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  1. Malik Alashter

    Japanese army unveils its new Type 19 155mm 8x8 wheeled self-propelled howitzer

    Saw this on twitter. Anyone aware if this is a Japanese gun or Korean?
  2. Malik Alashter


  3. Malik Alashter

    Is it the truth or not

  4. Malik Alashter

    wow look at this F-22

    That's the power of science and knowledge
  5. Malik Alashter

    Bay ractar for Ukraine

  6. Malik Alashter

    For those who liked or admired Saddam

    That's what tat animal has done killing and mass graving even the kids
  7. Malik Alashter

    India buys 1000 A2A missiles

  8. Malik Alashter

    Israel attacked PM forces in Iraq

    We're naked
  9. Malik Alashter

    I need help

    my aunt needs replacing knee so they said china is good and affordable. so if you can helping me with information about finding some places many thanks
  10. Malik Alashter

    Thousands of Pakistanis waiting cross borders to Iran then to Iraq for zyart ularbaain

    Also one of the biggest carnival this year for recognizing Asuraa from Azerbaijan
  11. Malik Alashter

    Good found especially for the Azeri brothers

    http://alwaght.com/en/News/51603/Who-supporting-Wahhabi-Movements-in-Republic-of-Azerbaijan No should trust A suni MB regime please read and see who's undermining the Alyev regime in Azerbaijan
  12. Malik Alashter

    Is there any Indian armed forces pictures and Media thread

    for the indians ate if theres a post please give me the link if theres none why don't you make one
  13. Malik Alashter

    World’s most corrupt countries have been revealed

  14. Malik Alashter

    What is your thoughts of Iraq how do you see Iraq

    This thread to every one to tell his thoughts or feeling when he or she hear or see news about Iraq Thanks. Malik Alashtter.
  15. Malik Alashter

    Iraq declare victory on ISIS and today is the starting of the week for the victory.

    Down :tdown: to all of those who supported terrorism...
  16. Malik Alashter

    I have a Question: to which western country we can compare Turkey in science and technology?.

    p[ease no trolls or flames we just want to get an idea thanks.
  17. Malik Alashter

    Petraeus: Iraqi counter-terrorism forces, the strongest in the Middle East

    8/3/2017 0:00 BAGHDAD / Sabah described the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Gen. David Petraeus, a counter – Iraqi terrorism as « the most powerful special forces in the Middle East , » he said , adding that the Iraqis did not fall into the «mistakes» Syrian President...

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