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  1. r0ck

    Income Tax (Legal Advice) Sub forum

    Thread title should be titled as “Income Tax Discussion” or something else. I don’t think it would be appropriate to call it “Legal Advice”. If so, a fat disclaimer/caveat should be inserted in OP so that anybody who might be misled about anything, doesn’t come back on the website...
  2. r0ck

    After 12 O clock tonight FBR and NADRA take control of public finance

    I suppose the point of this exercise is to let everyone know that authorities really have your records. Previously a lot of people were of the idea that authorities don't have any records so how can they enquire anyone for non/under declaration of tax. And its all pre-compiled, nothing to input...
  3. r0ck

    After 12 O clock tonight FBR and NADRA take control of public finance

    https://taxnet.nadra.gov.pk/ Seems to be up already.
  4. r0ck

    Breaking! Large oil, gas reserves found near Karachi: PM

    Peace to you too bro!!
  5. r0ck

    Breaking! Large oil, gas reserves found near Karachi: PM

    They are partners yes, but sleeping partner means someone who is not involved in actual operations. Newspiece first says that ENI is lead and rest are sleeping, but then goes on to say that ExxonMobil is also involved in actual operations. This is contradictory. ExxonMobil can’t be sleeping...
  6. r0ck

    Breaking! Large oil, gas reserves found near Karachi: PM

    According to whom?? I'm sorry but anonymous soundbites carry no weight!!
  7. r0ck

    Breaking! Large oil, gas reserves found near Karachi: PM

    Glanced through it and gotta say poor effort by the author, puts the credibility of this entire "anonymous-source" newspiece in question: 1. Routinely refers ExxonMobil as Exxon Mobile; 2. Claims "when contacted Mr Irtiza Sayyed, CEO ExxonMobile...", this guy aint the CEO of ExxonMobil. Might...
  8. r0ck


    I gave you overall figures tax figures, you said these aren’t specific to Karachi ‘s consumption. I gave you specific to Karachi ‘s consumption figures, you now go back to overall tax figures. Adding insult to injury you’ve looked at “budget” figures, whilst all this while I am been saying to...
  9. r0ck


    Yeah right and you learned that from some politician's cute one-liner. Go read about Sindh Revenue Board's tax collection and Punjab Revenue Authority's tax collection. These figures do not include duties at imports, taxes at imports, motor vehicle tax, property tax or direct tax of companies...
  10. r0ck


    Bijli sirf hydro-electric power plants say banni chahye. Is say Pakistan k future generations k do baray maslay solve hongay, ek to bijli ka dosra pani ka. Bruv, that’s a political statement (probably aimed at soothing some domestic feelings), it doesn’t even have a leg to stand on legally...
  11. r0ck


    Go read FBR's annual tax collection reports and quarterly tax collection reports from as earlier as available. Go read FBR's budgetary targets set for Karachi Collectorates and for all other Collectorates of Pakistan. Go read scholarly materials written by experts on economic development /...
  12. r0ck


    The "Pakistaniat" of the patriotic citizens of Karachi (sometimes rather cunningly referred to as "Karachi walas" by some): Contributes on an average 62.4% of Pakistan's overall tax revenue (for perspective the second Lahore only comes in at 13.6%); Leads the list of tax filers - that too by...
  13. r0ck

    Of Gulalai and Articles 62/63: PML-N’s new strategy to disqualify...

    Irrespective of the US court ruling, the legal application of it in Pakistan, DNA tests, etc. etc. just for the sake of argument let's assume that someone brings this case to the court in an attempt to force disqualification on these grounds. Now the simple question that arises is how would...
  14. r0ck

    US says China likely to build more overseas bases, maybe in Pakistan

    Beijing dismisses US report as irresponsible “China is not doing any military expansion and does not seek a sphere of influence,” says Chinese defence ministry.
  15. r0ck

    The extraordinary ways in which China humiliates Muslims

    You said 1 question but ended up asking 2 :-). This question is a bit odd so I'll try to address it by pieces. Firstly, Pakistan does not regulate of what you can and cannot eat at specific times of the year including Ramadhan. So anyone can consume food as they want anytime of the year...
  16. r0ck

    Sawmy list out lists out three fold strategy to Break out Pakistan

    Hahahahahaha!! This is so absurd I can't even make sense of it!! Imagine you and your neighbour have no qualms, whatsoever, about your own properties. But then somebody comes in and says to you that your garden is similar to your neighbour's garden so it should be your neighbour's property and...
  17. r0ck

    Ad film set vandalised in Jaipur for recreating Pakistan

    Looks like VW Polo might be coming to Pakistan :tup:!!
  18. r0ck

    Surgical strikes now part of standard response to terror strikes

    The General never said the words "surgical strike". Seems someone at dawn was quite eager to conclude the words "responding militraily" as "endorsement of surgical strike", despite there being no solid evidence of the supposed surgical strike in the first place. One might intrepret this...
  19. r0ck

    President Trump launches military strike against the Al-Assad regime

    I think there was no reason for Russia to consume S400/S300 deployments for these Tomahawks. They do not need to show their capabilities or waste money defending against such Tomahawks that were neither aimed at Russian army nor caused any damage thereto. Russia was also reportedly informed...
  20. r0ck

    It's gonna be very, very hard to come in: Trump on Pakistani immigrants

    This just in: Link: President Donald Trump to publish weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants Doesn't exactly say it'd be only for illegal immigrants, so probably means all immigrants are covered. Small steps towards a complete registry?

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