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  1. PurpleButcher

    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    If taking off with full load at such heights is an issue, then shouldnt chinese jets take off from deep within Chinese mainland, get refueled mid air and approach sino-indian border? Pakistan providing airbases would signal a joint Sino-Pak two front war? Pakistan wont risk it unless...
  2. PurpleButcher

    Taliban could have wiped out America from Afghanistan in only four years if Pakistan had helped them fully. Says former ISI agent Maj Amir Khan

    Why do these idiots need to brag? They could have remained silent. What purpose is served by these hypothetical claims except to make it easier for international establishment to blame Pakistan? Just keep your mouth shut!
  3. PurpleButcher

    Argentina Rejects American, Russian & Indian Jets Selects JF-17

    Is Argentina looking for a decent plane then EDA F-16s work ! if it is looking for a decent sanction proof plane? then Jf-17 Finance is their headache, but the very fact that countries around the globe are seriously considering JF17 is a big success in itself, regardless of the geopolitics...
  4. PurpleButcher

    Argentina Rejects American, Russian & Indian Jets Selects JF-17

    oh Bhains ki dum! Maza aa gya :) There is many a slip between cup and the lip yet still its huge endorsement. On a side note what became of the malaysian competition?
  5. PurpleButcher

    7 soldiers martyred, 5 terrorists killed in South Waziristan operation: ISPR

    Where are our UCAVs? Are they laying eggs or just show pieces? 4-5 soldiers/fc/policemen dying per week, condolences, gallantry awards, support to the families followed by silence till the next attack ...:mad:
  6. PurpleButcher

    Lafarge financed Daesh with knowledge of French intelligence - report

    FATF is only applicable to Pakistan! No point in these disclosures.
  7. PurpleButcher

    When will India pay for the terrorism against Pakistan

    Zia's Achievements > Religious Intolerance > Jaish e Muhammad > Kalashnikov culture > MQM > Sectarian violence > Drugs > PMLN goons Pakistani society was divided along religious/sectarian/ linguistic and provincial lines, divide and rule :). Bhutto indeed was a divider of greater Pakistan...
  8. PurpleButcher

    When will India pay for the terrorism against Pakistan

    Modi, the the divider in chief is our revenge. He is polarising the indian society (like zia in 80s for Pakistan). In a decade or so we will start seeing the results, patience!
  9. PurpleButcher

    Florida shooting: ex-US marine suspected of killing four, including a baby

    Aww... the poor soul couldn't get counseling on time! I am hopeful US taxpayers will fund his mental rehabilitation and his old family pics will be plastered on media :).
  10. PurpleButcher

    India mourning shameful defeat in Afghanistan: Rashid

    @GHALIB @Chhatrapati Ok! Keep on voting for Modi! He seems to keep both Indians & Pakistanis happy :) Win Win situation for all.
  11. PurpleButcher

    India mourning shameful defeat in Afghanistan: Rashid

    oh my apologies for thinking otherwise:astagh:
  12. PurpleButcher

    India mourning shameful defeat in Afghanistan: Rashid

    ummmmm.... why u voted for modi then?
  13. PurpleButcher

    Indian Hindu American gay couples find solution!

    Quran in midst of this.... Do whatever you want to do... rub your naughty places in whatever way and with whomever you like but please leave religion out of it, don't cherry pick verses you like while throwing away the rest of the verses. If you are religious than there ain't room for...
  14. PurpleButcher

    Should Danyal Zafar play Alladin or an adult Mowgli in Disney?

    Kabhi ao na mardan ... khusbo laga kar :)
  15. PurpleButcher

    Featured Pakistan wants to be treated like an ally, not a scapegoat - Washington Post

    Access to aghanistan's rare earth minerals. Lets US also make money from a peaceful Afghanistan. Ask Us to invest in Af-Pak economy and not let Pakistan fall completely into China camp. USA can spend some money on roads, rails, dams and power grids and elon musk would be very happy in making...
  16. PurpleButcher

    Putin Calls Imran Khan

    Turkey's back channel talks finally melting ice!
  17. PurpleButcher

    Putin Calls Imran Khan

    Agreed ! What i meant by block was an economic block like EU in some ways or GCC! People may be allowed to travel far easily via road and Pakistan can give access to warm waters for central asian states and russia. With western countries' influence out of afg., the regional countries can work...
  18. PurpleButcher

    Putin Calls Imran Khan

    Turkey seems confused! Kabul airport drama dostum being flown into Afghanistan Turkey needs to get its act together and decide once and for all east or west... balancing act can be fruitful but very difficult in the new world order of multi polar world politics!
  19. PurpleButcher

    Putin Calls Imran Khan

    FM in Central Asia & Iran China Russia Iran Pakistan Central Asian block inching slowly towards realization!

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