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  1. Divergent

    New Year’s Resolution 2019

    Hey, So what is your New Years resolution, which you will oh so religiously adhere to? *coughs*
  2. Divergent

    Pakistani Women Clapback

    There’s an English saying ‘What Men can do, Women can do better in heels’ ;) Now please - warm your own food, good boys. I’m just going to leave this right here:
  3. Divergent

    Before you sign the Nikkah - Read it. Know your Rights.

    It’s important to know what rights you have, especially as a Woman. Some are interested in knowing what it says but end up being pressurised by their families to sign it off and not bother with the legalities. This needs to stop. The so-called ‘legalities’ that are waived off are rights...
  4. Divergent


    Hey, A while back I did cupping behind my neck and it hurt - I usually get wheezy if I see blood, I’m now thinking of doing it again but somewhere different. I’ve read some benefits and how it rids of so many diseases/illnesses, for e.g. my friend had it done on the head and they suffered from...
  5. Divergent

    Virginity Tests

    Hello chickpeas, Read a few articles on Virginity tests which still take place in Afghanistan, Africa, Indonesia and even in some rural parts of India. One would say this practice is embarrassing, medieval and humiliating. Another thing I find typical is how women are always resorted to...
  6. Divergent

    Does Pakistan have..

    Mercenaries. Not undercover operatives that are still part of the Armed Forces, but private hired mercenaries. To my knowledge Contracted operatives arent used for kills by any country. PMC's or Private military contractors are usually used to provide security role like Wagner of Russia or...
  7. Divergent

    Man pours acid on Wife because she gave birth to a girl not a boy.

    SWNS A man poured acid over his wife, on International Women’s Day, after she gave birth to a baby girl. 32-year-old Siraj Biwi reportedly threw acid over his wife, 25-year-old Farah Biwi, while she slept – the attack was said to be motivated by her ‘failure’ to produce a son and fulfil her...
  8. Divergent

    Thank you for banning us, India: Actor Adnan Shahi Tipu

    A few days ago, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s latest Bollywood song made all the rage across the border. Ishtehaar from the Sonakshi Sinha-starrer Welcome to New York irked controversy when singer-turned-politician Babul Supriyo called for a revised ban on Pakistani artists in India. Ban Atif Aslam...
  9. Divergent

    What is your favourite perfume?

    Hiiiiii I love perfumes! And I collect them too. What are you favourite perfumes, oil scents or ouds and why? Thanks
  10. Divergent

    Ban Pakistani Artists, Atif Aslam & Rahat for their Nationality.

    MUMBAI: Singer-turned-Indian minister Babul Supriyo says Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice in a song that features in Bollywood film Welcome To New York, must be removed and dubbed by someone else. Actor Salman Khan apparently got Arijit Singh’s voice replaced in Tiger Zinda Hai...
  11. Divergent

    Bank Processes in Pakistan: Zainab Case

    Hi Guys, I’m not familiar with Pakistan’s Banking System and was wondering if you could assist. Below is an attachment of the accounts held by Zainab’s culprit. In total there were 40 accounts amongst various Banks. One specific bank which occurs mostly is the ‘National Bank of Pakistan’...
  12. Divergent

    Zainab's murder: Senators differ on amending law to allow public hanging

    ISLAMABAD - Following the arrest of the alleged serial killer in the Kasur’s child abuse case, the Senate Wednesday failed to build a consensus for an amendment in the law allowing public hanging of those found guilty of kidnapping, raping or murdering children. A majority of the lawmakers were...
  13. Divergent

    Here’s why People in Pakistan Stay in Loveless Marriages

    You’ve seen one, heard of one or been in one: A Loveless marriage. A true fact is many people see marriages as only a living arrangement, a communal bond between families or something limited to a certificate with all feelings of love and companionship on the side. In Islam, spouses are meant to...
  14. Divergent

    New Years Resolution - 2018

    Hi guys, Short and sweet, what’s your New Year’s Resolution and why? What do you hope on achieving and what goals have you set? Divergent
  15. Divergent

    Grooming Gangs

    There’s a rising concern on grooming gangs and its increase which unfortunately involves South Asian Men - specifically Pakistani. Since 2011 up and down United Kingdom, the following cities have been affected: Rochdale Birmingham Burnley Leeds Rotherham Petersborough Oxford Telford Norwich...
  16. Divergent

    Pakistan Should End Child Marriage

    Pakistan’s Senate chose to mark the United Nations International Day of the Girl Child this week in an unusual way: by rejecting a bill that would have raised the minimum age for girls to marry from 16 to 18. The grounds for rejection? Apparently the proposed amendment was “contrary to religious...
  17. Divergent

    Is Attraction important?

    Do you think attraction is important and plays a role within a relationship/Marriage? Attraction can’t be confined to one singular view on looks and physical appearance, I’m discussing this as a plural term in a broader context relating to personality, mentality, character, nature and well being...
  18. Divergent

    What’s 2017 taught you?

    Hey guys, This year is coming to a close but what it’s been like for you so far? If you were to weight it all, have you gained any experiences, lessons, adventures, new doors and new beginnings? 2017 has been overall a decent year for me. It’s taught me to be less judgmental towards people’s...
  19. Divergent

    Who is attracted by Men who..

    Since there are so many colourful threads lodged on what attracts Men towards women based on attire and how they should be induced to wearing a white sheet (because playing Casper is cute?). Let me give YOU an insight to what females find attractive. I understand some forms of dress codes may...
  20. Divergent

    Incredible India

    Saw a promoted advert flag up on Twitter advertising India. Started reading the tweet comments below and this was the response: Advert Responses:

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