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    Ramiz Raja slams ‘western bloc’ after England abandon Pakistan tour

    FEATURE ECB's hypocrisy and double-standards could fast lose them friends Time and again, the board is demanding standards of others which they are nowhere near maintaining themselves. George Dobell Despite stringent Covid-19 protocols, Pakistan duly went to and completed their tour of England...
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    Haramain Condemns Indian News Channel’s Blatant Stunt involving Masjid Al Nabawi

    Idol worshippers will be just a place above munafiqeen in hell. 8th level for munafiqeen and 7th level for idol worshippers.
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    Allah has punished me

    Watching **** excessively can also induce a condition known as PIED (**** Induced Erectile Dysfunction) in which your Willy don't erect any more because your brain is conditioned to **** instead of natural stimulus i.e woman. So bro avoid **** and masturbation & orgasm and after a few months...
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    Incredible India deserves respect, writes cricketer Matthew Hayden

    Matthew Hayden is just buttering indians for the sake of dollars.
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    Incredible India deserves respect, writes cricketer Matthew Hayden

    Worshipping hand made idols and animals is one of the stupidest things that Hindus do. They don't use common sense in this regard.
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    Help me (SUICIDAL)

    Bro they are quite expensive. It costs approximately 3-4 million rupees.
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    Help me (SUICIDAL)

    Brother I have gone through two painful failed marriages which ultimately resulted in divorce. Moreover I have hearing impairment due to which I am completely deaf from right ear and have severe to profound hearing loss in the left ear. I also have a son approximately 5 years old who is in the...
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    Two Years of Balakot Lies: Our Punitive Response

    If the Balakot incident had really targeted the madrassa and resulted in the deaths of children, I would assure you that General Bipin Rawat and his military leadership, who were present at the brigade headquarters, would not have been spared.
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    PLA official casualty numbers of the Gallwan valley clash released today on PLA Daily.

    If 45 Chinese soldiers had been killed, I can say with full confidence that they would never have released the remaining prisoners of war but would have killed them as they had killed 20 Indian soldiers. I ask Indians to come out of the imaginary world.
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    IMF and Pakistan Reach Agreement on Pending Reviews Under the Extended Fund Facility

    But these Indians have cravings for war every now and then despite their deteriorating economic situation.
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    Pakistan Tactical nuclear weapons, Chinese firepower and American proxy warrior India

    Any future full scale war should be dealt in this manner as you have suggested . Cripple IAF at the onset of hostilities . As far as condemnation of countries are concerned over preemptive use of tactical nuclear weapons so be it . Independence and it's sustainability is first and foremost...
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    Princess Maryam in The New Pakistan !

    Maryam Nawaz getting KFC deal after failing to get a deal from GHQ .
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    Arunachal Pradesh not part of India: China

    Cost of war should be easily covered by looting and plundering their temples .
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    UAE ISRAEL Peace Agreement

    If we recognize Israel now then we will be compromising our principle stand on Kashmir as Israelis are an occupying force just like India . One is occupying Palestine the other Kashmir.
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    Kulbushan Yadav refuses to file review petition instead, will proceed with mercy appeal

    Hang him at Wagha Border in front of Indians. This action will irritate the Indian masses and their childish media and Modi will be under immense pressure to do something either his politics will be finished or he will do some fake surgical strike. After hanging Mr Yadav fantastic tea should be...
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    Pak & China advancing on Kashmir?

    Naimat Ullah Shah Wali also talked about a war in Northern Areas of Pakistan in his poetry (kashaf) he said that the area of Chitral , Gilgit, Nanga Parbat and Tibet will become war zones . There will be no victor in this war but there will be internal strife and civil war within India as a...
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    PTI government announced the construction of Kalabagh Dam.

    Total construction cost of Kalabagh Dam is estimated to be around 3 billion dollars .
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    BAN vs PAK | Worldcup Match | 5th July | Discussion

    A radical idea: Imad Wasim should play as an opener. He's a clean striker of ball . He reminds me of Yuvi

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