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  1. Ultima Reaper

    US Survey: Indian Hindus vs Indian Muslims on God

    dont forget jinnah and half of pakistan are from the same indian roots...the muslims in india if not more are similarly religious to pakistani muslims...not all but majority of them...but living in hindu majority country they have to be more secular..as you dnt want to remain outcast and give...
  2. Ultima Reaper

    Taliban has to stop occupation in Afghanistan, Erdoğan says

    lets first deal abt balochistan kp warizistan security issues when iranian cowards will stop sucking their arab brethrens blood. lets talk civil with taliban..they r our brothers..but of they become arrogant then show them the might of turkey...fly some tb2 over their heads
  3. Ultima Reaper

    Turkey plans talks with Taliban over Kabul airport

    you sound like iranian propoganda channel...any relation ? Can any international org or country trust Taliban for airport operations after several hijacks especially 911..let turkey handle it
  4. Ultima Reaper

    NRI being made fun of

    NRI = Non Residence Individuals
  5. Ultima Reaper

    Featured Russia Teases 'Fundamentally New' Military Aircraft to Be Unveiled

    Turkey has one more option othwr than SU57 now
  6. Ultima Reaper

    Hindutva outfit forming ‘group of 1000 warriors’ for each district across India

    Thats not true...they are helpless in front of 1:10 ratio. If any region other than pak afgahanistan is more inlcined to islam in asia its india..thats due to indias muslim..not even bangladesh. Dnt forget the biggest mulla in akistans hostory all came from india. And as Dr Israr ahmed once...
  7. Ultima Reaper

    Figs Farming in Pakistan

    Figs are so expensive in Gulf, UAE....pakistan should start exporting these dry fruits...currently indian figs are flooded in gcc market...this will bring pak valuable forex to the country and diversify the agricultural exports
  8. Ultima Reaper

    White House: S 400 Negotiations fails but Erdoğan and Biden will go on dialog on Afghanistan

    Turkey wants Pakistani support to ensure security of Kabul airport.
  9. Ultima Reaper

    Regional petrol prices and Pakistan

    should be atleast 150...if pak wants to emulate reserves of bangladesh and india...its loosing too much revenue by keeping prices low...let people who afford drive..stop unnecessary fuel consumption..save nature and economy
  10. Ultima Reaper

    With $84bn in remittances and 18 million, India has the world's largest diaspora population

    thats bcoz of your population explosion, the ratio of people going abroad is more hence more forex...this is also bcoz of less opportunities in India..better pay and prospect abroad.
  11. Ultima Reaper

    Featured Police in Quetta city has sealed at least 6 illegal Iranian schools - June 2021

    expanding shia school for indoctrinating pakistani sunni kids and youths..so that they become the next zainabiyon and fatimyud brigade...where is pak and baloch govt...IK should seriously look into this areas...smuggling..killings..extortions..anti national activities...balochistan needs to be...
  12. Ultima Reaper

    With $84bn in remittances and 18 million, India has the world's largest diaspora population

    This is what I was referring in my other post, didnt even come to this article before posting it, exactly the same arguments I put forward...this is the way to go pakistan
  13. Ultima Reaper

    9 million overseas Pakistanis earn Pakistan more income than 200 million local Pakistanis

    Pak should encourage people to go abroad for work and permanent residency. This does it 3 favors...reduces burden on it by reducing its population, those people living and working abroad send valuable forex back home and lastly they act as a influence in the countey they go for pro pak policies...
  14. Ultima Reaper

    Featured Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin presents budget for FY2021-22

    In the last 2 decades Pak was known only for extremism, drone attacks and bombings, thanks to the mullah brigade and the corrupt losers of plmn and ppp. IK govt has shown the country the right direction alhamdulillah, today world is respecting pak, drone attacks have stopped, terrorism has been...
  15. Ultima Reaper

    Featured Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin presents budget for FY2021-22

    The urgent need of the poeple are not satellites...but food on the plate...what has ganju done for suparco in last 20 years is the real question ?
  16. Ultima Reaper

    Amid Opposition boycott, NA passes 21 bills

    khusra bilawal and his dacoit father should be banished...thet are a curse to pakistan...they should be dealt with iron hand...ooen their corruption cases plz..the gay is..sry the guy is boiling too much nowadays
  17. Ultima Reaper

    Pakistan in top 10 remittance recipient countries - May 2021 .

    Thats because Pakistani expat population are mostly labourers, whereas Philipino Egyptian and Indians are educated lot earning higher incomes

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