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    PAF officially discloses its Space Command

    Well, the cat is out of the bag, I guess. First, Sohail Aman sb made a casual mention of PAF taking over SUPARCO missions lead. And now this video with a banner staring us in the face. There are more details to this, but as told @JamD and @Bilal Khan (Quwa) - we’d expect more news from PAF on...
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    Massive Ambush in S. Waziristan

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    Featured Dr. Moeed puts forward Pakistan's case in ME, FATF, CPEC et al.

    If there's one interview that you need to watch, it'd be this.
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    Turkish firm to make 1st mobile anti-drone system export to Russia - Pakistan next

    southern Turkey-based local firm that has developed an early warning system to address the threat posed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for the use of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) is now preparing to make its first exports to Russia. National War Technologies Defense Systems Inc., based...
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    Featured Turkey’s Havelsan completes ‘hearts’ of new type submarines

    A major Turkish defense contractor has successfully conducted production and acceptances tests for the information distribution system for the last of six submarines the country is currently developing, a report said Sunday. Havelsan has successfully completed another strategic period for the...
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    NATO supply convoy attacked in KP.

    And the hits keep on coming.
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    Another convoy attacked in Balochistan - Kech

    Folks at helm can use chluu bhar pani.
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    Indian AF to look at unmanned aircrafts, directed energy weapons, drone swarms and smart loyal wingman systems

    PAF and PA will have their work cut out for themselves for this new age of conventional weapons competition.
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    India successfully test-fires new version of nuclear-capable, 1000 km range Shaurya Missile

    Balasore (Odisha): India on Saturday successfully test fired its indigenously developed nuclear capable hypersonic missile 'Shaurya' with a strike range of around 1,000 km from a test range in Odisha, defence sources said. 'Shaurya', which is the land variant of Indias K-15 missile, has a strike...
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    General Atomics' Sparrowhawk Drone-Launched Drone Breaks Cover

    General Atomics says that it has conducted captive carry tests of its Sparrowhawk, a new small drone that will be able to be launched and recovered in flight. The company says that Sparrowhawk is a demonstrator and was developed specifically to work with other larger unmanned aircraft that it...
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    Why has Pakistan been left out of China and East Asia’s economic development boom?

    SCMP.COM Comment / Opinion Why has Pakistan been left out of China and East Asia’s economic development boom? Despite Southeast Asia and China’s astonishing development story, some parts of the world have not shared in that inspiring progress Constant conflict, the influence of radical Islam...
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    Featured Chinese, Pakistani foreign ministers agree to jointly defend regional stability

    Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday spoke with his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mahmood Qureshi on the phone and discussed a wide range of issues including regional situation, the Kashmir issue, Afghanistan, the Belt and Road Initiative and COVID-19, China's Foreign...
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    Bolton: In Balakot, there never was a crisis!

    USG saw the Balakot crisis, for what it was. A PR exercise done for Mr. Modi, gone awry because PAF opted to respond in kind, for the bombs dropped in Pakistan proper. These words clearly dispel the propaganda on part of India media that talked about 300 dead people in Pakistan, as a result of...
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    What do Chinese users think of Indian media making fun of their premier?

    News posts after Indian news posts are coming out on how India should become part of a new world order, replacing China. How do users see it?
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    US Sec Def to visit Pakistan in March

    US Sect of Defense Mark Esper is to LIKELY visit Pakistan in the 3rd Week of March, top govt sources confirm. Visit will be a follow up of US President Trump and Pak PM Khan's talks at Davos, to focus on US Pak security cooperation, Earlier US Sect Trade was also in Pak.
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    Afghanistan requests Indian troops, in recent visit

    Legs and arms protruding from the snow, Europeans and Hindustanis half-buried, horses and camels all dead,” Subedar Sita Ram chronicled the annihilation of the imperial British garrison which began to march out of Kabul in the high winter of 1842. Perched in the hills, Sita Ram recorded, Afghan...
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    PAF and China starting a new project under CPEC; developing next generation aircrafts and subsystems

    According to the undisclosed proposal drawn up by the Pakistani Air Force and Chinese officials at the start of the year, a special economic zone under CPEC would be created in Pakistan to produce a new generation of fighter jets. For the first time, navigation systems, radar systems and onboard...
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    CIA strength stands fully restored

    Source: Dawn
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    US vs Rana Exhibit [documents, videos, emails]

    Trial Exhibits USA, NDIL, US v. Rana

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