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  1. Zane_K

    Remember the mysterious vaping ban due to pneumonia illness?

    Interesting stuff... it’s disconcerting learning about new unexplained illness
  2. Zane_K

    Saudi Aramco uses a migrant worker from South Asia as a 'human hand sanitizer'

    Would it not be cheaper to have a metal framed mobile unit rather than human kind? .. damm ! Ok at least he’s got a job rather than no job but this is a real shame... I’ve never been to Saudi.. I've heard some stories about the place & how many many people are angry at the Saudis for all sorts...
  3. Zane_K

    Pakistan Rangers (Sindh)

    You need more practice...draw everything.. you’ll get better... learn on YouTube.. Practice practice practice...
  4. Zane_K

    Pakistan Rangers (Sindh)

    How old are you? You’ll get a pass if you’re around 10 years old.
  5. Zane_K

    S-125, Pantsir, BUK-M, TOR collection destroyed by Turkish drones !

    Ha...You were quick to get that in there....
  6. Zane_K

    US Army scraps $1b. Iron Dome project, after Israel refuses to provide key codes

    Just like your name I find this thread / post dubious...this information / tech is old news. No doubt they’ll be coming into testing / readiness with their new systems which they’ve got tucked under their desks. Granted few years a way yet but....the new satellite / ground systems will have a...
  7. Zane_K

    Hindu Mahasava arranges "Cow Urine" drinking party to tackle coronavirus

    Some funny one liners in this thread
  8. Zane_K

    US Army scraps $1b. Iron Dome project, after Israel refuses to provide key codes

    will not change a thing.. yeah you may get a few bangs on the drum then just like that ‘ booompfff’...it’s gone... same ol ‘same ol ‘ like you say Israel flicks them the finger & the US takes it like a good boy / girl or a non descriptive. We all know the support/ power synergy between US...
  9. Zane_K

    Human Composting - A more ecologically better method of burial

    Do you know? ... by reading your post title .. that’s exactly what I thought U.S.A I don’t need to read anything else ...I know it’s some company looking to get a bundle of millions for a b.s idea except for some technie environmentalist investors who prob’ think wow nice...!
  10. Zane_K

    This is how our Hindu friends we grew up with deceived us!!!

    This thread very similar to something I watched on tv the other night about sectarian violence in Northern Ireland during the troubles. Catholic and Protestant friends and work colleagues who grew up or worked together singled each other out for murder... when one was asked why he would kill an...
  11. Zane_K

    Questions to Vietnamese here

    Well ... ok then.. just kick him in the stomach again .. just to be sure..
  12. Zane_K

    Marvel Cinematic Universe | Updates & Discussions

    Sorry .. cannot do a black widow movie ... she is annoying... but don’t get it twisted I will still watch it... pissed off .. but I’ll watch it.. & I’ll give it a thumbs down. Heard about the next Thor movie where it’s suspected a female Thor is gonna be made... don’t know if rumours are...
  13. Zane_K

    Hindu Mahasava arranges "Cow Urine" drinking party to tackle coronavirus

    You remind of an excerpt I read from an old English report on the caste system, particularly within the Hindu communities which was written very early on before the British got entrenched. In the report it pointed to a practice of the burning of the (still alive) widow of the dead husband...
  14. Zane_K

    PAF locked on 9 shoot only two...PAF official....0n 27 Feb....

    Oh yeah like I’d want to pop a vertebra...once was enough ..good luck on any of you guys motivated to do your morning ‘commando’ routines.... a lot of us want a softer approach.. you know ? less stressful..I’ll stick to cycling.

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