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    Rocket failure delays US hypersonic glide missile test in Alaska after China fired second missile 'that defies the laws of physics'

    Numerous F-22 / F-35 / F-16 / F15 accidents and incidents, which used to be the gem of the US Air Force. Have forgotten how many, because there are too many. Look like it happens every second month in 2020 and 2021. Not to mention the two B737 fatal accidents and the very disappointed way the...
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    Is Pakistan Better Off Industrially (and More Diverse in Industrial Production) Compared to Bangladesh?

    Compared to the Phillipines,Vietnam produces at least 20 times more steel and multiple times more cement. And Vietnam's total export volume is three or four times as much. And regarding the key input for any kind of production, i.e. electricity, Vietnam's output is 3 or four times that of...
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    Vientiane station of China-Laos Railway officially debuts in Laos.

    Technically, from next year, we can go all the way from Singapore to Seoul, London, Lisbon or even Tehran by trains, of course, at different gauges: - From Singapore to Vientiane (via Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok): metre gauge (1,000 mm); - From Vientiane to Kunming / Beijing / Pyongyang / Seoul...
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    2021 Global Hunger Index: India ranks 101 out of 116 countries, behind Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh

    What is the hunger index of the US and the UK and other Western democracies like Spain or Italy. We all have seen and read about people queuing for food and families living on food handouts there since 2010, but not seen such a scene in North Korea since the 1994 famine. I know North Korea is...
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    2021 Global Hunger Index: India ranks 101 out of 116 countries, behind Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh

    Thank to liberal democracy, we now can see hunger even in once very rich countries like the UK or the US, not to mention Argentina, Lebanon, Brazil or South Africa. We may soon (say, 20 - 30 years from now) see hunger in other Western democracies like France or Germany, if they continue their...
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    Almost half of Hong Kong’s BN(O) migrants are still unemployed, struggle with language and workplace culture differences

    Haha, the virus of individual freedom, brought to the world by the primitive Anglo Saxon, has been killing a lot of people. It is hard to cure anyway. In addition, this primitive trait is now killing the world with overconsumarism, global heating etc We need more countries with iron hand like...
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    China, Isolated From the World, Is Now the Last Major Country Still Pursuing a 'Zero COVID' Strategy

    After this pandemic, I (and perhaps a lot of people, not only in Vietnam) can realize how primitive and barbarian Anglo-Saxon (most) societies still are. Not something I want to see in Vietnam. In some regards, Vietnamese society is far more advanced than yours. You are rich, that's true...
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    Average height of Chinese men sees the biggest rise of nearly 9 cm over 35 years: report

    I would be happy if this data was trustable, as it says that Vietnamese is now taller than Indian, Pakistani and Afghan. I have worked with a lot of Indian and this cannot be true. As a native Hanoian where people are possibly the tallest in Vietnam, i can say that we are nowhere close to Indian...
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    Shoplifters steal from California Marshalls as employees watch

    It has been the moral decay of the whole country for quite a long time. I feel contempt and sick watching some US kid movies on Disney channel, seeing kids quarrelling with their parents, talking as if they know all about virtually everything and doing stupid things in the name of "innovative /...
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    Switzerland is still the best. Lowest covid case fatality rate in the world.

    In absolute number, North Korea might be the best with almost no recorded case, and I trust their data. However, we should compare apple with apple. North Korea is a close country and they have a clear advantage compared to others. For a normal country, I admire both China and Taiwan for their...
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    Why Southeast Asia Should Welcome AUKUS Australia models independence in standing up to China.

    Typical Indian reply with Indian IQ. I do not expect anything better from Indian forumers here. You mentioned land border dispute in your first post and I replied that there is no land border issue between Vietnam and China. And you refuted my post by giving example of sea border issues...
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    Why Southeast Asia Should Welcome AUKUS Australia models independence in standing up to China.

    You are lying. No land border dispute between Vietnam and China. All have been settled. The only dispute is about sea border.
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    China, Russia must resolutely respond to arrogant US space goal: Global Times editorial

    Why should I? If you want to accept the truth, good for you. If you want to close your eyes and ears and continue to be delusional, good for us. Anyway, there are many Vietnamese and Chinese living in the Netherlands, I believe, for your reference. Of course, do not ask homeless people on...
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    China, Russia must resolutely respond to arrogant US space goal: Global Times editorial

    Your thinking is one clear proof about how brainwashed Westerners are, thank to their government propaganda. In Vietnam, there are many open forums which openly criticize government on daily basis and virtually on every matter. I believe it is the same in China. Do you sincerely believe that...
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    Why did Adolf Hitler dislike Indians? How Does Bhakt Love of Hitler Make Sense?

    Why do the opinions of a German barbarian bastard still matter today to Indian (and South Asians)?. I do not care what he said. Same with White Nationalist in the US, who I consider barbarian and primitive.
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    India can’t go ‘cold turkey’ on Chinese goods so trade keeps flourishing despite deep freeze in ties

    I've watched a recent documentary about shuttlecock making industry in India. The duck feather (used in shuttlecocks) are processed in India (from India's ducks), but they have to import the plastic bases (of shuttlecocks) from China. Even with such a extremely simple product like shuttlecock...
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    Argentina Rejects American, Russian & Indian Jets Selects JF-17

    Vietnamese army is still using, and buying, non-attack weapons from China, like military trucks and similar equipment.
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    Will Vietnam Be America’s Next Strategic Partner?

    To be together in the same camp with "super power" India? No, most Vietnamese look down upon India and has no favorable opinion about the US, at least us North Vietnamese. Despite the rhetoric feeding to you on Internet by South Vietnamese members on this forum, we do not forget what the US...
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    China’s first self-controlled heavy-duty gas turbine control system put into operation

    Very significant achievement to not only China, but other countries, including Vietnam. The duo-monopoly of GE and Siemens in power generation heavy-duty gas turbines have caused a lot of difficulties and technical / financial headaches to users worldwide. Hopefully Chinese power generation...
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    Anatolians only have 7% genes from Central Asia, we are "Greek" Muslims

    First Turkic people were purely East Asian, with very little percentage of Western Eurasian genes, if any. Probably they looked like modern Tuvan or Yakut. Uighur, Kyrgyz and Kazakh all were mixed at different level by Turkic tribes who came later from the East with Tocharian / Iranian tribes...

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