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  1. PakSher

    Pakistani Military Achievements

    Pakistan Air Force Combat Aircraft -پاک فضائیہ :pakistan:
  2. PakSher

    India snubs China, to attend Nobel ceremony

    For charity there are 430,000,000 million people in India that live below the poverty line and China can air drop some aid on the way to Somalia.
  3. PakSher

    Sri Lanka rules out defence deal with Pakistan

    Pakistan is still selling weapons to Sri Lanka. This article is probably in response to some media report and does not mean too much. Regardless if Sri Lanka has a DCA with USA, China, Pakistan or whoever, India is still not in the list and I know that Indians are burning, ohhhh..... Fire...
  4. PakSher

    Sarkozy condemns Pakistan terror ‘safe havens’

    Doesn't matter, France is a colonial thug and is in no position to lecture anyone. Regarding the double game, India plays that: (01) Fund Talibaan against Pakistan. Remember Pakistan and US created the Talibaan and then they turned against us. If India and iran think that funding the Talibaan...
  5. PakSher

    Maoists demand mosque at Babri site

    Lets not derail the thread again. Moaists have demanded that Babri Mosque should be built on the site. When they are requesting in a peaceful manner, GOI should pay attention to it. They should not have to blow landmines, trains or kill people for the same request to get across to GOI.
  6. PakSher

    Concessions to Pakistan: EU move gets mixed reaction at CIG meeting

    India tries to stab Pakistan in the back every time because Indians are not brave enough to do it on the face. Pakistan needs to focus on trade not aid. Actually trade has done good things for Pakistan and we should keep the momentum going.
  7. PakSher

    China, Pakistan Top Violators of Indian Air Space Since 2007

    There is no proof of this. Antony also said that India was not involved in Samjotha Express Bombing but we know now that Col. Prohit was a RAW Agent and India sponsored that terrorist act. Antony is a big liar.
  8. PakSher

    Sarkozy condemns Pakistan terror ‘safe havens’

    Russia needs to get its business straight and be Russia again. Capturing Dagestan, Chechneya and other regions to steal oil and then making Russia into Russian Federation is also terrorism. We do not need terrorists and colonial thugs like France, Britian or whoever to lecture us on terrorism.
  9. PakSher

    Pak, China likely to sign accord

    This is the need of the hour. Power is needed in schools, hospitals, free media machinary, courts, industry and ........They are no if ands and buts about power. The sooner the better. Good news.
  10. PakSher

    Pakistan must MORE Naval forces ASAP

    Back to discussion. PN needs to focus on fleet expansion. The PN Air Arm has added P3C-Orions, Z9 Helicopters, Fixed Winged Aircraft along with BVR missiles for the PN Support Aircraft. F-22s are a good start, Perry Class Frigates is a short-medium term solution. Addition of the submarine...
  11. PakSher

    Pakistan violated Indian air space 23 times in 3 years

    80 times. Lets make up a number. Indian politicians are known for lying. 23, yah right... And India kept quiet all along, ohh what a peaceful country.
  12. PakSher

    Pakistan not doing enough to combat terrorism: Germany

    Germany needs to stop their bitchingg and get their act together. Failures of NATO and ISAF cannot be blamed on Pakistan. Besides Kabul, there is no central government and law and order at all. War lords are funded with drug money and arms, Afghanistan is a country too screwed up to even...
  13. PakSher

    Wikileaks:India, Iran Supported TTP

    You are correct. We definately need to increase the funding for just cause of the Moaists in India. They are very oppressed.
  14. PakSher

    MIRV technology within Pakistani grasp now.

    Afghanistan are our neighbours and fellow muslims and we will never target each other. So your plan to wedge a hatred among muslims will not go too far.
  15. PakSher

    Pak Army successfully conducts test fireof Anti-Tank guided missile

    If PA has achieved 6000 meters, that is a great leap. Can someone confirm the range of the tested missile?
  16. PakSher

    India plotted Mumbai attacks: Leaks quote Zardari

    Zardari may be right on this one, we just have to verify and see.......
  17. PakSher

    Indian man held in Bannu

    This one just prevented 5 terrorist attacks, that is what's new about it. We have caught Indian hindus before that RAW trained them to read arabic, Quran and have knowledge of hadees and Islamic history. RAW has taken many hindus and spent years on them to make them muslim insurgents and embed...
  18. PakSher

    Lankan soldiers executed naked men, women?

    Do not try to manipulate Indian State Sponsored Terrorism under the cover of human rights. We know how many human rights the muslims had in Gujrat and have in Kashmir. Moaists in India cannot even spell what human rights mean, and do not get me started on the Indian Hindu Cast System and Shudur...
  19. PakSher

    India starts building nuclear shelters

    New Delhi—Working on a new two- front war strategy with Pakistan and China, India has started building nuclear shelters in big cities and military centres. Under a military plan, hundreds of underground big shelters will be built to counter possible “nuclear assaults” from Pakistan and China...
  20. PakSher

    Is China a threat to India?

    Though whenever India wants to buy weapons from the west that is to counter China. China is a peaceful country and India should show the same posture in relations.

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