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  1. Baybars Han

    Poland Defence Minister announced: Poland buys 24 Bayraktar TB2 Armed UAVs

    Armoured vehicles not Drones or more advanced weaponry.
  2. Baybars Han

    Poland Defence Minister announced: Poland buys 24 Bayraktar TB2 Armed UAVs

    Big big news, not about the amount but penetrating a NATO nation where US and European lobby is rampant is very very difficult.
  3. Baybars Han

    Featured Erdogan: Sending international force to protect Palestinians viable idea

    İ care about Palestinians as much as a Palestinian or Arabs care about Uyghurs. I only care about Al Aqsa in Kudüs that's it.
  4. Baybars Han

    Turkey’s Air Force Is Obsolete, Warns New Study

    We shall develop our own and we will, I have no question about it. There is a solid roadmap Hurkus, Hurjet, TFX Korea didn't have any experience in building from scratch yet they did. You got to start from somewhere. Engine will be foreign initially but a local one will be developed to be in...
  5. Baybars Han

    Power of the Turkish Armed Forces ( Weapons - News and Updates )

    Can't believe this guy is comparing Turkey to Algeria. He's beyond deluded [emoji23]
  6. Baybars Han

    @Turks in the forum or Pakistanis living in Turkey

    All cities I mentioned are similar. Bodrum in the summer is a full on tourist city, but all those cities you can live in all year round. Also the lifestyle is very relaxed and people are usually chilled in those cities. You have every store you can get, there is big shopping malls, nice...
  7. Baybars Han

    British Empire vs American Imperialism

    The world isnt imperalist or you cant invade countries like before because of UN etc etc so its different. Most countries UK controlled where empty barren land by weak natives. We know how difficult it was when they faced other europeon powers i.e. napoleonic wars etc etc. Theres a difference...
  8. Baybars Han

    British Empire vs American Imperialism

    You can quantify different time periods. There is technologies now there wasn't then. There is mass manufacturing etc etc.
  9. Baybars Han

    @Turks in the forum or Pakistanis living in Turkey

    Go to the ege coast. All of Turkey has supermarkets and stores pretty much. I advise Antalya, Aydin, Mugla or around that region. Good weather all year round, everything you need in terms of stores etc and you can find a small town in those cities. Most Turkish people dont know english but you...
  10. Baybars Han

    Great Seljuks

    Kings and Generals video on Seljuks.
  11. Baybars Han

    Turkey, Pakistan: Inside the Ankara-Islamabad axis

    When Ottomans declared caliphate was after Selim defeated Mamluks around 1530.....
  12. Baybars Han

    Iran and Turkey become drone powers.

    The world saw the use of Turkish drones and how it single handedly changed the battle. Tripoli was about to fall and now nearly half is under GNA, Syria which has one of the most dense air defenses as claimed by many was ravaged in a few days just by drones, Azerbaycan took back in 44 days what...
  13. Baybars Han

    Iran and Turkey become drone powers.

    Aside from all the drone stuff the guy that said Turkey is like third world made me laugh. It does not take a genuis to understand or see Turkey is more developed than Iran. Anyone who has been to both countries can tell easily.
  14. Baybars Han

    Cutting edge Technology generated by the Islamic nations in the middle east

    Nice thread. A video for everyone that thinks the world is 1700 onwards.
  15. Baybars Han

    Ottoman-Portuguese War for the Indian Ocean & Africa

    A few videos in this series
  16. Baybars Han

    Erdogan says Turkey interested in improving relations with Israel

    What is wrong with this? Turkey does not accept Jerusalem as Israel capital and it won't. It's better having relations and trying to sort out problems than the opposite. I don't see anything wrong with it.
  17. Baybars Han

    Rise of the GokTurks

    Great documentary about GokTurks 6 episodes so far- more is on the channel.
  18. Baybars Han

    Turkey not to forget sacrifices of Bangladeshi Muslims during War of Independence: Erdoğan

    How is Pakistan - Bangladesh relations currently? Can't both open improve relations and increase front against India?
  19. Baybars Han

    Battery structure of national long-range air defense system SIPER unveiled

    Will take more than a few years for system same as S-400, but regarding your statement I think it's true. F-35 was a force multiplier.

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