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  1. Desert Fox 1

    Taliban takeover of Afghanistan: implications & next steps for Pakistan

    News coming out that Ghani is stepping down as president and there will be no fighting for Kabul. The new government shall be formed by the Taliban and all citizens are now under the protection of Taliban. This has been done to prevent any further loss of life.
  2. Desert Fox 1

    Afghan Taliban (IEA) have raised White flags along the Durand Line.

    The Taliban or Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan have raised white flags in the provinces they have occupied along the Pak-Afghan border a a sign of peace and friendship. This is the same border from which the ANA and NDS fired upon our troops. Wonder how the US is bearing all this. The credit...
  3. Desert Fox 1

    Pakistan Offers JF-17 to Serbia

  4. Desert Fox 1

    Specialized High Altitude Warfare Battalions- Pakistan Army

    Recently a member started a thread discussing the probability of PA inducting light tanks. While that seems improbable and impossible the idea of specialised regts for offensive ops came to my mind. These BNs will have specialised training for mountain warfare and tactics. History has shown that...
  5. Desert Fox 1

    Pakistan may soon face similar situation to India if current trend continues: Imran

  6. Desert Fox 1

    Defence Ministry Clears Rs 6,000 Crore Proposal To Procure 118 Arjun Mark 1A Main Battle Tanks For Indian Army

  7. Desert Fox 1

    Earthquake in Pakistan

    The earthquake was of 6.4 magnitude.I hope everyone is fine. Its epicenter is reportedly Tajikistan
  8. Desert Fox 1

    Require Suggestions/advices

    Can anyone tell from where I can learn about aircrafts and stuff. Basically I have interest in land warfare as my father was also in the army but have also developed an interest in aerial warfare recently. Both YouTube videos as well as articles will do as I am an avid reader. Any...
  9. Desert Fox 1

    Turkey to develop local-made Batu engine for Altay Main Battle Tank MBT.

    Army Recognition: Turkey to develop local-made Batu engine for Altay Main Battle Tank MBT. https://www.armyrecognition.com/weapons_defence_industry_military_technology_uk/turkey_to_develop_local-made_batu_engine_for_altay_main_battle_tank_mbt.html
  10. Desert Fox 1

    French version of the MGCS

  11. Desert Fox 1

    J10C seen taking off from PAF base Masroor

    Can anyone verify?
  12. Desert Fox 1

    India No longer a big threat to Pakistan :Ex ISI Chief

  13. Desert Fox 1

    Saudi Arabia is forcing Pakistan to accept Israel

    https://www.haaretz.com/middle-east-news/.premium-how-saudi-arabia-is-pressuring-pakistan-to-recognize-israel-1.9315768 The lord of Makkah barters the honour of Makkah’s faith That the stubborn Turk, late convert, guards through war’s agony (Iqbal)
  14. Desert Fox 1

    Origins of Black in the Pakistan Army

    Origins of Black in the Pakistan Army Crews of the Royal Tank Corps introduced the black beret to the Indian Army when they were operating the Vickers tanks and the Crossley armoured cars. Here the soldiers are seen celebrating Christmas with beer. The psychology of any colour, especially...
  15. Desert Fox 1

    Pakistan Army and Anti-Tank Guided Missiles

    Pakistan Army and Anti-Tank Guided Missiles Source: Internet Doctrine of Offensive-Defense The Pakistan Army (PA) strategy against India calls for 'offensive-defense', also known as the Strategy of Riposte. This strategy calls for the armor heavy Strike Corps of Pakistan Army to seize...
  16. Desert Fox 1

    We take a closer look at the new North Korean tank

     We Take A Closer Look At North Korea's New Prototype Main Battle Tank New massive intercontinental and submarine-launched ballistic missiles were the clear stars of North Korea's recent military parade marking the 75th anniversary of the one-party dictatorship's Workers' Party of Korea...
  17. Desert Fox 1

    Battle of Chawinda-I

    Tank Battle at Chawinda – I on one of the greatest armoured clashes in history, which took place in 1965 by Major General Syed Ali Hamid September 4, 2020 This article is about the armour battle in the Sialkot Sector in which the Pakistan Armoured Corps redeemed its honour. The first...

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