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  1. Turingsage

    Dehradun: Cadets from Tajikistan and India clash in Indian Military Academy, many suffered serious injuries

    Amazing. A scuffle amongst young highly strung youths is portrayed as some vast news item. Only on PDF.
  2. Turingsage

    English Premier League - 2020/21 (update: 21/22)

    Sam's ONLY quality is to keep failing bottom feeders in league from slipping into the championship. That's it nothing more. Give him a team from the top 5 and I guarantee he will ensure they finish mid table at best. He has had chances running top clubs and bombed. What MU needs is someone with...
  3. Turingsage

    Famous folk song of the Uyghurs: Indian media manipulating it for propaganda

    The video was made by the Chinese broadcast in China and the report is from BBC. According to PDF now Chinese media and BBC is run by Indians. I wish
  4. Turingsage

    Featured Iran drops India from Chabahar rail project

    India likely to start full operations at Chabahar port by end of May ReutersPublished March 6, 2021 - Updated a day ago Facebook Count Twitter Share 213 Indian Shipping Minister Mansukh Mandaviya poses for a picture after his interview with Reuters, at his office, in New Delhi, India, March...
  5. Turingsage

    Troops in Afghanistan ... in order to keep an eye on Nuclear Pakistan

    The US does not need a single troop to be in Afghanistan to keep an eye on Pakistan's nuclear assets. There are thousands of Pakistani's happy to do it as is the largest embassy in the world in Islamabad.
  6. Turingsage

    CM Punjab Usman Khan Buzdar destroy PTI in Punjab | No Real Development, Bad Governance | Weak politics

    We in UK and US have printed money at a rate that makes Pakistan's effort malnourished and starved. We printed in Trillions not millions or billions.
  7. Turingsage

    Nepal PM Oli takes India-made Covishield vaccine

    NEW DELHI: India administered 1.4 million vaccine doses in the past 24 hours, health ministry data showed on Friday, the highest in a day since the campaign began in mid-January as the government moves to address initial hiccups. The country of 1.35 billion people still has to nearly double its...
  8. Turingsage

    English Premier League - 2020/21 (update: 21/22)

    So have I. He is not worth the money we paid to get him and he certainly should never be allowed to captain MU. I will not have a word said against Ole. He is MU through and through like Blackpool rock. His heart is MU unlike the string of non MU managers that followed Ferguson. No foreign...
  9. Turingsage

    Pakitan bankrupt power sector

    Tens of threads on India's farmer protests were started by Pakistani's on this Forum . Why if you are Pakistani's you are worried about the plight of Indian farmers and not your own. Pot calling the kettle black Pakistani politicians trying to express sympathy with Indian farmers is a...
  10. Turingsage

    Nepal PM Oli takes India-made Covishield vaccine

    1.4 million vaccinated in a single day in India yesterday. India is vaccinating at the fastest rate in the world. Here in UK and US we manage a small number in comparison .
  11. Turingsage

    In Australia, Sikhs who support the Farmers Protests attacked by supporters of the Indian Govt - PTV News .

    Can we se some real reports and not some twitter handle where any one can write anything they dreamed today. What happened to forum rules where no one is allowed to open threads just quoting twitter. I would not comment just on twitter where the Earth has been taken over by Aliens. Lizards are...
  12. Turingsage

    PM approves withdrawal of 80 income tax exemptions

    These are not lies but the bitter truth. As I said the IMF will not allow IK to continue with many of his pet idiocies. As confirmation I can tell you that CAD , the only measure IK brags about ( all other economic indicators having crashed through the floor ) and the only measure that has...
  13. Turingsage

    PM approves withdrawal of 80 income tax exemptions

    IMF was not prepared to any longer to continue with these tax exemptions for the corrupt. IK had withdrawn from the IMF programme to facilitate the corrupt. IK felt he could side step the IMF and continue with these practises including allowing corrupt money into real estate to turn it white...
  14. Turingsage

    Narendra Modi renames cricket stadium after himself

    Well he was the head of Gujarat Cricket Board when he initiated the building of this world's largest cricket stadium. Ahmedabad would still have a run down small stadium had he not initiated and pushed through the rebuilding as head of the Gujarat Cricket Board.
  15. Turingsage

    USA Istar purchas approved 2 + 4

    RUSSIA NOT A FRIEND ???????????? India’s “Energy Diplomacy” With Russia Will Reap Strategic Dividends Vladimir Putin embraces Narendra Modi during a session at SPIEF in 2017. PHOTO: AFP India’s “energy diplomacy” with Russia will reap strategic dividends It must be cautioned, however...
  16. Turingsage

    PTI goes to SC over Daska polling & asks ECP to withhold notification of Gillani

    Oh I share your view. Not much different except he is moderately competent and the Indian system functions after a fashion. Oh contraire mon ami , Korea is corrupt. The Chaibols have bought and sold politicians for generations. India is corrupt and functions after a fashion. China is...
  17. Turingsage

    PTI goes to SC over Daska polling & asks ECP to withhold notification of Gillani

    They support him because he offers fantasies. Return of hundred billion in weeks. A new Medina. Jobs for all with westerners queuing at their embassies looking to land well paid jobs in Pakistan. Cheap housing and free medical facilities . An economic miracle that will surpass all in Pakistan's...
  18. Turingsage

    PTI goes to SC over Daska polling & asks ECP to withhold notification of Gillani

    It is NEVER that black and white. Corruption in Pakistan has INCREASED as the perception index has shown and yet it survives. As it did under Nawaz and Zardari and Mushy.
  19. Turingsage

    Serious water shortage imminent as dry season continues

    I hope you will not take this as criticism but flooding is a necessary part of clearing the silt debris . If you dam everything silt and debris collects in the river bottom and the river slows and widens covering fertile shoreline lands. You can end up loosing vast fertile lands by inundating...
  20. Turingsage

    Pakistan, Thailand sign defence cooperation agreement.

    As PDF members are apt to tell Indians MOU is just a piece of paper meaning nothing.

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