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  1. Skeptic

    India V South Africa-12th March

    OOh it is turning and pitch has slowed down. They dont play spin well. I think Pacers did a decent job of keeping it down. It is only going uphill from hereon for SA. We look well placed to capitalize with slower bowlers.
  2. Skeptic

    Ahmadi in America: Why Shahbaz Bhatti’s death gives me hope

    I think both gents were doing the same - respecting the law. Trying to formulate opinions and voicing their views to general public so that votes could be swayed. In a democracy it is not unlawful to oppose a law it is unlawful to break a law. They were respecting all the laws and breaking...
  3. Skeptic

    Guess the cricketer

    Jonathan Trott
  4. Skeptic

    Pakistani drone victim demands damages from CIA

    Pakistani leadership ‘okayed’ drone attacks: Wikileaks ISLAMABAD: Documents released by Wikileaks indicate that Pakistan’s political leadership has allegedly been in agreement with US drone attacks. The leaked cables quote former US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne W. Patterson as saying that...
  5. Skeptic

    Breaking News::NWOT was Threatning Zulqarnain!

    Heck have you guys not read this: Zulqarnain Haider accuses bookmakers of targeting game in Pakistan | Sport | The Guardian Zulqarnain Haider has said that he received threats from match-fixers while playing domestic cricket in Pakistan. The wicketkeeper said that when he was captain of the...
  6. Skeptic

    Pakistan vs South Africa: 2 T20s, 5 ODIs & 2 Tests

    holy moly. Razzaq did it all on his own. 10 sixes - mindblowing. thoroughly enjoyed the game - some real lusty hitting. Razzaq is a crazy crazy cricketer.
  7. Skeptic

    ICC probes Suresh Raina's 'links' with bookie

    Amazing Analysis sir. I bow down to your analysis and knowledge of Cricket. I admit it is at par with you knowledge on strategic affairs. You sir are the most neutral poster on this forum and your insightful commentary should be sufficient to upgrade you to the post of moderator. Very well...
  8. Skeptic

    US withholds flood aid unless Pakistan raises taxes

    This sounds like an extreme case of hopelessness from the system And this reeks of jingoistic chest thumping. The oft repeated oneliner which serves the purpose of chest thumping in online forums from Pakistanis sitting in their cozy abode in a foreign land, disconnected from the reality...
  9. Skeptic

    Protesting students march along road in New Delhi

    Arre yaar JNU ki kyon le rahe ho. I am also a JNU product and as anything in India - it houses a diversified spectrum of political beliefs from leftist to rightist to librals. It is their right to protest and if their demand holds some water - the protest will get bigger. Why get so defensive...
  10. Skeptic

    ‘Verdict makes me feel like a 2nd-class citizen’

    No Reason for feeling like second class citizen. The decision can and will be challanged in the supreme court. Yes it is a panchayati decision but I can not think of any alternate way which can lead to resolution.
  11. Skeptic

    Currie: CWG could be called off

    Obviously of the remaining blocks only - As the pictures for finished blocks looked to be right out of a 5 star hotel. Agreed - but they has years to get this stuff done. I was in Delhi the entire time and you would not believe the Halla Gulla over CWG construction where everyone was pointing...
  12. Skeptic

    How can India be a superpower if it can't even build a bridge?

    All that crap for nothing. Can you kindly quote any Indian senior official claiming that India has become a super-power?? Wants to become a Super Power?? If you can not clearly see what questions are being raised and getting caught up in shallow logic - we can hardly expect a debate. When...
  13. Skeptic

    Currie: CWG could be called off

    Some of the leaked photographs - And the do look very very pathetic. This is what we get after spending crores of rupee. How can we object to them stating this is unfit for human inhabitation.
  14. Skeptic

    Currie: CWG could be called off

    Actually it is not simply about Congress MMS or BJP, The issue is much bigger - that of indifference and non-accountability. I do not think things might have been very different if BJP/NDA was in power because Prime Ministers and Chief Minister do not get the work done. It the the bureaucracy...
  15. Skeptic

    Currie: CWG could be called off

    Just pulling a few down from their high horses. Yeah on hindsight I also regret plummeting to their level.
  16. Skeptic

    Currie: CWG could be called off

    DAWN.COM | World | Hard road for Pakistan's women workers Godh, a human rights organisation working for the welfare of these workers, estimates there are two million road labourers in Pakistan, including around 900,000 women and thousands of minors. -AFP Photo Aged 29, she is a widow...
  17. Skeptic

    How can India be a superpower if it can't even build a bridge?

    I never realized that the Indian Superpowerhood was just a bridge construction away. If that bridge had not fallen India would be regarded as the Superpower and the world would be sitting at our feet. Alas!! Margar yeh ho na saka. So we will not claim - and it has never been claimed by India...
  18. Skeptic

    The Ground-zero mosque, continued

    It was a prayer room. Every modern mega structure has one. If this is the criteria then IGI airport infact every major airport is a mosque, and the Motorola office, and the Audi office. They all have "prayer rooms" so that devout Muslims can . . . pray. It's what Muslims do, several times a day...

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