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    Why the US should offer to buy France's submarines for Vietnam

    I still remember when Vietnam can't even pay to held the Asian Games, and need Indonesia to replace them as a host. So yes, give those mighty subs to Vietnam. Not only that, sell them US F-16, F-15, Rafale, etc. And let we see, if Vietnam can still do anything else with their budget. Those...
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    China officially applies to join CPTPP trade pact

    Please take a breath, don't be angry :D
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    Islamophobia in America Has Doubled in 20 Years After 911 Terrorist Attacks

    To be honest, who care about Hitler. He may be a demon who destroyed Europe, Kill many Jew. But he didn't do anything to Asia. So I don't care about NAZI and Hitler. They're not a demon in my mind. It is weird that Asian people demonized Hitler, while Hitler didn't do anything to make Asia...
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    The Extreme 996 Work Culture in China

    Yep clever. But also can harm your country development progress. For example is some stupid politicians in my country who promise to raise the regional "Minimum Wages" to very high if he's elected. Cause the factories run from the city and move into other region. Labor rules that side with labor...
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    The Extreme 996 Work Culture in China

    Socialism was born from populist leader who want to get more vote for his / her next election. it is the same as buying people's vote. Or bribe them to vote you
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    Top Gun: Maverick delayed to 2022 due to Delta variant

    Well, if we have to life with covid, then I suspect topgun will be delayed to long after tom cruise died because of old age
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    CNN Interviews Trump Supporter Who Threatens Taliban-Style Takeover to Reinstate Him: ‘There’s Millions of Guns Here’

    That's great. Take over America, O'Sullivan! You can do it! Take up your gun and reinstate Trump! Put down Biden! Go Go Go!
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    Chinese Navy (PLAN) News & Discussions

    I have a question about the legitimacy of this Youtube channel. The channel claimed that Type 054A caught a "big fish", namely Virginia Class Submarine and force it to resurfaced. Is it true, or is it just a hoax news?
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    Why US invest $ 1.2 billion, the largest expense in history to build a new embassy in Vietnam?

    So US will bring democracy to Vietnam, with their CIA camp, with the expense of millions Vietnamese life? Will Hongkong 2019 happen again in Vietnam? I hope not. I still want to read some of Viva Viet trolling joke in here.
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    US-China trade growth has Australia asking whether WTO can stop ‘economic coercion’

    Oh, come on. You should know what it means with Trump Slogan "American First!"
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    China starts the development of kilometer-class super large spacecraft

    I think that it is a space based solar station too. Specially after I read some of China's ambitious space based solar station plan in some article.
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    ChinaDaily: 21 killed, 4 missing as heavy rain hits Central China

    This is more serious matter than that joke of US vs China flood death competition. There are so many flood and so many death. Shouldn't we be aware that the nature has warned us about an immediate future danger. More serious than those China vs US troll out there?
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    China’s Xi Jinping is forecasting he will invade Taiwan and Biden Vows to respond to any Chinese attempts on Taiwan

    But China also held USD3 trillion Foreign Exchange reserve. it is much-much more than US government held their USD in their own reserve. But why would China dumb their USD and make USD fall in value? China should raise USD value, so US industry can't recover anytime. Let them become customer...
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    China’s Xi Jinping is forecasting he will invade Taiwan and Biden Vows to respond to any Chinese attempts on Taiwan

    Taiwan is different from Vietnam and Afghanistan. First thing first, their land mass is so tiny. Even if they have some hill or mountain, they are not enough for you to hide. United States proof that when they beat Japanese in Taiwan Island in WW2 long time ago. They can hide underground, like...
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    More Afghan Elders Pledge Allegiance To The Taliban Including Ahmad Masoud

    Wait, why I hear United States National Anthem in the video? Is it the reason why those Afghan soldiers chose to surrender than fight? Because the late Afghanistan was one of US province / state?
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    U.S. Tightens Focus on China After Afghanistan Withdrawal

    You're right. Afghanistan is a strategic location to cut Chinese land silk route / BRI. Losing Afghanistan means that US can't stop China's trade corridor in the central Asia. With this US departure, China can dance freely in their Euro-Asia routes. Thus US struggle in the SCS is simply a futile...
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    Chinese UAV News & Discussions (Strictly)

    Isn't this OOT? @Deino, what do you think about it? I thought this thread is discussing Chinese UAV, not some General Atomics Avenger things.
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    Taliban Blitzkrieg of 2021 ....

    You're right. It is Saigon all over again.

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