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    Argentina Rejects American, Russian & Indian Jets Selects JF-17

    Argentina is currently without a supersonic jet. If the deal for the S.Korean fighter was approved by the Argentina Congress then the JF-17 will sail through as Argentina is currently without a supersonic jet fighter. Why does India keep embarrassing itself by pitching the Tejas?
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    Indian soldier injured in LOC crossfire in Uri sector

    India was taking advantage of the ceasefire to migrate Hindus to IOK.
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    CIA issued warning that children may be at scene of Kabul drone strike BEFORE missile hit car: Family of dead three-year-old demands person responsibl

    Afghans should demonstrate outside US embassies. This is a heinous crime against civilians by a military that takes no responsibility for it's actions.
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    Japan PM candidate Takaichi backs doubling defense budget to 2% GDP [ $100B Defense Budget]

    US arms companies demanded this increase, as they are doing with Western allies.
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    Pakistan to let Americans and Afghans transit through Karachi

    Once they arrive they won't ever leave.
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    Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Avenue

    They say 'no one gets left behind' or is that only for gullible armed forces recruits.
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    Massive increase in Pak-Afghan trade as Taliban takes charge

    Not only will trade with Afghanistan increase now there is some stability but trade with Central Asia should get a strong boost. As somebody said earlier if sanctions are lifted off Iran then it's boom time.
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    India will never accept outcome in Afghanistan decided by force: Jaishankar

    Chabahar investment down the plug hole too.
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    When an Indian channel invites a wrong Afghan to the show.

    lol saw this on youtube a couple of nights ago. Suprised Wion uploaded it after he completely destroyed their BS.
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    IT exports cross record $2bn mark

    A near 50% year on year increase of any figure is a tremendous achievement. Admittedly we are starting from a low base but the momentum appears to have been maintained as a couple of years ago exports were at around $1b. Once the SEZ are up and running we will see the true potential of IT exports.
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    The bombs rain down as I visit the Idlib frontlines, and witness the atrocities committed against civilians by NATO-backed terror

    Let us not forget that the thousands of militants that entered Syria were allowed passage through Turkey.
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    Featured Leaked files once again expose BBC as insidious UK foreign policy tool

    BBC World Service is unashamedly biased against countries the US has targeted. Hate listening to it and knowing I'm paying for its BS through the license fee.
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    Indian ANI asks Imran Khan a question in Tashkent (July 2021)

    Our handsome PM should've said I don't field questions from the fake media.
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    Darpoke India rushes to evacuate nationals as war escalates

    Take that damned library back with you.
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    Defeated and Demoralised Afghan General Again Puts the Blame on Pakistani Fighters

    Maj. Gen. Hibatullah Alizai is this conflicts Comical Ali.
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    US adds Pakistan, Turkey to child soldier recruiter list

    How did taking part in the War on Terror work out for us?
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    2021 on track to be America's deadliest year of gun violence in two decades

    They love killing, whether it's at home or overseas.
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    Former US SecDef Donald Rumsfeld has died at 88

    He was simply the messenger.
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    BREAKING NEWS: Switzerland Selects F-35 Lightning II for Future Air Defense Requirements (36 F-35s)

    Keep America strong. That's the policy of the current world order.

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