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  1. Abii

    My Enemy, My Brother - Story of Two Iran-Iraq War Veterans

    Zahed was a 13 year old soldier fighting for Iran. He saves an Iraqi soldier in 1982. They both end up prisoners of war. Decades later they meet each other by chance in Canada and become best friends. It's a short documentary, but a must watch. @Alshawi1234 @Doritos11 @haman10 @kollang...
  2. Abii

    Discussion about pictures of protests against israel from around the world..

    <MOD EDIT> I HAVE MOVED 100+ POSTS TO CREATE THIS THREAD IN ORDER TO CLEAN A PICTURES THREAD <MOD EDIT> Brown people and Muslims in different countries with a handful of white hippies mixed in. Non Brown/Muslim people in Europe and North America overwhelmingly support Israel. It's not even a...
  3. Abii

    'Iranian Attack Jets Deployed' To Help Iraq Fight ISIS

    Iran has supplied Iraq with attack jets to help it counter an offensive by Sunni rebels led by the Islamist group Isis, strong evidence suggests. Russia supplied an initial delivery of the aircraft just a few days ago. But analysts at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in...
  4. Abii

    Happy Canada D'eh!

    It's Canada Day bitches! 147 years young! Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and his family + brother
  5. Abii

    Let's Share Business Ideas!

    To be successful, you need to love/enjoy what you're doing, or that's what they say. Not every small business idea is a match for everyone, no matter how much money you have to invest. You got to be willing to spend every hour you're awake on it. For that you have to enjoy it. There are a...
  6. Abii

    Zoroastrian elected to city council in Yazd

    http://yazdinews.ir/SC.php?type=component_sections&id=1&t2=DT&sid=4367 This is impt news b/c the number of people who voted for him were 4 times greater than the whole of the Zoroastrian population of Yazd. His name is Sepanta Niknam. Iran does have a Zoroastrian member in the parliament...
  7. Abii

    The Syrian opposition is in crisis, and it’s all on video

    By Richard Hall The Foreign Desk Tuesday, 28 May 2013 at 12:45 pm When this civil war is over, however distant that prospect seems today, the Syrian people will be able to live almost every moment of it again. Unappealing though that may sound, it will be there nonetheless, and may one...
  8. Abii

    TEDx Tehran

    Probably most of you guys living in Iran aren't familiar with Ted Talks so read this wiki article plz. TED (conference) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It's an annual conference where scientists and speakers from all walks of life give speeches and share ideas. All sorts of people from...
  9. Abii

    Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sells off collection of official gifts

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sold off his collection of official gifts in a charity auction on Wednesday, including a platinum Monc Blanc pen commemorating Charlie Chaplin's life. The auction of dozens of luxury brand watches and gem-encrusted jewelry appeared to be designed to cement...
  10. Abii

    Children Targeted by Bombs, U.S. Military Approves

    So the US military killed 3 children (8, 10 and 12 year olds) in October as they were digging up dung on the side of the road (dung is used for fuel). If that wasn't bad enough, they're now justifying it and saying children will be targetted if they think they're not bystanders and have...
  11. Abii

    Al Qaeda in Iraq is rebuilding, officials say

    This is from October 9th. The officials say the extremist group has set up training camps for insurgents in the nation's western deserts, seizing on regional instability and government security failures. Iraq has seen a jump in al Qaeda attacks over the last 10 weeks, and officials believe...
  12. Abii

    Romney: Syria is Iran's Route to the Sea! LMAOOOO

    Romney won&rsquo;t give on Iran-Syria &lsquo;route to the sea&rsquo; - In the Loop - The Washington Post looooooooool @ Americans We don't even share a ******* land border. On top of that we have our own route to the sea and it's 1000 times better than that of Syria's.
  13. Abii

    Libya Sufi shrines attacked 'by Islamist hardliners'

    BBC News - Libya Sufi shrines attacked 'by Islamist hardliners' Libyans: enjoy your wahabis and the many civil wars that will be bestowed upon you in the future. The wahabi takeover has begun. Notice the bolded part? Classic Saudi teaching. They call every non wahabi school of...
  14. Abii

    General Motors Is Headed For Bankruptcy -- Again

    http://www.forbes.com/sites/louiswoo...kruptcy-again/ You guys think it's possible? It would certainly damage the US economy and add to the unemployment figures if this happens. Remember, it's not just GM, it's also the hundreds and thousands of smaller companies that supply GM. It's a...
  15. Abii

    Sri Lankan held for "witchcraft" in Saudi Arabia

    (Reuters) - A Sri Lankan woman has been arrested on suspicion of casting a spell on a 13-year-old girl during a Saudi family's shopping trip, a police spokesman said on Wednesday, and may face death in a country where convicted sorcerers are beheaded. The spokesman, Mesfir al-Juayed...
  16. Abii

    Any Guitar Players Here? I Need Advice.

    I've finally decided to buy a guitar, but I have no idea what to buy. I'm interested in classical music (Persian songs mostly) so a classical guitar is the way to go. Or is it? Is it harder to learn on classical or acoustic? I've looked on ebay but I have no idea what classical guitar to...
  17. Abii

    As Food Prices Spike, Azerbaijanis Endure Border Chaos To Shop In Iran

    @ ASQ was up bro? Thought life was peachy up North. What's going on? As Food Prices Spike, Azerbaijanis Endure Border Chaos To Shop In Iran
  18. Abii

    Rick Steves' Lectures: Iran

    Very interesting travel doc on Iran by Rick Steves I thought some might enjoy it

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