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  1. airbus101

    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    Can anyone post the program link please
  2. airbus101

    Pakistan-Turkey 4 Milgem Ada Class Corvettes Contract - Construction started

    The 1st Ship Sheet Metal Cutting Ceremony of the Offshore Patrol Ship, of which HAVELSAN is the Combat System Integrator, was also held. HAVELSAN; It will provide the combat management system, electronic warfare support system and remote-controlled weapon system. HAVELSAN General Manager...
  3. airbus101

    Pakistan-Turkey 4 Milgem Ada Class Corvettes Contract - Construction started

    Can someone please translate this And also I got this translation from Erdôgans tweet We launched the first of the 4 MİLGEM corvettes to be exported to Pakistan and welded the sheet metal of our first Offshore Patrol Ship. One of the greatest gifts we will give to our nation in 2023 will be to...
  4. airbus101

    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    I came across this video and I think it makes perfect sense and also have seen Zubaida jalal visit to Iraq this year.
  5. airbus101

    Saudi Arabia, Middle East allies to participate in PAF counterterror exercise

    Here’s the video posted by PAF And also if we notice the Erieye there is no squadron number on the tail and also squadron emblem is missing
  6. airbus101

    PAF revamped Air Defense Alert System

    May be they Are witnessing ly-80 but I will ask u a better question what are those Arabs doing there?
  7. airbus101

    PAF revamped Air Defense Alert System

    Joint chiefs of Staff Committee visited Army Air Defense Range near Karachi today
  8. airbus101

    Pakistan, India agree on strict observance of all agreements, ceasefire along LoC: ISPR

    www.ispr.gov.pk https://ispr.gov.pk/press-release-detail.php?id=6068 The Director Generals of Military Operations of India and Pakistan held discussions over the established mechanism of hotline contact. The two sides reviewed the situation along LOC and all other sectors in a free, frank and...
  9. airbus101

    Pakistan Army Aviation Corps - Updated

    How many do we have? And has this done in-house or we had help from outside and if we had help from outside then who helped us?
  10. airbus101

    Pakistan will get New Air Defence system within this Year - CAS on ARY News .

    It could be Russian Pantsir. In the past we had seen alot Of discussion on that system personally I am not a huge fan of it but I hope its anything but Pantsir.
  11. airbus101

    JF-17B Updates, News & Discussion

    which magazine is this kindly share the name please
  12. airbus101

    JF-17B Updates, News & Discussion

    A great info on the B model by Alan And AESA radar will be on B models https://www.arabianaerospace.aero/publications/128/issue1/volume1/
  13. airbus101

    Air chief meets PM Imran to discuss PAF matters

    I think it's too early for the farewells but they may have discussed about the replacement who will be next ACM
  14. airbus101

    CH-4 Chinese UCAV Arrives in Pakistan for Army

    Central ordinance Depot (COD)
  15. airbus101

    Air Force Question Thread

    Does anyone know what kind of Radar is this

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