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  1. waqasmwi

    Featured India Setting Up A New Complex To Develop A 110 kN Fighter Jet Engine

    With the Kaveri jet engine programme stalled due to technological challenges, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is planning to set up a new complex to develop jet engines for future Indian fighter aircraft. This report in the Economic Times says that the complex may...
  2. waqasmwi

    Need for New Tunnels (of Strategic importance and Others)

    Tunnels are of great importance in Road Infrastructure. Can lead to reduction in distance and thus saves time. I want to know what are your suggestions for locations of new tunnels that should be built to improve road Infrastructure. One example for new Tunnel suggestion is between Karak distt...
  3. waqasmwi

    Is Turkey the natural ally of the West

    Turkey was once a bonafide ally of Western powers . Was Using NATO cover, relationship with USA and Israel were very good but than started to shift away from them. Turkey angered USA by getting S-400 and tried to get Russian jets instead of F-35. Relationship with Israel deteriorated. This...
  4. waqasmwi

    WW-III : What will be the flash point to trigger the WW-III?

    Let's discuss that from where, the WWIII might start? 1. South China Sea (US teaming up with it's allies in South China Sea and provoking China by attack on it's navy)? 2. Middle East ( 2 or 3 Arab countries joining for offence or defence against Israel? 3. War on Kashmir? 4. Any other place (...
  5. waqasmwi

    New Player in the Stealth Game? Turkey Unveils Indigenous TF-X Fifth Generation Fighter

    Turkey has publicly unveiled the first mock up of the TF-X fifth generation medium weight stealth fighter - a platform reportedly under development since 2011 by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI). The design was unveiled at the 2019 Paris Air Show, and should the program succeed it could make...
  6. waqasmwi

    US New Anti-Missile Defense Strategy poses serious threat to Pakistan

    U.S new anti-missile defense strategy poses serious threat to Pakistan United States (US) enters a race of developing advance anti-missile defense system following shadow threats from different countries. Development of American anti-missile system and its location in strategic areas including...

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