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    Review GSP Status If Pakistan Fails To Persuade Taliban: EU

    Didn't Pakistan try its hardest to facilitate an inclusive government? Even hosting all the former Northern Alliance leaders?
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    After 31-years, Kashmiri Pandits see light at the end of tunnel

    What about the hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Muslims forced into Pakistan by the Dogras?
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    Massive Ambush in S. Waziristan

    The thing is, Pakistan is scared of Afghanistan for some reason. Is it that hard to just harden the border and shoot anyone that tries illegally crossing?
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    Muslim youth lynched to death in UP by Hindutva mob

    It's become a daily occurrence now. Whether it's in IOK or UP or anywhere else.
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    Muslim youth lynched to death in UP by Hindutva mob

    Samir Chaudhary, 22, from Shamli district, Uttar Pradesh, was lynched to death by Hindutva militants on Thursday evening, while he was returning home from the work. Speaking to Maktoob, Samir’s Cousin, Pravej claimed the assailants lynched him for his “Muslim identity”. “While returning from...
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    9 civilians killed in US drone strike in Kabul

    They obviously used Pakistani airspace. Bajwa is probably laughing right now.
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    Pakistan to let Americans and Afghans transit through Karachi

    And once the US troops have left, Pakistan will be kept on the grey list, F-16s and Vipers will still be blocked, won't see any aid or trade, the EU will keep PIA banned despite evacuating their citizens and Pakistan will be told to do more.
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    12 U.S soldiers killed in Kabul explosion, numerous civilian deaths, Taliban fighters also killed. ISIS K attack.

    Now's a good chance for Pakistan with the help of the US to target extremist groups like ISIS, TTP, etc in Afghanistan.
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    Possible expansion of Pakistan

    It would be better to just take the Kabul basin and surrounding areas, since it's a part of the Indus river system, which is the core of Pakistan. Both the Kunar and Kabul rivers would be under Pakistan control. Not to mention, since there are natural borders like Pamir/Hindu Kush mountains, the...
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    4 coal miners killed in gundown in SW Pakistan

    3 were Pashtuns from Shangla/Quetta.
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    Pakistan government and TTP working on a peace deal

    Continue the fencing. Continue the assassinations. Continue building forts. Continue installing CCTV. These rats are liars and can't be trusted.
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    TTP's Faqir Mohammad vows to fight Pakistan

    Could you imagine if these were a Syrian group posing like this on the Israeli border? They'd immediately be detected and fired upon.
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    TTP's Faqir Mohammad vows to fight Pakistan

    The only solution is a USSR style border like what was in East Germany. I know it's authoritarian and harsh, but Afghanistan will always remain an unstable country full of infighting and war. Pakistan is too soft. Pakistan needs to know who's coming in and out of the country and start tracking...
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    Pakistan speeds up fencing border with Afghanistan

    Finish the fence ASAP. Build more forts. Increase surveillance. Recruit more informants in ex-FATA.
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    Indian tea seller modi once again shows why he's called small man in big office

    LOL the butthurt and frustration is real. The Indus region has always been separate from the rest of Ganges+Dravidia.

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