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  1. AbuzarIlyas

    A few millions of Pakistani Rupees can change the lives of these tribesmen

    آج بھی پتھر کے دور ميں پھنسا پاکستانی علاقہ | DW Urdu
  2. AbuzarIlyas

    Featured Elderly Man Assaulted in Ghaziabad, Beard Cut Off For Not Chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’

    Noida: An elderly Muslim man was brutally assaulted and beaten up by some miscreants in Loni area of Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad while he was on his way to offer prayers at a mosque. The incident reportedly happened on June 5 and a video of the same has gone viral on social media platforms. As...
  3. AbuzarIlyas

    4th of May | International Fire Fighters Day 2021: All you need to know

    Can you risk your own life by saving someone whom you don’t know? Hardly few of us. But when it comes to family and friends, we can go to a certain level to save our dear ones. It’s really difficult to risk our own lives to rescue a stranger. Thus, these types of heroic activities are selflessly...
  4. AbuzarIlyas

    Pakistan to get Indian-made Covid-19 vaccine by mid-March

    Pakistan to get Indian-made Covid-19 vaccine by mid-March Pakistan would receive its first consignment of the Indian-manufactured Oxford AstraZeneca's Covid-19 vaccine by mid-March, reported The Times Now. The Indian news website reported that Pakistan would get 16 million free doses of the...
  5. AbuzarIlyas

    Featured Israeli planes bomb Gaza for seventh straight night

    Attacks on Gaza continued for the seventh straight night as Israeli warplanes targeted Hamas observation posts in what the Israeli army said was a response to Palestinian fire balloon attacks across the border. Tuesday's air raids came as visiting Egyptian security officials strove to defuse...
  6. AbuzarIlyas

    Featured Israel would oppose any possible F-35 sale to UAE: Netanyahu

    Israel would oppose any US F-35 warplane sales to the UAE despite Forging relations with the Gulf Power, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday, citing a need to maintain Israeli military superiority in the region...
  7. AbuzarIlyas

    Another school striked in Gaza | Congratulations on your “historic” peace deal, UAE!

    Congratulations on your “historic” peace deal, UAE! Israel strikes school in Gaza refugee camp Classes at the school are now suspended until the building is made safe for the return of students. Mohammed Asad August 13, 2020 at 9:32 am Israel strikes school in Gaza refugee camp on 14...
  8. AbuzarIlyas

    TRT will air 6 Episodes of Pakistan Travelog by Eva

    Turkey’s state broadcaster TRT World is airing a six episodes Pakistan travelogue by Eva Zu Beck in a bid to showcase the brighter side of our national heritage, beautiful people and majestic landscape of the country on Saturday 15th August 1830 GMT. Bir Millet ve Iki Devlet
  9. AbuzarIlyas

    Palestinian Mother shot dead whilst preparing milk for her baby

    A Palestinian Mother named Dalia al-Samoudi was shot dead today by Israeli forces during a night raid in Jenin.She was preparing milk for her baby before a bullet hit her directly on the chest. https://t.co/BVk2BDiRoa
  10. AbuzarIlyas

    Thousands of Indians and Pakistanis stranded in Descon Jungle Camp in Qatar

    Hi all members! There are some serious reports from Descon's camps in Qatar where thousands of Pakistanis are being quarantined for no reason from last 1.5 months. Workers from the camp were taken from Pakistan, India and other parts of South Asia for turnaround projects at different plants...
  11. AbuzarIlyas

    Jewish settlers torch mosque in Jerusalem

    Jewish settlers torch mosque in Jerusalem Settlers spray Hebrew racial slurs on mosque wall Qais Abu Samara | 24.01.2020 Jewish settlers torch mosque in JerusalemFile Photo JERUSALEM Jewish settlers set fire to a mosque in Jerusalem, vandalizing its walls with racial slurs...
  12. AbuzarIlyas

    2020 to see delivery of new Turkish defense products

    ANKARA The Turkish defense industry will deliver new vehicles and systems to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) in 2020, Turkey’s top defense industry official said on Monday. Several defense products, including aerial, naval and land systems, will enter Turkish forces’ inventory, Ismail Demir...
  13. AbuzarIlyas

    Pakistan needs 3D printed houses to meet the requirements

    This 3D printer can build a house within 24 hours (they does not explained about the sanitary and electrical work but anyways) government can invest money to buy these printers for building a house in less than 48 hours or a week. This is something which can easily provide good looking houses to...
  14. AbuzarIlyas

    China turning Sand into Gold - Pakistan should seriously consider this technology.

    These Chinese scientists are using natural and artificially created sand to utilize in different ways including conservation of water.
  15. AbuzarIlyas

    US, Taliban ‘finalise draft deal’ to end 17-year-long conflict in Afghanistan

    Taliban negotiators and United States officials meeting in Qatar on Saturday finalised clauses to be included in a draft agreement to end the 17-year-old Afghan war, according to Taliban sources. Details provided by the sources include apparent concessions from both sides, with foreign forces...
  16. AbuzarIlyas

    Can we deploy a "Quadcopter Rocket Launcher" on LoC?

    Don't know whether a thread is already present on this topic or not but i am seriously considering the future applications of this idea. This is a basic model of a quadcopter rocket launcher developed by Belarusian Army but we can make it better with more R&D by adding a rocket pod or 3-4...
  17. AbuzarIlyas

    Diplomatic row jeopardizes $1.5B helicopter deal between Turkey and Pakistan

    ANKARA, Turkey — An escalating diplomatic crisis between NATO allies Turkey and the United States may risk suspending a $1.5 billion deal between Turkey and Pakistan for the sale of 30 Turkish-made T129 ATAK helicopter gunships. The T129 is being produced by Turkish Aerospace Industries under...
  18. AbuzarIlyas

    Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan deserves fair play

    ASIA TIMES OPINION It’s normal for views and perceptions to be affected by prevailing notions. Sometimes we even put aside our very own creeds and start liking someone who is frequently talked about in positive sense, and vice versa. The same thing happened to me. Last week I planned a...
  19. AbuzarIlyas

    #JusticeForZubeda trend on twitter! A post-Doc scientist needs your help

    Dr Zubeda Ch is a post Doctorate scientist of botany having qualifications from famous universities of Japan, UK, US, Egypt is being harrased by the management of Hazara University Mansehra, according to her. The mafia is so strong that she is not getting justice from lower courts. A 20th grade...
  20. AbuzarIlyas

    Maryam Nawaz Social media wing again... directly bashing Army!

    Maryam Nawaz's social media wing is famous for maligning the sensitive institutions of Pakistan Army but this time the official PMLN twitter handle retweeted an article of Economist in which Pakistan's prime security institutions Pak Army and ISI are blamed without facts. It seems PMLN has a...

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