th October

    Ever heard of radio silence and what it means? You are stuck in a time lapse or have no clue how communications work with submarines when they are observing radio silence.
  20. Nasr

    India comes second in unicorn race in Q3

    Superficial, hollow and delusions of grandeur. india like many other countries is following the West, when what countries ought to be doing is go in the opposite direction. This includes Pakistan, Bangladesh and others as well. Real economic growth comes when prosper, not a small and exclusive...

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