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  1. Ussaid

    Abandoning status as "Islamic Republic"

    Maybe it is time to abandon our status as the "Islamic" "Republic" of Pakistan, and return to our secular roots which were planned by the fathers of the nation. Not a literal name change, but Pakistani people need to abandon the "Islamic Republic" ideology. Pakistan was created because Jinnah...
  2. Ussaid

    Terms which can save Pakistan

    Ever since the starting of the so-called "War of Terror", Pakistan is continuously descending into civil unrest, with state of the affairs going completely hopeless, and now, after the results of the 2013 Elections, it seems only a huge miracle could save Pakistan. But miracles have a nasty...
  3. Ussaid

    Pakistan's Real Problem [A Must Read]

    Pakistan has rapidly fallen from the ranks of global powers since the war on terror of 2000's. Even though the country held Democratic elections(as fair as it is in South Asia) this year, things have been going downhill since the breaking of 2010's. People will debate for hours and hours over...

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