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  1. lonelyman

    Ford to stop making cars in India

    https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/ford-motor-cease-local-production-india-shut-down-both-plants-sources-2021-09-09/ never made money and keep losing money, no car demand
  2. lonelyman

    Why software super power India is no show in Informatics Olympiad medals tally

    International programming congest, aka, informatics Olympiad, where is super power india? This is real deal, even Taiwan/Poland/Vietnam/Croatia/Czech/Thailand beat India '1.3 billion programming genius' by wide margin :rofl: All Time Medal Table As of 2021 Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze...
  3. lonelyman

    Modi's health minister - no death due to lack of oxygen in second wave

    how come Modi so shameless?
  4. lonelyman

    If India is the superpower in software why did it buy an Israeli spyware?

    actually never heard of any Indian apps or software, there is no Indian apps to ban :rofl:
  5. lonelyman

    Despite India is the largest aid receiver, Hinduvta news says India does a better job developing the world than China

    wondering what these people smoke all day? did they build enough toilets or find enough wood for themselves, so not dump un-burned bodies to the Ganges?
  6. lonelyman

    Kishore Mahbubani on the Tense Relationship between China and America

    a good talk by professor Kishore, but the terrible host represents typical white arrogant holy-than-you and racism towards non-whites
  7. lonelyman

    US bombed Iraq civilian shelter - killed 408, 261 women and 52 children, injured unknown

    where is the china haters fake anger now? If I could post every west atrocities history and news, I would work myself to death

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