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    With only one case reported Pakistan almost polio free: UNICEF

    Credit to all the police officers and polio workers who went from house to house and administered drops at a great risk to their lives. So many Shaheeds for this noble cause deserve to be acknowledged and honoured. Great job Pakistan! https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.dawn.com/news/amp/1651162
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    SF Giants favourite to win World Series under Pakistani born GM.

    He is a great GM and with one of the best records in MLB. However the racism is always just around the corner … https://www.google.ca/amp/s/ca.sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/news/announcer-appears-mock-san-francisco-050335014.html
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    Pakistan exports record $1B mostly IT services in two months.

    Excellent news ….. hope this trend continues . https://www.dawn.com/news/1650950/services-exports-up-54pc-to-1bn-in-first-two-months-of-fy22
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    Pakistan receives record remittances of $8B in three months.

    We could easily double this amount of Nawaj family’s stolen wealth is brought back . it doesn’t include almost $ 400M deposited in the Roshan digital account. https://www.dawn.com/news/1650949/pakistan-gets-record-8bn-remittances-in-july-sept
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    Pakistan receives record remittances of $8B in three months.

    We could easily double this amount of Nawaj family’s stolen wealth is brought back . it doesn’t include almost $ 400M deposited in the Roshan digital account. https://www.dawn.com/news/1650949/pakistan-gets-record-8bn-remittances-in-july-sept
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    Roshan Digital Account and remittances bring in $3B in September

    My friend sold his house and the buyer paid 15 Caror in cash which was deposited into his bank account under amnesty program which allows investment in the real estate. This is over a million dollars back in circulation and accounted for . This program is excellent way to get the black money out...
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    Record cotton production to push GDP growth above 5%

    This is really a terrific news. With increased local cotton production we will defenietly see more garments industry expansion . https://www.google.ca/amp/s/dailytimes.com.pk/825957/economy-to-grow-above-5pc-due-to-high-cotton-output-aptma/amp/ Huge investments are already being made ...
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    Pakistan experiencing economic rebound...Oil sales increase rapidly

    With a rapid increase in economic activity Pakistan will have to import more oil to meet its demands. With the record sales of automobiles and ever increasing demand for oil in power generation we may experience even bigger import bill. Even coal based power generation is becoming very expensive...
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    In a stunning insult to India, US ‘Hyphenates’ India & Pakistan.

    What more Indians need to realize their true value? Modi has brought their foreign policy and their strategic role to a dead end street. Dream on about the nuclear propulsion technology.....Americans have secretly discarded India and have moved on with Australia to counter China. Gone are the...
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    Pakistani exports reach almost $8.5 B for the first quarter.

    Keep in mind the real export orders pick up later in the year and with the world economy opening up we are sure to easily achieve more impressive numbers . increase is imports is definitely worrisome but in sha Allah with the future decrease in world oil prices ( world economies cannot sustain...
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    Modi increases fuel prices to the highest level equivalent to 248 Rs Pakistani

    Considering the whole world is facing historical supply chain disruption the fuel prices are expected to rise further and are expected to reach $95 /barrel in few months. I am still waiting for my car delivery which is delayed by upto six months due to a severe chip shortage and the price will...
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    Request for the moderators

    I have noticed that lately posters like Desperado , Sid and MalikEijaz post extremely misleading titled posts related to Pakistan’s economy. While we are undoubtedly going through much needed painful correction the story of imminent doom is incorrect. These posters have made a career out of...
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    India Risks Junk Status As Economy Faces 10% Contraction

    Just a messenger . More and more economists are questioning the extent of shrinkage of Indian economy. most seem to agree that Modi’s mismanagement will successfully wipe off approx $270 billion of GDP ( if 2.7T number is even correct to start off with . ) 4 views|Jun 4, 2020,06:00am EDT...
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    Official Sikh genocide day close to reality in Canada

    Excellent move by the government of Ontario to officially recognize and remember the genocide of Sikhs in India. I know the similar efforts in Alberta and other provinces. Hopefully it will be recognized by the Canadian government soon...
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    10 percent of India’s GDP will be lost forever .

    With the looming recession, low growth rate for the next two years and 40 percent GDP contraction in this quarter things are not looking good. Modi as usual is busy directing his RSS forces and organizing mobs to attack and kill Muslims. Sad times in India indeed ...
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    Indian economy in deep recession: Zero car sales in April

    Modi is absent from the scene while the Indian economy is in complete free fall. Indians celebrated when Gita Gopinath, Chief Economist, IMF predicted India will survive COVID crisis with a positive growth rate and even explosive growth in the next fiscal year. Shouldn't she be fired for being...
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    Spineless Indian army begs China to leave

    So this is what supa pawa acts when faced with China. They should do a dance number and dance like idiots to please their Chinese masters to leave . Indian army is only good to rape and shoot innocent unarmed Kashmiris. Everywhere when come face to face this is what they do..... randi rona:
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    Indian 2.5T economy may shrink by 1T....

    This is getting worse by the day. Colossal mismanagement by RSS/Modi is causing Indian economy to crash. Meanwhile RSS is busy killing Muslims and poor Dalits are left to walk home on foot......unbelievable situation . Indian Economy Will Contract by Over 10 Percent in FY21, With Potential...
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    With economy to shrink India is staring at the civil war

    Things are getting worse for Modi everyday. With Indian Muslims increasingly brutalized and murdered everyday and Sikhs getting ready to start Khalistan movement the economic meltdown couldn’t come at the worse time. 120 unemployed , economy shrinking, virus spreading India is imploding in...
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    Hindu RSS/BJP thugs force convert Muslims.

    This country is tearing itself apart. I feel bad for all the Muslims and minorities and the silent majority of Hindus who are letting and watching this happen. Modi needs to be removed from power by force. He is preparing the grounds for genocide ...

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