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    Was Jinnah's Pakistan worth the fight?

    I'm not comparing Ahmadis with Dalits, all I'm trying to say that India has it's fare share of problems as does Pakistan or any other country, the majority of people is busy to make their ends meet, they are not the mass murdering, dalit busting, muslim oppressing, mongoloid haters as they made...
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    Was Jinnah's Pakistan worth the fight?

    T-Faz, nobody questioning Pakistan's existence or Jinnahs intentions, merely trying to point out, stop using Indian Muslims, that too based on literature written by diffusional hate-mongers to justify your country, your problems. Regards!
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    Was Jinnah's Pakistan worth the fight?

    And we have dalit president, chief minister of most populous state, our constitution was written by a dalit. We have 50%(correct me if I'm wrong at statistics) of jobs, seats in educational institutes reserved for dalits and other backward classes. You got the drift? Now saying all these I do...
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    Was Jinnah's Pakistan worth the fight?

    Well a single malt with friends and that tiredness will go for sure. Talk about caste system deserves another thread and may be that would lead us to how Ahmadi's being treated in Pakistan, so let's not indulge into here. As far as me is concerned, I believe in my conscience more than any...
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    Was Jinnah's Pakistan worth the fight?

    I'm tried of Pakistanis attitude of taking care of Indian Muslims, come one they are as many as you and they can take care of themselves, I'm sorry if I'm sounding rude, but really you should at first take care of your own citizens and then let your heart bleed for Muslims all over the world...
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    Afghan Army to train in India

    I don't really know why India never faced a coup, I think 20 years stewardship by Neheru did the trick, bad for Pakistan Jinnah died a premature death. As for Afghanistan, I do feel bad watching the sorry state of affair been carried out there. I read one travelogue of Afghanistan by Syed...
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    Baloch Assembly protests against dam project endangering a Hindu temple

    Some places have historical value also besides being a place of worship. For me the historical heritage is more worthy than the religious one.
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    Defence spending to rise by 15 percent.

    Nah better title would be "Awami League Budgetary digital deception terrorism", and throw some munafiqs and mushriq randomly to it and you will get a perfect day at BD defense forum! :azn:
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    Manufacturing 'terrorists' the Indian way

    What Pakistan's police is doing is none of our business. There have been some such cases and police do need to be careful, but it's wrong to say police doing this because of their hatred to a particular community as there are people from all communities in police force. Terrorists must be...
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    War criminal trials in Bangladesh

    Coming from a typical hateful creature who isn't welcomed in his own country neither in the country where his loyalty lies! You'r not even compatible with zoos, animals might get hurt by all the hates oozing from you! About the second part, safekeeping of POW was one of the reason why Pak...
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    Dangers from India's interlinking of rivers project

    That's the most effed up theory I've ever heard! :rofl: MBI u deserve a Nobel prize, I mean what the hell if Obama can get one, why not you? Seriously dude what have you been smoking lately? Must be high quality stuff! Akebare Baba Bholanath to!!
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    When Indian football team dominated Asia

    Well I know the history being in born in football crazy city, even in 70s and 80s football standard was much higher than what is now. Cricket killed football and all other sports in India, also the babus in federation contributed too. I feel really sad watching the standard declining gradually...
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    War criminal trials in Bangladesh

    Why dont you people keep the mud slinging among yourselves, why bringing tagore without knowing iota about the man!
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    Monstrosity against freedom of speech of citizens - Internet censorship

    tch tch the guy was probably reasoning why the clergy still roaming free after preaching violence vehemently against India. :no:
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    Monstrosity against freedom of speech of citizens - Internet censorship

    I do agree with what you said, but if making it illegal or stopping the guy preaching violence by force can save 100s of life, what will you prefer? You have freedom to do anything as long as it doesn't affect other people freedom to live.
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    BD to Get New Military Hardwares from China

    Do not want to start a war of rasogollas, but it's KC Das who invented rasogolla and there's only a few shops in Kolkata where it's available with it's true texture and test. Also most of other famous sweets like ladycany etc invented in West Bengal only, Bangladeshis don't have much test for...
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    Full blown RMG violence at Ashulia

    creepy I have a friend called montu ghosh! :D hell yes it's India, what do you bangladeshish expect when your bnp dalal/mushriq/munafiqs are directly involved in the autowalas gherao in kolkata!! damn it took me 2 hours to reach office!! I hate bangladeshi stooge government operating from...
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    Power Ministry finding India’s conditions tougher than first thought

    There was a news of GOI calling global tender for building a deep sea port on West Bengal coastline, anyone has any update of it?

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