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    Pashtun Wedding Dress and Pashtun Wedding Cuisine Recommendations

    My Shaadi and Valima have finally been finalized and will take place in the next couple of months. Considering my wife and her family are proud pathans, i want to make the occasion as special as possible by tailoring my wedding dress and the dinner menu to their traditions and customs. Would...
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    How to talk about finances with your spouse?

    I have been sending my wife money from Canada to Pakistan every month since our Nikkah in 2019. I have applied to sponsor her but because of Covid, our sponsorship and PR application has been delayed. She has never ever spent any of the money i sent her in the last year and a half, i always...
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    Resistance Bands vs Weights?

    Does anyone exercise using resistance bands at home? I have taken to it recently because i got frustrated waiting around for gyms to open, they finally opened gyms in Toronto in August but have shut them down again because of the rising number of cases, my prediction is that the gyms will remain...
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    Advice needed on upcoming KHI Visit from Khites

    I am going to be visiting Karachi in November. Initially i was only planning to come and visit my spouse for 2-3 days. However i have now extended my trip by 2.5 weeks and i will therefore have much more time to spend with her. We are still only nikkaofied and haven't gone through the remaining...
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    PCB PTV $200 million agreement?

    I am surprised no one has commented on this arrangement i.e. Pros and Cons? Too good to be true and overtly optimistic thinking from the PCB? Basically the PCB will produce its own content where they will produce the production of their domestic cricket matches i.e. Quaid e Azam Trophy...
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    USMLE advice needed

    I wanted to ask for advice on highly recommended guaranteed USMLE tutors, prep providers or a teacher who has the gift of teaching the worlds toughest medical licensing exam in the most easy to understand, enjoyable style with the right strategy. Something where extremely weak students can vouch...
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    Suitable Career/Professional Options for someone with excellent public speaking/debating skills?

    I am actually looking for advice and could use people wearing their thinking caps on. My wife is apparently extremely good at public speaking, debating and has won numerous competitions, first prizes in various competitions. However she is looking at me towards guidance with regards to what she...
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    The role a girls parents, siblings should play in her married life?

    My Baby sister immigrated to Canada in the beginning of 2018 after graduating from one of the top medical schools in Pakistan. My parents wanted her to get married afterwards as she turned 25 and I backed my parents decision. To my parents delight they found a Pakistani American doctor in his...
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    Black Magic and Islam

    Does anyone know the best religious scholars or the most Islamic list of steps to take when you suspect a loved one's rapidly progressing illness is because of black magic? What are the list of steps you can take to do away with the black magic?
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    Is it advisable to agree to marry whom your parents, elders approve of but you're not interested in?

    My mother's Parkinson's and neurological disorder has really accelerated at record speed in the last 2 years especially in the last 6 months. She used to be a strong solid active independent woman all her life and now her world has completely turned upside down and now she is completely...
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    Any Accountants, CPA's or CA's over here? Looking for Career Advice

    Are there any CPA's, CA's, Accountants over here? Preferably from the US or Canada, looking for career advice
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    My first experience on a Matrimonial Website and What i have learnt, experienced so far

    This is something i never ever thought i would do in a million years. The whole idea and concept terrified me and for me i thought it was the platform of the last resort and a place where people lie and where mostly the most unattractive options gather. My therapist strongly suggested i do...
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    How can I get these Sony Headphones to work as intended on my Samsung Galaxy S8?

    I bought these Sony Headphones from ebay a week ago with the purpose of recording certain phone conversations on a needed basis...
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    Anyone with experience on how to deal with a parent who is extremely unwell?

    It is really nerve wracking to see one's parents become extremely unwell and deteriorating rapidly with each and every passing second. My mother was an extremely proud, ambitious, determined, steadfast woman who rose to the top of her career, profession and single handedly looked after us as a...
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    Social Media Managers for individuals

    Does anyone know of any good agency, organization or consultants anywhere in the world who help to transform a shy, introverted individuals social media profiles ie Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where they take over it, manage it for the individual, decide on what pics to upload, what posts to...
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    Anyone here who is a full time or part time teacher?

    I am currently pursuing the CPA designation in Canada which if everything goes to plan should be achieved by Sept 2019. The next step for me would be to give one exam in the US and obtain the US CPA designation as well and then one exam in the UK with which i can get the ACCA qualification in...
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    Do you blame people for hiding mental and physical ailments in Arranged Marriages?

    I am not trolling here but this is kind of a hard one for me to wrap my head around where i have a black and white approach where i say yes they should but then realist in me also tells me that things are not always that simple on this planet. I will give a couple of very different examples to...
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    Does one always need the girl on his side for arranged marriages today?

    Does one always need the girl on his side for arranged marriages today? All my life my parents and elders raised me to believe that all a guy has to do whenever he fancies someone is to just tell his parents and that they will go the girls parents, elders and try to get the ball rolling. But...

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