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    Stupid & Funny from Around the World :Continued

    I am actually referring to her collar. That`s for tying her up.
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    Stupid & Funny from Around the World :Continued

    She plays submissive roles.
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    Islamabad police arrest boy who posed in front of Quaid’s portrait in a vulgar photoshoot

    I can`t believe they have finally found him. Very quick investigation.
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    Opinion: The time for equivocating about a nuclear-armed, Taliban-friendly Pakistan is over

    Nothing new. Same narrative. G.I. Joe series. Rather US should be worried about the nuclear proliferation in India and its ramifications for whole world.
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    Gift to Major Gaurav Arya

    They have SSB (ISSB) in India.
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    How much money is enough for you?

    With strings attached?
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    What I Learned While Eavesdropping on the Taliban

    The guy`s name is not Kalima but Kalim.
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    Ottoman Empire's First Sultan Osman I.

    Ottoman Empire's First Sultan Osman I.
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    Will take revenge from Pakistan for our humiliation in Afghanistan: General Bakhshi

    I wish Maj. Gen. (R) Bakhshi had an account on PDF. He has good vocabulary and is a very good analyst.
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    "Resistance 2.0." - Battle for Panjshir begins - Taliban claims victory

    I have no idea about the depth of the river at various points, but it needs monitoring because that could be used for supplies and escape.
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    "Resistance 2.0." - Battle for Panjshir begins - Taliban claims victory

    If Taliban are in no hurry, they could lay a siege to Panjshair.
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    "Resistance 2.0." - Battle for Panjshir begins - Taliban claims victory

    If Taliban approach Panjshair from all sides, scale the mountains and deploy snipers, it will give them a better view of the situation and could also neutralize ambushes, patrols and checkposts. Don`t know if there is any way to carry artillery and MBRL to the top. It will give an extra punch...
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    Young Afghan general takes fight against Taliban to social media

    He might have been General of psywar, stationed on his laptop with his troops deployed in manicure, pedicure and other important house chores like kitchen.
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    We’re Indians first, Taliban view of Islam not ours, say Deoband Islamic Scholars (Ulema)

    Acting gave away. “O ye who believe, obey Allah and obey the Prophet and obey those in authority from among you” (4:60) “Whoso obeys the ruler obeys me, and whoso disobeys the ruler disobeys me” (Muslim); “ "Listen to and obey your ruler, even if you [despise him]” (Bukhari). Islam demands...
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    Elite Taliban unit wearing US gear appears to mock iconic American WWII photo

    With those headphones and NVGs they look like Samurais.
  16. J

    Low BMI

    You are underweight. But that is not a huge problem. You will be given chance to increase weight.
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    Isn`t it a natural pattern that opposite limbs go forward together, i.e. left leg with right arm and right leg with left arm?
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    Stupid & Funny from Around the World :Continued

    Ahahahahahahaha this is a deadly skirmish between mafia members in the presence of police. :rofl::rofl::guns::rofl:
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    Watch: Hunt for racist attacker after Jewish man knocked unconscious in street

    It`s alleged that the attacker had firstly hit a Jewish boy at 7:10 PM and then at 8:30 PM this Jewish man became another target by the same person. Just a gap of 1 hour and 20 minutes between the 2 assaults. @waz Sir, he looks like a Muslim. Picture from dashcam footage of the alleged attacker:

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