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    Pakistan to seek debt restructuring of CPEC power projects

    It has helped fund Many Papa Joe's. Even if they are not sympathetic to your situation they don't really have much of a choice as Pakistan cannot afford to repay in time. Be prepared to mortgage more national assets.
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    Taliban Delegation visiting Pakistan in a mysterious move

    You are being straight and honest which are both very appreciated. In this case there's nothing more to be said. I don't think most Indians support India being involved in Afghanistan in any role greater than what is humanitarian. A border agreement is the only way forward whatever form the...
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    Gravitas: Why is the U.S. testing India's resolve?

    America seeks friendship with benefits limited to American interests.
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    Covid-19 - Devastating Second Wave in India - Updates and Discussion

    This is real national prime time entertainment.
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    Taliban Delegation visiting Pakistan in a mysterious move

    The monkey is an unfortunate cost of our not so friendly rivalry. Both sides have monkeys and none is holier than thou. I guess this gruesome cost is the only thing stopping more people from dedicating their lives like this and fading mostly unnoticed into memory. Afghanistan is not much of a...
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    Taliban Delegation visiting Pakistan in a mysterious move

    Yes and what about all the extra havoc Pakistan has caused inside Afghanistan for its own personal interests? While rubbing shoulders with US Generals and CIA, Musharraf forgot that Afghanistan is right next door and when the others pack up Pakistan will face all the anger alone. That's how the...
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    Taliban Delegation visiting Pakistan in a mysterious move

    Why do they choose to be so?
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    China Forced Labour Prisons - Lies uncovered

    The CCP are all about maximum efficiency with limited care about morality that doesn't directly affect day to day Chinese life.
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    Taliban Delegation visiting Pakistan in a mysterious move

    How convenient? Why do you see Afghanistan as an enemy?
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    Blast in the Serena Hotel Quetta

    You are proposing WOT part 2 without the US military budget handouts?
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    Blast in the Serena Hotel Quetta

    Without even a single shred of evidence you are directly concluding that India is responsible for this without even examining or mentioning your own breed of home grown terrorists who are massively revolting against the establishment itself right now and there is not much news about what is...
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    The USAF publishes an approximate photo of its future sixth-generation aircraft

    This looks like a diversion from the common playbook of air combat. The 6th Gen craft will probably enter a low earth orbit on take off for carrying out its pre sequenced mission at an unprecedented speed, deploying autonomous smart weapons from low earth orbit and leaving the field of combat...
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    Out of the box solution for peace between pakistan and india

    This whole Hindu Muslim thing does not stand anymore. It is not sustainable for humans to create countries only on religious grounds. Religion is an opium of the masses. What happened in 1947 will not happen again. First take care of what you have. There will never be peace or stability in...
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    The Day India's Mighty SU-30 Fired in Anger

    The same calm that has preserved post the so called swift retort, until now. At best, the airborne hooliganism showcased and exploited IAFs over confidence in its abilities and lack of preparedness based on PAFs lack of initiative historically in crossing the LoC. How far these gaps have been...
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    The Day India's Mighty SU-30 Fired in Anger

    Its because we never expected such a large package and IAF was taken by surprise. Military exercises stuff will give us regular entertainment without casualties
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    Modi, Biden & China: Great Game? Why India asking for good relations with Pakistan

    These people are ready to make such statements at all times as long as its limited to making statements.
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    U.N. in talks with China for unrestricted Xinjiang visit

    I don't even see the point anymore because more than a year has passed since the pandemic was discovered and all traceable evidence must have already been wiped out.
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    The Day India's Mighty SU-30 Fired in Anger

    If you try to look at the silver lining, it's good that there was no need to do anything more. We should hold some joint military exercises like how we hold cricket matches and have simulated combats for broadcast entertainment. It will keep both sides entertained and developing at same time.
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    Another consequence of China's "wolf warrior diplomacy". Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia are leaving the 17+1 format

    How will you feel if a diplomat in any capacity makes such a statement about Xi Jinping? Was it really needed?

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