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  1. Winchester

    Harsh Chinese Embassy Statement on the Gwadar Attack

    The Chinese are not happy. The callousness of the Pakistani govt. in response to the Dasu attack didn't help. The Chinese felt disrespected and rightly so. Terming the security situation in Pakistan as severe is a much needed slap and a wakeup call to the Civil-Military establishment.
  2. Winchester

    Your opinions regarding Afghan Taliban policy vis-a-vis TTP.

    What line of action do you expect Afghan Taliban to take againt TTP? a) Go hard against TTP and ensure they are not able to operate against Pakistan. b) Use TTP as a leverage against Pakistan. Give and take policy to extract maximum concessions from Pakistan c) Down the line, join TTP...
  3. Winchester

    Lt Gen (R) Syed Arif Hassan

    Tribute thread for this fine and competent Gernail sahb. Thank You Sir for gracing our sports with your involvement.
  4. Winchester

    Nawaz Sharif meets NSA of Afghanistan

    Besharam Insaan elected by the people of Pakistan three times and this is how he pays backs. Looting the nation wasn't enough...of course he had to go the extra mile and indulge in active conspiracies against the state and institutions of Pakistan.
  5. Winchester

    How to deal with growing Sindhi Nationalism?

    A growing threat is the rapid feeling of alienation among the educated Sindhi youth. There exists a wide wedge between them and the state. The recent Bahria Town fiaso has only exasperated these feelings of alienation. Additional factors are... 1) PPP governance 2) No credible alternative to...
  6. Winchester

    Question for fans of PML-Ns economic performance.

    I am not an expert economist by any stretch of the imagination hence this question keeps popping up in my mind. If the economy was doing so great why was Noon league holding negotiations with the IMF at the end of its own tenure? Could someone explain these two news items !
  7. Winchester

    A reality check with regards to foreign tourists.

    Azul Ozbay is a Turkish solo traveller. She posted this video on her Instagram to her 46,000 followers. Apparently a fruit seller in Pakistan(Abottabad/Mansehra?) first made her recite the Kalima and then proceeded to criticize the way she was dressed because according to him she was showing...
  8. Winchester

    Why is PTI in a love affair with Congress?

    Here is a federal minister in Pakistan's cabinet eulogizing Nehru's " liberal thinking" because apparently Kashmir was occupied on the 5th of Aug, 2019 or after Modi took over. There were no issues in India nor in Kashmir before these events. This is also the line taken by Imran Khan when he...
  9. Winchester

    Tracking suspicious twitter accounts

    Does anyone have any idea about this person? https://mobile.twitter.com/nailainayat Claims to be a Pakistani journalist but going through her account, it seems like it is being run by the BJP IT cell. Now we have other folks from the so-called resistance but those guys have more "local"...
  10. Winchester

    Kashmir flags raised all across Pakistan !!!

    The pictures speak for themselves...
  11. Winchester

    Full text of Quaid-e-Azam's speech on 11th of August,1947 to the constituent assembly

    Mr. President (Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah): Ladies and Gentlemen, I cordially thank you, with the utmost sincerity, for the honour you have conferred upon me — the greatest honour that it is possible for this Sovereign Assembly to confer — by electing me as your first President. I also...
  12. Winchester

    Lets keep in check our expectations with the U.S.

    Afer the hugely successful visit of Imran Khan to the U.S. and the cordial reception he got at the White House and even surprisingly on the Capitol Hill, there seems to be a narrative which is being built about somehow Pakistan and the U.S. being strategic partners again. As I said earlier...
  13. Winchester

    Focus on Football now, Please !!!

    This is a good time for this thread as the wounds of World Cup are fresh. Pakistan missed out on a semi-final berth in the cricket World Cup. This means Pakistan is outside the top 4. Pakistan is outside the top 4 in a sport which is the number 1 sport in just 4 countries i.e. Pakistan...
  14. Winchester

    Do you agree with how DG ISPR engages on twitter?

    His press engagement during the recent Indo/Pak skirmish was really good but his conduct on twitter leaves much to be desired. I am not sure Pakistan Army needs its chief spokesperson to engage every other gullly ka kutta on twitter. When you do it even with your personal account, you not...
  15. Winchester

    Female Polio Worker shot dead in Chaman

    Backwardness and Ignorance took this young woman's life. This Ignorance is not only peddled by your average Mullah in these areas but also in the mainstream media by the likes of Orea Maqbool Jan.
  16. Winchester

    Why does the Pakistani elite(PDF included) lack empathy for fellow Pakistanis?

    Yesterday 20 people were killed in Quetta. The target of the attack was the Hazara community and those killed included Hazara, Pushtuns and Baloch. Unlike after the Christchurch attack which happened in far away New Zealand and evoked a strong response from the Pakistani public, we don't see...
  17. Winchester

    So much for your team selection Kaptaan Sahib

    Eight months into the PTI government and the economic situation is faltering. To be fair, they inherited that economy, which was in more sh!t than an Indian beach. But but but people have short memories. You can't expect people belonging to a country with a dismal literacy rate to understand the...
  18. Winchester

    Iranians Are Converting To Evangelical Christianity In Turkey

    In a hotel conference room in Denizli, Turkey, about 60 Iranians sing along to songs praising Jesus mixed with Iranian pop music. When the music stops, American pastor Karl Vickery preaches with the help of a Persian translator. "I'm not famous or rich. But I know Jesus. I have Jesus," he says...
  19. Winchester

    CM Punjab Announced by PTI

    Usman Buzdar His brief profile is Deputy Mayor Taunsa Sharif on PML-Q ticket in 2002. Switched to PML-N in 2013 and lost despite heavy rigging in favour of PML-N. Switched to PTI this year to become first time MPA. This shows that the man choosen for the most important position...
  20. Winchester

    Zahida: On the Road with Pakistan's First Female Taxi Driver

    How Inspiring !!! https://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/witness/2018/07/zahida-road-pakistan-female-taxi-driver-180722062846541.html

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