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  1. Cheeta

    Emerging Pensioners' Association of Civil Armed Forces

    Recently a Social Welfare and mutual cooperation society has been organised and registered under the name of Civil Armed Forces Ex-servicemen Society in Pakistan. This organization is comprised of the personals of renown Irregular forces that are named Militias by public and Civil Armed Forces...
  2. Cheeta

    Sayurj School Chitral

    A school was opened on Charity base in Chitral by British volunteers in 1989 with the name Sayurj Public School to give education to the common people of Chitral at home on easy basis. Then the ex-Principal of Cadet College Razmak of 1980's Retired Major Mr. Geoffrey Douglas Langlands CMG, MBE...
  3. Cheeta

    Centuries old Industry Dying

    The local and traditional industry in the tribal and some settle district regions of N.W.F.P like Dir, Bajaur, Malakand, Jamrud, Bara, Darra Adamkhel and Sialkot of Pakistan is rapidly on the road of its downfall. In the current conflict of United States and Talibans Pakistan was compelled to be...
  4. Cheeta

    Uniforms for Frontier Corps

    As Pakistan Army has got its new military uniform as camouflage uppers and pants now its is also in air that the Frontier Corps may also get its dress changed soon. Frontier Corps used to wear its non customary uniform in British days and then it changed that to black long Asian qamees shirts...
  5. Cheeta

    G-3 with bayonets

    G - 3 gun is far more strong and accurate in the field than its counterparts AK-47, M-16 etc. In its modernized revised form it has been more effective than the last one. If its mechanism be further simplified it may get totally fluent in action. It has a thundering sound and a big striking...
  6. Cheeta

    The Greek kidnapped from Kafiristan Valley, Chitral

    The Valley of Bashgal(now Nuristan) has been long known through history as the central part of the then Kafiristan. After 1895 A.D when the boundary between India and Afghanistan was demarcated this valley and the part of Kunar to the north of Asmar which was the part of the State of Chitral was...
  7. Cheeta

    Erasing Lines

    In the recent visit of India Mr.Musharraf has talked about the Berlin wall that likely Pakistan India dividing line needs also be erased. India has been prosperous in the Budha and then Muslim empire with large expansion of land(which were only disturbed by the time of Aurangzeb Alamgir because...
  8. Cheeta

    Defence Council

    The top defence council of the country must not leave the country even in intense need these days. The country is in threat for the time from external enemies and the inable and lavish political authorities.
  9. Cheeta

    Pakistan made Weapons

    Is there any page of introduction to Pakistan made weaponry and if not is needed to be introduced to people here in a separate gallery with the general information .
  10. Cheeta

    Fields of Cooperation

    Instead of carrying on the traditional enmity measures and fields of hatred and disaster Pakistan needs open some fields of mutual understanding and cooperation with their Indian counterparts. This may help them to tackle with any common enemy or in the time of need for the whole region. Is...
  11. Cheeta

    General assault weapons LMG and G-3

    MG1 A-3 :- The best light machine Gun that Pakistani army uses is the MG1 A-3. Its rate of automatic fire power is too speedy and accurate. Its grouping on a target is magnificant and if held properly showers a row of bulets in the short and quick instance sounding like a chirp of a bird. It can...
  12. Cheeta

    War Intensifying in Kabul

    In the decade of 1980 a movie with the name 'The Message' was made upon the early Islamic appearance on the earth and the early battles and circumstances faced by the Prophet Mohammad(peace be upon him) and his companions. The movie was mostly criticised by the Islamic organisations all over the...

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