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  1. Jun

    Another ‘Unfounded’ Study on Origins of Virus Spreads Online

    Another ‘Unfounded’ Study on Origins of Virus Spreads Online By Katherine J. Wu An overwhelming body of evidence continues to affirm that the coronavirus almost certainly made its hop into humans from an animal source — as many, many other deadly viruses are known to do. But since the early...
  2. Jun

    The Real Reason Western Media Lies about China

    The Answer is Jealousy
  3. Jun

    China reiterates firm support for Iran nuclear deal

    China reiterated its firm support for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), calling on all parties to strengthen dialogue and consultation within the framework, Spokesperson for Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying said on Tuesday. In a statement released on the Foreign Ministry's...
  4. Jun

    China says to sanction Lockheed Martin over Taiwan arms sale

    BEIJING, July 14 (Reuters) - China’s Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday the government would put sanctions on Lockheed Martin for involvement in the latest U.S. arms sale to Chinese-claimed Taiwan. The company is the main contractor for a $620 million upgrade package for Taiwan’s Patriot...
  5. Jun

    This was how they got the figures of One million Uyghurs Incarceration in China?

    Their enormous estimate was ultimately based on interviews with exactly eight Uyghur individuals. Full article: https://thegrayzone.com/2019/12/21/china-detaining-millions-uyghurs-problems-claims-us-ngo-researcher/
  6. Jun

    The US is using low tricks to smear china

  7. Jun

    Britain has 100,000 modern slaves working in sweat shops and brothels

    'TERRIBLE CRIME' Britain has 100,000 modern slaves working in sweat shops and brothels, damning report finds The shocking figure is ten times bigger than the official number accepted by the government. William Hague, the former Tory leader, said 200 years after the formal abolition of...
  8. Jun

    150 new Chinese-made electric buses put into operation in Chile

  9. Jun

    US knew a pandemic was coming months before the outbreak in Wuhan

    A youtube video was posted on Sep 20, 2019 and titled "The next pandemic is just around the corner". Could it be coincidence??
  10. Jun

    China's Aircraft Carrier CG

    Found this video on YouTube.
  11. Jun

    Eve-teasers in India team raise a stink in China

    BEIJING: Indian officials managing a youth delegation found themselves struggling to curb rampant harassment of girls by a section of the boys during their week-long tour of China. Desperate officials were forced to separate men and women in separate buses to avoid an untoward incident...
  12. Jun

    China-made submarine optic fiber cable exported to European, American marke

    SHANGHAI, Jan. 13 (Xinhua) -- A leading Chinese photoelectric cable manufacturer has exported its submarine optic fiber cables to the United States and Italy, the first time for this China-made hi-tech product to enter the European and American markets. The total length of the submarine optic...
  13. Jun

    30-Story Building Built in 15 Days

  14. Jun

    'Red' games hit the mark

    The PLA-developed war simulation game The Glorious Mission is likely to be publicly released in 2012, underlining the trend for more red games. Eric Jou reports. The Red Guard and the People's Liberation Army (PLA) are on the march again, but this time in cyberspace with The Glorious Mission...
  15. Jun

    The year when the Chinese economy will truly eclipse America’s is in sight

    IN THE spring of 2011 the Pew Global Attitudes Survey asked thousands of people worldwide which country they thought was the leading economic power. Half of the Chinese polled reckoned that America remains number one, twice as many as said “China”. Americans are no longer sure: 43% of US...
  16. Jun

    China's Shenzhen raises minimum wage by 14 pct to country's highest

    SHENZHEN, Dec. 30 (Xinhua) -- China's southern manufacturing hub of Shenzhen Friday said it will hike the minimum monthly wage by 13.6 percent starting February 2012 to help attract workers and buffer their rapidly rising living costs. The move raises the minimum monthly wage for full-time...
  17. Jun

    China becomes 3rd biggest tourism market

    BEIJING, Dec. 29 (Xinhuanet) -- According to a report issued by the National Tourist Administration, China has become the third-largest tourism market in the world. Total income from inbound and outbound tourism for the five years leading up to 2010, totals six trillion yuan. China’s...

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