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  1. Super Falcon

    Misbah waqar curse for pak resigned

    Finally we got rid of them these basterds if i had any kind of power should have included in constitution that mani waqar wasim and misbah should be banned for ever for any type of cricket who ever seas them even talking about cricket is exmpted from any punishment after kicking these crimnal...
  2. Super Falcon

    What are the replacement options for our EW for PAF blinder squadron

    In future EW will mke a huge impact as we know artificial intel is getting better abd there are drones cruise missiles killing them with air defence will be very expesive Russia in syria jammed cruise missile attack of israel and also jammed communication system of baykter drones on turkey in...
  3. Super Falcon

    Ehsan mani destroyed pakistan cricket

    Finally good news we got rid of sensless idiot ehsan mani who destroyed pakistan cricket by appoiniting worst cricket coach of entire cricketing history of past and of future misbah ul haq we were number 1 in T 20 4th in odi and 5 th in test match ranking When misbah was pak captain we all knew...
  4. Super Falcon

    Why dont we start a media warfare against Israel

    Why dont we start a third gen warfare teach europens americans who have catholic believes that these are the people who killed tortured jesus christ. Romans, Ex popes all were against them Your ancestors with HAZAT UMER R. A had truce of peace and asked these jews never allowed to live in...
  5. Super Falcon

    Why Pakistan not helping syrian effecties whom turkey is helping

    I dont know munafikat of our nation and govt we have slogans that pak is a bravest army in muslim umah we made on islamic name My foot People are dying worst possible deaths in syria We have free wheat for haram khor afghanis We did not helped yemeni peopke we dont helped rohingya e dident...
  6. Super Falcon

    Govt of Pak have some respect of your own people keeping haram khors afghanis for one more year not

    Pak govt going against tge will of its nation keeping these snakes in pak we want these haramis out ASAP they have no respect for us we keep them like brothers and sister after seeing how they fighting our people in england plz put big danda in every afghani in pak my nations respect is bigger...
  7. Super Falcon

    ICC CWC 2019 England News Updates

    Dedicated to CWC 2019 thread to world cup Pakistan team lacks the quality to go through second round we dont have batsman to get us goid start and continue scoring in middle with 6 runs an over Our batting will be weakest of all
  8. Super Falcon

    Why Indian Muslims are not standing against lynching mobs

    Firat of all im happy that quaid e azam and alama iabalshowed us real face of hindus AZ nd created seprate state we still far happy than those indian muslims There are 25 carore muslims living in india should curse themselves they made a wrong choice Second thing why indian muslims dont...
  9. Super Falcon

    Karan Thappar Taking class of BJP minister

    Karan thappar is only indian journalist who in my 20 years never seen been sold or broken he speaks with no fear his famous interview with modi took modi to run away from interview Most respect for the guy Must listen question about kashmir
  10. Super Falcon

    Kashmir is a disputed territory UN cherter is there indian claims for pulwama wont justify

    I want to make an very important point here Kashmir is a disputed territory not part of indianeither part of pak UN asked india topull of military AZ nd held free elections But india forcefully keeping control on kashmir which is in itself a Internationallaw crime So it justifies and...
  11. Super Falcon

    China and India will Run the islamic law in their country

    I dont understand one thing how hindu will decide the bill of islamic sharia of triple talaq which is not their portfolio of religion And china want to compitable islam which is in itself is complete Why not let muslims follow freely tgeir religion than imposing one on them by man made...
  12. Super Falcon

    How Can Israel be Defeated

    For last few years im researching on jewish from there start till now what i find is this nation is betrayal nation no one will get any good from thesee people but betrayal they vetrayed ALLAH and his PROPHETS thousand times Lets come to topic The jew is cobtrolling the world with money and...
  13. Super Falcon

    Nebo M Radar Top notch russian technology

    Must watch how russia is upgrading its electronic wsrfare pakistan should focus in electrnic warfare if you blind the enemy half of war won
  14. Super Falcon

    Combat Approved With Love From Russia a Series Must Watch

    Derailed indo on yasen M and upcoming AWACS of russian navy underwater AFALIN
  15. Super Falcon

    Finally Justice Served after MBS antiislam polucies he is suspect of Jamal kashcoggi Death

    As ALLAH said that you play tricks of your against my law but when i pkay trick you wont stand against it Finally a puppet of Israel and jews MBS and his dmfather who are now in trouble for killing the jamal kashcoggi in turkey now the good part is another puppet USA under pressure to act...
  16. Super Falcon

    Why govt of pakistan handed over three ports to KPT which is itself a trust like edhi and chippa

    Ports for any nation are a life line and the life line given to thrid party who it self a trust why millions of dollars every year we waste in name of trust this KPT pay less than what they acctually earn to govt of pakistan and their investment is almost nill why dont govt of pakistan cancel...
  17. Super Falcon

    Diamer and Basha Dam Projects Should be given to turkey to help brotherly Nation have Profit

    Why cant we help each other buy giving major projects to turkey so our brother benefit from it rather than someone else In technology is islamic world no one can match their experties and dedication im sure they have the tech to build dams their economy must get some sort of help from this
  18. Super Falcon

    England Vs India A Scar on Kholi"s Captaincy

    Once tigers of indian pitches are cats of England is saying matches india cricket team Even pakistani batsman played better than indian batters in recent tour Worst defeat from 1st test now a crushing inning defeat in 2nd test opened tge flood gates Indian top order Dhawan Rahul Pujara Kholi...
  19. Super Falcon

    What Happens to Fazlu Diesel

    Just thinking what this munafik will do he seated with myshy against bawaz than with zardari against nawaz than with nawaz afaibst imran i hope imran khan take thus man from neck These tyoe if oeople nade politucs like prostitute hope we fet change fron this diesel please pist this menace...
  20. Super Falcon

    Hey shoukd have allwed Publuc to vote for Presidential candidate toi

    Our system has tooo many looop holes one is Q&A hy general public dont vote for presidential candidate directly why these goons vote for presudential candidates without asking public once they go in assembly they lusten to their Gods I think we should vote for presidents who are free from...

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