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  1. Super Falcon

    PTI working in Karachi

    Pti is worst party after this hike in prices this is the end who supports pti is enemy of poor pti if combine ppp and pmln corruption of 70 yers still pti win in 3 yrs corruption
  2. Super Falcon

    Greece and USA sign Mutual Defence Agreement

    Turks has to ask usa you cant keep two melons in onwme hand if you put air force base in greece we will also bring russia near to you by using our bases do hell with nato
  3. Super Falcon

    Pakistan officially inducts HQ 9 Air Defence system

    Still there is one question in my mind that air force chief is the sole responsible for all air defence yet army orders them and induct them it is not their portfolio to integrate high end air defence and airforce dont have any say on it LY 80 HQ 9 another air defnce system from china i...
  4. Super Falcon

    Pakistan officially inducts HQ 9 Air Defence system

    Yesterday army blocked entire dockyard just to get the selivery of these from port i had idea that might be air defence system was moving and after 2 days im right
  5. Super Falcon

    Galwan Valley Movie | Ajay Devgan | Film Based On India-China Galwan Valley Clash

    Devgan is failed actor due to his stupid assingment against other countries most of his acts are based on lies
  6. Super Falcon

    Russia Says Taiwan is Part of China as Two Powers Further Align Against U.S.

    Im sure china will definitely take taiwan because it is time too show military musxmcle to the world as US did in WW 2 only thing left for china to make world understand
  7. Super Falcon

    Y-20 heavy transport aircraft News & Discussions

    Pak should buy them we have over used and depended on Hercules
  8. Super Falcon

    Turkey angry about Greek-French deal

    What r the exact details of the deal
  9. Super Falcon

    Imran Khan refused to meet US deputy secretary of state

    good but imran has to improve his local politics as well
  10. Super Falcon

    As Terrorists in J&K Kill Civilians & Target Pandits, Sikhs, Ending 370 is Proving to Be No Panacea - The Wire

    You killed kashmiris in retaliation they killed your people and u r crying
  11. Super Falcon

    A newly-released picture shows a large group of Indian soldiers captured by China PLA in Galwan Valley in 2020

    What a shame for india lesson should be taught you cant and dont fight regional partners it show stupidnedd non seriousness of entire indian nation and political system
  12. Super Falcon

    KSE-100 index continues to take a battering

    Snce this menace became a pak pm we are finiancialy down that we can never recover imposing unnecesary burden on public giving free hand to mafia to loot public with gas elec general goods record high
  13. Super Falcon

    IAF prepared to face two front war

    Once these idiots were thinking to enforce two front war on us know they are at our mercy
  14. Super Falcon

    Insecure IAF Still Complaining To The West !

    These idiots still living in jungles china dont need west their own technologies are at par or superior
  15. Super Falcon

    Swedish cartoonist insulting the Prophet, ﷺ, got burned to death in an accident

    Who ever did it planet earth never accept him nor any nature of ALLAH will give him place that fire was of hell in which he burned
  16. Super Falcon

    NEXT PM of PAKISTAN (awami jamhori)

    Imran khan miserable failed blind idiot patwaris specialy stupid woman who dont understand ecnomics democracy hese idiots voted blindly just because he is handsome He ditched us in that hole where ewe cannot recover ever Civil war is in the corner due to inflation richer is getting rich every...
  17. Super Falcon

    Bangladesh: Hindu man arrested and family put under house arrest over alleged ‘blasphemous’ message, Hindu groups launch protest

    Dignity of our prophet is serious matter even every single person on earth prootest we must punish those who found guilty
  18. Super Falcon

    Challenger 3 MBT

    Tank warfare is outdated in future warfare tanks only can provide support to hold the ground they lost their crown of aggresiveness in battlefield to drones and EW systems. We cannot completely take them out of inventory UK is doing good job to upgrading old tanks We should also stop wadting...
  19. Super Falcon

    Indian Army Deploys M-777 Howitzer Cannon on LAC, Learn What's Special

    Keep living in wet dreams in ladakh region vegra is too heavy to airlift or even be used at that high mountains china can destroy your M 777 at will even they r most advanced but not invincible
  20. Super Falcon

    "Pakistan claimed that the attacker on China's workers in Gwadar came from Iran" Samuel Ramani

    Time for china to tight iranian neck for this duplicity take tran investment back

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