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    Will the Durand line accepted?

    Is this a concern at all? Will they accept the durand line and therefore Pakistan's sovereignty?
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    The demise of PTM

    Looks like the funding has dried up 🤣
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    Afghan refugee transit through Pakistan?

    Can someone verify this? This can't be true?
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    What is the point of the border fence ?

    Why waste so much money on a fence if you're going to let them all in anyway?
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    Afghans protest agaisnt Pakistan - burn pakistani flags

    Animals.. How many times can one give lanaat https://www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2021/8/17/thousands-of-afghans-enter-pakistan-through-chaman-border-point
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    Pakistani wokes at it again

    Here we go, give me strength..
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    More Afghan refugees ?

    Please someone tell me this not true.... Mixed messages ? What's actually going on ?
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    Afghans and Indian propganda agaisnt Pakistan

    There seems to be a lot of propogamda agaisnt Pakistan on social media by both Afghan and Indian accounts. This all started back in July and is an onslaught of lies, deceit and smearing campaigns agaisnt Pakistan. The latest trends is running social media trends to "Sanction Pakistan". I'm not...
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    Nida Kirmani is Indian?

    This explains so much... Apparently she used to work in an Indian University before working at LUMS. Essentially is an Indian. How is this women allowed to teach in a Pakistani institution???
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    Khel khel mein -1971

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to know if anyone is aware of a Pakistani film "Khel khel mein". They released a teaser - apparently it is about the events of 1971. Its staring that Sajal Aly, the same actress who was in that Dhoop ke Dewar nonsense from a few months ago. I'm not sure what kind of...

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