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    Translation of a Sufi Saint Song: Any Punjabi Speakers?

    Thank you for recommending Pyaas, I binged watched it. Mind blown, can't believe this drama missed by me! A thing that stood out was how relevant it is even today and mirrored some of my own recent experiences. Thank you!
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    Substance Abuse and Addiction in Pakistan: A lecture for healthcare professionals

    I came across this, it has been recently uploaded on YT. I think it provides excellent information for Pakistan based health professionals. A small step to manage substance abuse here.
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    The picture says it all

    Is this a metal detector in his hand to detect IEDs?
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    Breaking News Versions on Oil Discovery within week

    Well put, if you want to see who is thinking ahead, it is China now. They are leading the race of innovation. I really wonder how can we do it, as an average Pakistani how can i improve. Any ideas anyone?
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    Breaking News Versions on Oil Discovery within week

    Making mountain out of a molehill it seems, US did not become top oil producing company in a matter of weeks. The exploratory phase is underway, the lab results are due, do not expect a single atom before years of due diligence. If Pakistan's problems were that easy to solve, we would have...
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    PAF & Turkish Pilots Sporting Indian ''Kill'' Patches

    A major feat for PAF, Alhamdulilah
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    Breaking! Large oil, gas reserves found near Karachi: PM

    Pakistan has plenty of hydrocarbon reserves, however, it takes plenty of investment and expertise to survey them and extract them and transport them ECONOMICALLY. Please for the sake of our people's sanity please do not say anything unless the gas/oil is the damn end of the supply chain i.e...
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    Pakistan's Taxation Dilemma

    Doesn't seem so. When he becomes the boss of any organization, I would short it. This thread is really funny, I appreciate the members who post such entertaining content. Great satire! keep it up.
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    Pakistani government fails to secure $3.2 billion UAE oil facility

    For me it is a failure of diplomacy. Not sure how other MoUs will follow through or not.
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    PSX signs MoU with Qatar Financial Centre

    For me this lost credibility back in 2017 when it was hacked. Anyways, other countries have this as well. If I recall major EU countries have it. Most filings are in public domain anyways so you can always find them in Pakistan as well.
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    IBM, Intel Papers Report AI Breakthroughs for Quantum Science

    Really fascinating to see how the field of AI is interacting with so much varying arenas. Great.
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    Desalination Plants higher priority vs Oil refineries

    I happened to be associated with one sister USPCAS-x a while ago. I do appreciate the technical and financial input but honestly the project has not delivered for what it was intended to. The Faisalabad one (Food) was shut down, the others are just arguing on how to best utilize the grant for...
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    Green Electricity Initiative (Ecologist Idea)

    Loved the subtle sarcasm here!
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    Options to Improve Foreign Exchange Reserves

    Things won't go bad in many years to come, what ever the situation is developing there, their justice system is still strong. Not sure for how long though, the human nature never changes. You are already doing your part in remitting forex, see if you can invest in Pakistan Banao certificates.
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    Options to Improve Foreign Exchange Reserves

    There are no short term actions here that can improve reserves, only a very long term, holistic, integrated, inclusive policy that caters to institutional reforms, capacity building and strengthening rule of law could maybe benefit us. We are still playing with fate of this nation based on whims...
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    Air Marshal (R) Shahid Latif on wonders Pakistan's JF-17 Thunder hold

    One of the sanest things I have read here for some time. Pakistan needs to study them w.r.t social, historical, anthropological and cultural aspect to understand why they do what they do and how have they done it, maybe we could than be able to implement some lessons over here. As for the...
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    AMA about electronics industry with me

    Thanks for these insights again. Best of luck with your career and endeavors. I found the electronics industry insights, that you mentioned, quite fascinating TBH. I initially started out in power electronics designing and really wanted to pursue my own venture but it did not pan out and I...
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    AMA about electronics industry with me

    I just realized that Punjab Saaf Pani Company also had plans to launch a water vending machine (they called the Water ATMs). Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience. Many moons ago I ventured into developing a controller for a micro-grid for a rural area in Southern Pakistan but it was...
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    AMA about electronics industry with me

    Thanks for the AMA. What is your educational background? Could you shed more light on your venture in Pakistan? Who seed the product? Where did you get in fabricated? How was your experience with the regulators and legal system here? Why do you think your venture failed? Do you think IP...

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